Dan and Carrie finally succumb to honking villainy.

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Edited by Carrie Floyd

♫ “A Day in the Life of a Gambler” by JJT

#untitledgoosegame #honk

    21 replies to "Untitled Goose Game – #1 – HONK"

    • brolio

      I never thought a honk could be so adorable

    • CrystalGemGirl

      I love Carrie, she's so adorable.^^

    • Rosie Johnson

      There's a two player update coming!

    • Jordan Tranter

      I remember you on extra history I loved your content on that channel

    • Hummingb2rd

      One thing you guys should know, this game is SOOOOOO glitchy. Like, if you grab a plate or something and MASH the B button next to a wall, you can climb up! Also the people in this game are sorta dumb. For example, if you trap the shopkeeper in the garage in the main street, and you block her way out with a trash can or something, she won't be able to get out! So yeah, this game has a LOT of glitches.

    • Rosie Johnson

      I love her giggles

    • safabekkr

      Yo! Loving the Minerva reference from Carrie!!

    • Samuel Turner

      2:49 Dan: And intimidating … Yes, yes you very much are
      Carrie: Maybe a little … Carrie, have you seen the teeth on those things, Geese are animals of terror that will step to you just for walking in their mere presence

    • Soumein

      Came back here after the Finale, for reasons.

    • roguedogx

      well if I ever need someone annoyed in a funny as heck manner, I'm definitely calling you guys.

    • cheezemonkeyeater

      "I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing," said as the prompt to bring up your to-do list is on the screen.

    • Yayatsuma


    • Gnurt

      "So this is kinda like Katamari Damacy but you only get to collect one thing at a time?"
      That left me wheezing. I'm going to start describing more games that way.
      "So this is basically just Katamari Damacy but you have a gun and you use bullets to roll up bad guys?"

    • Kyle Barker

      is that dan? I’ve been looking for him for ages! Glad to see you!!

    • Maheep Singh

      That Amnesty reference hehe

    • colacadstink

      For those of you who chipped in to the pool, 7:48 is the first mention of "Rake in the Lake".

    • LashknifeTalon

      Big White Text: "Press [back] to see your to-do list and controls"
      Dan: "I don't really know what my objective is"

      Also I flat out never figured out you can drag the basket; I actually did that objective by slowly shoving the basket to the blanket by running into it repeatedly. I think it was upside down by the time I got it to the blanket.

    • Arya Svit-kona

      More please? <3

    • Erwin Limawan

      "You suuuuck!"
      Me: Goose Rulz OK?

    • JMFC

      Ummm… okay. Not double dan dark souls, but okay. Where’s Dark Souls?

    • kootiepatra

      Normal Dan: 🙂
      Goose!Dan: >:3

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