In 1845, the British sent out an expedition to find a way through the Northwest Passage. After two years of no contact, the expedition was deemed a failure. To this day, most of the crew has not been found and no one truly knows what happened. Let’s discuss the puzzling case of Franklin’s Lost Expedition.

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As we reference in the episode, this mystery was the inspiration behind season 1 of AMC’s “The Terror.”

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    20 replies to "What Was the Shocking Fate of this Lost Voyage? | Franklin's Lost Expedition"

    • KitteyWolf

      Ads end at: 44:44

    • BrokenScene

      Their ship got stuck in pack ice, they tried to hike back. They froze and starved. Myster solved.

    • Moody Frogs

      The really infuriating things about how long it took to discover the ship, is that the Inuit had been telling people for YEARS, DECADES that the ship was there. But much like here in America, the government refused to believe them

    • Victoria

      I'm late to the party but this episode reminded me a lot of the game Dread Hunger. Maybe Achievement Hunter could play it and bridge the two communities a litte?

    • Solarmeister

      i would be fine if i was a clone, I would be more concerned about the social repercussions rather than who is the "original", maybe I get to keep the job, and other me can have the women and the house.

    • Kaitlyn Jackson

      I love these two but this one was hard because they kept going back to a tv show id never heard of. It very much felt like i was supposed to watch the tv show before this podcast.

    • Spooka Kke

      You guys show do Phoenix lights/roswell and other sky phenomenon

    • Psilocybin Mushroom

      Maybe they knew the food was low and they wanted to keep it for themselves so the were holding it to their death

    • dillpickle987

      Please DON'T cover the Toynbee files, because I'm already sick of hearing about them.

    • J.L. Thurman

      Unless you have stated it, it was potentially botulism. Also old cans were sealed with lead early on.

    • Morgan Burtt

      I don't know about the rest of Canada but as an Albertan we had to learn about this in school

    • Hatsune V Miku

      There a other reason, weather to be unpredictable. we even today think we know everything about are world. but even for weather we get surprised often, back then even if they knew some what the enviroment. it take for a moment the worst blizzard to get the ship and be alone a determine factor for the lost and end of the ship. pour visibility and termafrost freezing all over the ship so fast it can sink ship really fast. of today standard ship. and it can happen over night and in hours with all the crew a sleep. It happen to fishing ship of the 21 century.

    • Eskimo KissesXO

      There is a show about waking up to another you in the world “Living With Yourself” on Netflix and it’s a lot of fun!

    • Ace Wolf456

      If I woke up in another room and there was an exact clone of me, who was also just waking up, there'd be a really easy way to tell who's the original. Which one of us is currently suffering from acid reflux? They can replicate my mind and body, fine, but to trigger my acid reflux we would both have had to eat the same food at similar time frames.

      And if they did that, I've already told myself one of those two is going back to normal life, and one's getting their first name changed. I'd have a neutral third party pick one of us and we would go with it.

      Or, one of us kills the other because you know what most people don't bring in to consideration? Login info. for a lot of people their online persona is important to them for one reason or another. The biggest case being streamers and youtubers. You'll be fighting with yourself over who gets what accounts. And neither of you would want to lose the big ones like Steam or an MMO.

    • whiteReaper

      Jessica Law has a great song about this

    • ixsicness

      "They were fitted with the newest technology of the time" – so, ropes, pullies and a compass?

    • Allan Sylvia

      Testing the cans would be useless. because they are so OLD, the Lead would have leached into the food no matter what by now. So it is absolutely contaminated.

    • Fossil Draws

      Please cover the Toynbee tiles, a series of mysterious messages found in various cities around the world.

    • Kory Heitkam

      For those interested, there's a song about this specific journey called Northwest Passage by Unleash the Archers. Great song that tells the story of the Northwest passage from the pov of a ship captain telling the story of Franklin's Expedition.

    • BlitzofChaos Gaming

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