So you’d like to dedicate yourself to an otherworldly being that draws power from the darkest aspects of humanity? Well step right up…

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0:00 Intro
1:16 Khorne
5:42 Nurgle
10:59 Slaanesh
17:08 Tzeentch

    20 replies to "Which Chaos God to Choose in Warhammer 40K? Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch Discussed!"

    • Lord of change aka bipolar big bird

      I like birds that is the reason i play tzeentch my goal is play at a tournament with a horror army or go for a full daemon only army right now i use a few daemons but mostly the thousand sons

    • Lightning slayer

      Nurgle every day man

    • Stormer248

      Tzeentch is my biggest draw lore-wise. However I find his units to be silly & underwhelming in form, this is one of those moments where GW should've embraced their copycat streak, and just dished out some outright Lovecraftian horrors. If I ever do bite the bullet with Tzeentch, I'll definitely be using a lot of proxies from Rocket Pig Games. Using their "Madness Monster" in the place of flamers, "Tentacles of the Void" in the place of pink & blue horrors, and their Angel Dragon in the place of a Lord of Change.

    • Cameron Sharp

      All of them lol

    • Booty Juice

      I want 6 boobs on my back and a claw for a foot so. I know who I'm taking.

    • Roger Redhat

      I like Tzeench the best, I like the demons of tzeench the best but….. I like the Emperor's children the best so I pick slaanesh!

    • liam

      i have given myself to khorne, blood for the bloodgod and skulls for the skull throne

    • Lars Glania

      The Plague should spread over the whole galaxy those who can't ressist should take the gift with his open heart these who doesnt want to accept the gift should rot and smell like dead corpses they should fear the God of Nurgle and they have to pray for there next few days not to become a poxwalker.

      FOR NURGLE !!!!!!!!

    • Garret Woeller

      You should do a tier list of the undivided CSM legions.

    • Will Hull

      The grandfather of rot is all ways my way. Let the rotting tide flow

    • Thomas Hammer

      Every army that murders follows khorne. Khorne wins every battle.

    • Innsmouth Resident

      When you say flesh hounds are fairly recent , define recent ? I seem to recall them from the 90's I could be mistaken but I'm sure I had some back then.

    • WayT101

      Damn those berzerkers are OOOOLLLDDDD!!!

    • LuckyPup

      I like to go undivided, particularly with the new Be'lakor model 😀

    • Olufolarin Oduntan

      Khorne is the best, because he's who channels Sauron, Diablo, and the Cyberdemon the most to me

    • Daniel Durbin

      Very nice work.

    • Travster93

      I'm new to 40k. Played a little over 15 years ago and don't have any of my old minis. Would starting a daemon army up be worth it?

    • Smelly Boomer

      The Answer is always Tzeentch

    • Jason Feagans

      My chaos army is Word Bearers. I get ALL the gods!

    • T. Hurson

      Legit, I chose Malal. Sons of Malice!

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