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Big thanks to my Patrons and Discord community for their amazing insights and conversations on this topic. I’m excited about highlighting more positive male role models going forward.


0:00 Intro
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4:33 The Harm of Patriarchy
14:49 Positive Masculinity
20:54 Outro


I reside and work on the unceded Anishinaabe territory.

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    13 replies to "What is Positive Masculinity? | How Patriarchy Oppresses Men"

    • Finntastic Mr. Fox

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    • SuperDezzy

      Merry Christmas Mister Fox! Thank you for making all these vids! You have helped me understand and better accept my own expression of masculinity this year.

    • Jakub Piatkowski

      This focus on the protective aspect of strength actually reminds me of an idea by Tadeusz Kotarbiński. His life's works included building a system of secular ethics, independent of religious traditions. He postulated that its cornerstone should be the attitude of a "dependable caregiver/guardian". Mind you, his ethical system wasn't intended for men only, but he was male, so perhaps this colored his perspective. Also, looking at his biography, he was a shining example of what we would today call positive masculinity.

      BTW: thank you for the great video, and thanks to Jesse Gender for recommending it.

    • Dakota L.

      Lads, is it feminine to have skin?

    • Sir Penguin

      Thank you for this

    • Merlin Cloud

      Finn, your videos are as well-researched and clearly written as your voice is soothening. I feel I could listen to you talk about complex subjects for hours, finish more relaxed than I started, and still remember much of what you said. Talk about OP, bro…

    • Justin Case

      So, so so fantastic. I'm just now stumbling on your channel and if your other content is anything like this, I'm super excited to dive in. Great to meet ya Mr. Fox.

    • Blame Ekatoneikosipente

      Edited cause I commented before finishing the video.

      This was a surprisingly good think piece. Keep up the good work!

    • Wisp ofThought

      Thank you for this video.

    • TheModdiestOfMudkips No

      I think this message is important for everyone to hear, its important we have open dialogues about gendered societal problems 😄

    • Tirrrb

      Thank you mr fox!!!
      I will dazzle the skin care haters with my complexion!! 😂

    • Ona Ari

      I am transmasculine, but I was raised female and lived that way until a few years ago. I was raised in an environment that was extremely misogynistic and men were expected to use and dismiss women. In that environment, I learned to be terrified of men, but I know that not all men are unhealthy and abusive. I have heard a lot of women gender bashing men. I am not ok with that. I have an adult son. When I talk about men, I try to think about how my son is going to when he hears it.
      What are things that you wish heard from your mother? What are things that your mother did or said that you wish that she hadn't said?
      I welcome as much feedback from men who read this comment. I want to learn more about what I can contribute to a safe space for men. Thank you very much

    • Inconspicuous Bosch

      Kazama Kiryu from the Yakuza series has been a model of positive masculinity since I started playing the games. Obviously, the constraints of the game's medium see him getting in a lot of unnecessary fights, but his interactions in the majority of substories and the cabaret club side game reveal a thoughtful, caring man who wants to overcome the stony-faced stoicism that years of trauma and hardship have given him. At his very core, Kiryu is a protector who wants to leave a better world than the one he was raised in, and I stan

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