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On April 30 1993, a deranged man stabbed world number 1 female tennis player Monica Seles on court during a match in Germany. This incident would change the course of female tennis and take the careers of two very different players in two very different directions.

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    13 replies to "What If Monica Seles Was Never Stabbed? | Halftime Roomies"

    • Dan Herbert

      Just as disgusting now as it was in 1993. I’m sorry but Graf was not a kind person. She benefited from her fan taking out the woman who was replacing her, when her own brand of tennis couldn’t handle Seles’ game, and ended up adding to her Grand Slam totals and weeks at #1 totals as if Seles never existed. For shame. Can you imagine if an Evert fan took out Navratilova? If a Federer fan took out Nadal? My stomach turns to this day whenever Graf is mentioned as one of the greatest ever. 1988 was hers, no question, but the rest of her career should always have an asterisk next to it.

    • Fra Oh

      Monica definitely would have had more…she won 8 out of 11 gland slams she played in.!!..all before she turned 20 ,beat graf in 3 out of 4 grand slams finals she played her in,, so she has Graf's measure,, add the fact she wasn't even in her prime yet , while graf was in hers , there's no doubt in my mind she would have won the most of all time or at least be not far behind s.williams … Graf would have half of hers away cause Monica would now have won them had she not been stabbed….. Sickening tragedy that we'll never know for sure….. But 8 out of a possible 11 before she was even in her prime says it all….. incredible stat

    • Alex M

      Monica Seles, my favourite player of all time!😊

    • Sardar Tariq

      But her sharp shot can't reply
      She definitely the greatest but hurt destroyed

    • Abhay Dolas

      She is my all time favourite tennis player.

    • Abhay Dolas

      If not got stabbed she would have become as big as Novratilova.

    • Manasis

      She was a fantastic player.
      Graf only benefited from this stabbing.

    • Luciano Novello

      At my age I’ve already suffered some devastating losses like the majority of us, but what happened to Monica represents for me an immeasurable injustice that still hurts me. I find a great sense of relief only thinking to the incredible path she made for getting beyond that injustice and seeing the great woman and human being she has become. For me an invaluable source of inspiration when I must face my own frustrations and little or big unfairness problems we all have to experience sooner or later in our everyday life.

    • Luciano Novello

      In 1993 AO final she showed tremendous improvements on her serve placement and sped , as well as a much better net game. In other words she was working hard for improving her overall game. And another important aspect was that at that time she hadn’t still finished growing in height. So it was very likely that she would have great chances in getting also the Wimbledon title under her belt.

    • Dionshae Wishum

      If you watched tennis during that time you know what happened. Monica Seles was coming. She wasn’t liked very much. She was loud on the court and she wasn’t that cute. She was dominant as hell though and she was about to reign. Steffi definitely benefited from Monica being attacked.

    • TheDeadlyKnight

      Seles would’ve dethroned her utterly, She was the evolution in tour style of play.

    • Andrej Walter

      great video

    • O'Malley 519

      I thought they were called major titles not grand slams? Isn't it only a grand slam when you win all four majors in the same year? not all individual grand slam tournaments trying to win a grand slam, grand slam! I might be wrong Im going by what I know about golf and assuming it fits this as well.

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