In this video we tell the Story of the SS Baychimo. A cargo ship that was abandoned off the coast of Alaska and drifted unmanned for over 38 years.

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    30 replies to "The Story of a Real Alaskan Ghost Ship. (SS BAYCHIMO)"

    • Tim Lodge

      Hi Sam great spooky video, please can you look into doing a video on the liner SS President Coolidge, my brother dived the ship a few years ago I believe it sank some where off Vanuatu.

    • Wisconsin Rebel Homes

      Great video

    • asad ahmed

      Hi sam. Great video on ss baychimo. You should also make a video about "ss waratah".

    • Skooma Link Snake Sith 47 117 N7

      Well it was a German made ship. They were built to last.

    • Nicholas #51

      This is frightening! I need to visit your regular non- anxiety provoking content 😄🤗

    • Sky Den

      Ocean explorers had a difficult enough time trying to locate Titanic, and there was a fairly good idea of where that also much larger ship went down. Since the SS Baychimo is not only a smaller ship to try locating at the bottom of the vast ocean, but the ship's obvious tendency to not stay in one place as well as the fact that there is no absolute confirmation that the SS Baychimo has actually sunk, I'd say the chances of finding it, if it has sunk, is about as likely as finding Amelia Earhart.

    • kevin wells

      I would have assumed that ocean currents would have had it circling the globe several times in all those years??

    • Jack C

      Sam, any chance on doing more Great Lakes stories? Also have you had a chance to try the beer “Edmund Fitzgerald” from Great Lakes Brewing company?

    • Korinne Harper

      One day in 2023: What’s that ship in the distance? it looks like an ocean liner…

    • AmputeeR/C

      I’m gonna say she’s at the bottom of the ocean now. I sure hope someone finds it. Would be awesome to see it again even though it’s underwater.

    • Terri MacKay

      What a fantastic story!!
      I love that all my favourite YTers are getting into Halloween, regardless of the content they cover.

    • president of America

      I think the shirt put an iceberg like the Titanic and sunk

    • Lonny Bush

      Happy Halloween 👻🎃

    • Cauldron

      I doubt we Will find the baychimo soon. She Will probably be found in around 10 to 15 years. If she sank, she's probably under a layer of Ice. If she's floating, she's probably covered in snow, so finding her through sattelite, plane or helicopter Will be hard.

    • CyborgOctopus

      I would consider it to be a lucky ship. It survived so long without any help and was there to provide life-saving shelter for people right when they needed it! If it was haunted then they were friendly ghosts trying to help. It probably sank in the '70s sometime but unless the wreck is found you never know. The original builders must have been proud to create such a sturdy vessel.

    • Sally Kohorst

      No i think the ship is someplace. But it could have sunk who really knows.

    • Daniel A

      i know it probably went down but i like to think it is still out there floating off alaska somewhere

    • battra92

      Maybe the Russians found it or used it for torpedo practice.

      In all seriousness I suspect it finally went down on its own and will most likely not be found

    • MeraFirewing

      Crazy how a ship continues to defy nature. As if to spite it.

    • Shawn Keith

      Pretty sure it was seen again recently. Elvis was at the wheel.

      Seriously though, excellent video. I appreciate your use of about every possible permutation of the pronunciation of her name. Not much room for debate, one of them is surely correct. 😊

    • Aswanth Sudheer

      Can u do a video about the ship pulaski❤

    • Steven Cooper

      Obviously, the Hudson Bay company underestimated how well built the Baychimo was. If it's still afloat, satellite technology could probably locate it; if it sank, it may have done so in the Pacific Ocean if it had somehow managed to break loose from the Alaskan currents. A third possibility is that someone actually managed to take her in tow for scrap or salvage, and never bother to report it. Then again, maybe the ghosts onboard sailed her into Maritime heaven.

    • ZAR ZAF

      Can you make a complete story of the WWII Bismarck ship from production to maiden voyage/mission where it was sank, you can think about that and also detailed ship design overview and etc you know best 👌

    • Layla Leanne Jepson

      Very interesting video. Thank you 🙂

    • Layla Leanne Jepson

      What an exciting start to this video. Lovely to see you back as we know you're very busy with your other job. Thanks for another great video and it's good to have a video about a haunted ship. Happy Halloween to you Sam 🎃

    • Hoosier Jonny

      This ship is truly just one of those stories that is so curious and fascinating. It's a shame we will likely not find the ship in where it sank as it would be fascinating to see

    • Nancy Schaefer

      Think it sank Sam.

    • Joshua Newton

      I first learned about the Baychimo in one of the Haunted Canada books (also talks about the mysterious disappearance of the SS Bannockburn in the Great Lakes). Very strange.

    • KenR1800

      Kind of like the story of the HMS Resolute. That would be another good one for you Sam.

    • Ethan Taube

      I never herd of this ship

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