Today we discuss the disappearance of Camille Dardanes Dotson (a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend, and someone who deserves her story to be told). Thank you Gabrielle and Ashley for reaching out to me and helping me with my research and answering my questions.



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    14 replies to "WHAT HAPPENED TO CAMILLE DARDANES DOTSON? | Was it someone she knew? The mob? Was she an informant?"

    • Jesus Jimenez Hernandez

      Tammy Lynn Leppert is an interesting case. Gabulosis do you have new in formation of that case. P. S. Tammy Lynn was a beautiful girl.

    • Peachy Meechie!

      I use to work in a strip club, and I know when I quit I tried to see if they ever had any records on me so I could do taxes, and they told me I was supposed to keep track of it. The only thing they keep track of is that you gave them a copy of your ID when you start. They stick just that and your dance name in a folder, and that's about all the info they keep on you. Plus if you owe the bar any money! I know that's all they kept on us girls, but it was in Indiana. So maybe it's different in Vegas, but since they probably did and do feel like people working in the industry are "NHI's" then they probably didn't keep any records either. But while writing this I began to think 🤔… What if she owed the bar money? I don't know if they've checked into that, but a lot of times they would give us loans especially if you were "a good worker", and made good money for them. They knew more than likely they'd make the money back quickly! So maybe she borrowed some money and took off and someone had to go find her to repay the debt, and she couldn't! It's just a theory that popped into my head while I was thinking about her work records in Vegas! Something to think about! I just hope and pray they find out what happened to her! She was a person. All working girls are. It's sad that people treat people like they do because there are plenty of girls that suffer things that they can't get out of. Once you're in you're screwed! Luckily, I got out, but I know a ton of girls whom I love very much who just can't seem to get out of the game before it takes them all the way to death or prison! But these people do matter. Her story deserves to have an ending. They deserve that! Praying justice is done in this case! May Camille be at peace whether it's on this plane or the next!! May she get justice!

    • Violet Joy

      While there are no doubt mistakes made or incompetence in law enforcement at times, there just might be another explanation here. When an adult is reported as missing, unless there is direct evidence that the person is in harm's way, or was abducted or possibly murdered, there is not much LE can do legally. Adults are allowed to live their lives as they choose, including not telling loved ones where they are going. In the vast majority of cases, the person went somewhere on their own accord or didn't want to be found, as something more sinister is rare.

      I've heard this case on a couple of other channels and if I remember correctly, Camille was known to move around or go missing at different times, only to show up later on. It's not really fair to say that law enforcement "didn't care at all" and "did nothing" when we don't know the details. Since it was not deemed a missing person's case, that could be precisely why it was deleted from the database.

      While this story is heartbreaking, especially considering how much had changed in Camille's life, it is often easy to point at law enforcement as the culprit for her not being found. It's all a puzzle and it's more complex than that.

    • Crocheting Canuck

      I was really hoping that this video would mention what others about this case have not, that it's NOT a case of witness protection. That theory has been mentioned hundreds of times on every video I watched and needs to stop. Her daughter and friend have stated in replies that it has been ruled out, and besides, when people go into protection they notify next of kin not just leave them hanging. They don't reveal the details but verify that the person was placed in protection. If they didn't it would cause a lot of unnecessary missing persons reports.

    • Jean Proctor

      This poor woman! I feel so sadfor her and her family and I really hope they are able to get some closure. Ideally Camille would be found alive and safe but…well, I don't need to say it do I? Thank you for highlighting this case Gaby.

    • zslis

      Or maybe she went into witness protection

    • Ser Wombles

      U have to let the devil in before he can do the damage..she sadly had horrible choices in men

    • Gemma Farry

      She may have overdosed and is a Jane Doe. An accurate description of her body may not have been listed so she was not identified

    • Alesia Howington

      What about Witness Protection?

    • KingsRah

      Could you please do a video on the murder of Jane Stanford and the shady behaviour of the university after her death

    • tht holosexual

      I'm going to talk directly to Ashley did you maybe talk to your dad and find out if maybe he had further contact with her after they separated? I know it might be a sore subject for you but you have to look at everyone who knew her as a suspect until you have proof they are innocent

    • Joan Lewallen

      Nobody wakes up one day deciding to get hooked on drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, it comes on slowly and traps you. Camille sounds like such a precious woman! I hope her daughter gets answers.

    • anna

      New hair color?

    • replicanna

      Why there even is a police in Las Vegas? All the love to Camille.

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