Here you go–my personal ranking of the best indie games ever made! The last decade or two have seen an explosion of innovative and memorable indie games, and these are some of the most enduring standouts. This is all in good fun, so feel free to weigh in with thoughts, recommendations, and rankings of your own!

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    26 replies to "Top 50 Indie Games"

    • azuarc

      Not a fan of #1 or #2, but great list/video

    • Maxime Gagnon

      Ftl is so good, its my #1

    • Michael Oettinger

      You did an amazing job with this video! I’m certain you’ll gain subscribers very quick with content like this.

    • pompulousify

      I might have to go back and play Kena – I set it hard difficulty and stopped playing after an hour and a half due to invisible walls and combat I thought was too simplistic. Yes it was beautiful and I loved the rot, but I just couldn't get into the rest of it.

      Since you liked Limbo and Inside, I'm wondering if you tried either of the Little Nightmares? While they don't have much for gameplay, the style and story of the games are fantastic.

      Thanks for your list – I ended up buying a few games based on your recommendations and gameplay you showed.

    • Andre L

      Extremely well made video! Enjoyed all of your selections and comments!!

      I was hoping to see Inscryption, Norco, or Spiritfarer in there but oh well. Have you played any of those titles?

    • Gingerone

      Superb video, made me go back and reconsider a load of big games I’ve just bought on steamsale and get indie games instead

    • Sammy J.D

      Great video! Have you played The Messenger? Just an awesome game that mixes 8-bit side-scrolling action with 16-bit metroidvania.

    • Pham Jun

      After Gamefi, Metaverse is a big trend now. Try to check THE MERA! It's a potential metaverse gaming project worth keeping an eye on

    • Pixel057

      Me after seeing another channel that makes 10k sub level content that only have 700 👀

    • Samuel Diaz

      Sad to not see Inscryption on the list but I pretty much agree with like 90% of the picks, but I hate you because every time you mentioned a game I was like ¨oh yeah I need to play that I have it on my wishlist¨, can we talk to indie devs to stop making so many great games so I can catch up?

    • Ploist

      FTL love!!!

    • Pita Bread

      Great video personally ultrakill would be up in the top 10 for me

    • chawls

      Not too many surprises, but a few for sure. Obviously opinion vs opinion but I thought Oxenfree botched it's execution of everything it was going for pretty badly, and Night in the Woods was certainly good but not thaat good.

      I think the lack of very many rpgs on the list was curious, I thought definitely Undertale and maybe Lisa the Painful woulda made it. Biggest surprise was no mention of THE indie game, Cave Story. I kept expecting it as the list counted down.

    • magic3383

      I wish I had known all games with LGBT themes got +3 points. Could've skipped the whole video.

    • Strangemagic

      Firewatch ♥️

    • Mr. Creeper

      This video coming in clutch during the winter sale. Man what a hidden gem channel.

    • MitBedacht

      one of the best top indie list i ever watched.

    • Covers and Commentary

      Great video, just subbed

    • J. Pearce

      great list. of all the games i've played here i agree they belong at the top. i will say i couldn't get into outer wilds bc of the controls specifically. that zero G mode i just couldn't get into. or maybe i was using the controller i rage broke over Katana Zero LOL

    • Pepe Arenas

      Great video!! great list!! games definately worth playing: Dorf romantik, Observation, Stories untold, vampire survivors & enter the gungeon 🙂

    • Ben Astridge

      – Guacamelee 1&2 are the best metroid-vanias i've ever played
      – Spelunky 1&2 are the best 2d platformers i've ever played
      – Frostpunk is the best RTS i've played
      – Lethal League Blaze is the best 2d 'fighting' game i've played
      – Cadence of hyrule is my fav zelda game (Crypt of the necrodancer)
      – Slime Rancher is the best farming sim i've played
      – Jazzpunk is one of the most comedic & stylish games i've ever played, akin to stanley parable in that it's barely a game.
      – Sable has incredible art direction and imo is actually better than breath of the wild

    • At_vinta

      RETURN OF THE OBRA DIN best indie game for me. I really love this game by lucas pope

    • At_vinta

      Am i the only indie fan here?

    • Luke C

      Ori- has left the chat 😂

    • Fred H.

      OK so I’m going into the top 10. I assume Journey and Outer Wilds are part of it. As well as Edith Finch, the Unfinished Swan & Florence. Probably Talos too.
      Let’s see how many I get right.

    • BakedPotato

      Hey! that was a really great list. I hope your channel will grow into a big channel soon

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