Slaanesh is back and it is time to discuss why the Dark Prince is the most dangerous of the Gods. The Mortal Realms should fear his return!

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    16 replies to "Why Slaanesh is the Most DANGEROUS Chaos God | Age of Sigmar Lore"

    • Trollno Giovanna

      But why 3 of the chaos gods still fear slaanesh tho

    • cintu lator

      Everyone wants a drink and cigarette now and then, ok.

      But Tzeentch is just for absolute power, cunning, freemason-style secret soceties.

      Tzeentch cultist really pay lip service for the system.

      They are patient and they wait for a right moment, Tzeentch cultists are organized.

    • DonPeyote

      because no nerd can resist a sideboob?

    • Basil Ghothickovitch

      All good posts about Age of Sigmar will get likes from me. It is necessary to carry enlightenment – against ignorance and toxicity. The Age of Sigmar is amazing.

      Also, I can't stop thinking about Kragnos. I feel it will be something special.

    • xCursed De

      Im really new to the Warhammer universe, is slaanesh the most beautiful being that exists?

    • vic vic

      I feel like slaanesh is taking over planet..

    • Fire Tarrasque

      You are correct in most your points, but incorrect in believing her to be the most dangerous Chaos God.

      The most dangerous Chaos God is the Great Horned Rat.

    • Message In the Bottle

      This reminds me of something I read in warhammer 40k, which despite I'm not a fan of warhammer fantasy I just prefer sci-fi 40k I should remind people that the warhammer 40k universe and warhammer fantasy is interconnected. What I read in the warhammer 40k version it says that slaneesh has the most "potential" to be the most powerful chaos good is because of excess/lust is found everywhere INCLUDING the other choas gods! 🤯 so despite that slaneesh is the youngest chaos god slaneesh is still becoming more powerful due to the emotions of excess being generated. I mean to give you guys an example of how the other chaos gods are giving to fuel to slaneesh look at the "excess/obsession" of the other 3 major chaos gods
      Khorne: being excessive with blood
      Tzeench: obsession with planning and schemes
      Nurgle: obsession with creating disease and excessively spreading it.

      On top this the other chaos gods in their realm has a defensive mechanism to reject unwanted guess from entering in their realm and where the chaos gods lives in.
      Slaneesh however! Doesn't have a defensive mechanism! 🤯 infact slaneesh welcomes everyone in her/his palace to enter, if you guys don't believe me look up the story of silver knight that became corrupted by slaneesh perfect example of this!
      Here is the video btw

      Its clear since the birth of slaneesh that slaneesh will become the most powerful chaos gods. As you made it clear in this video the chaos gods doesn't just cover a singular emotion aspect. In other words slaneesh isn't just a chaos god of BDSM, sex, sensations, but also the chaos gods of excess, perfectionism, art, and obsession/vices!

    • ScionOfChaoz

      i remember your channel for good dark souls lore videos, now age of sigmar? very cool!

    • ?


    • AoS Coach

      You make a compelling argument on why Slaanesh is the most dangerous. Slaanesh is definitely under estimated in the Chaos Gods

    • Lil' pretzel

      Definitivelly agree, awesome video 👏👏

    • Leonardo Moretti

      I would say that Tzeentch could still be the most powerful of the four, but surely Slaanesh have an absurdly large pool of power due to his nature. All things Slaanesh draw power from are direct products of civilization (every time not only during war or hard times) so as long as Order exist so will do Slaanesh. Thanks for the appealing video Smough! Praise the Horned Rat! (shall we count his worshippers? XD)

    • anthony lozinski

      Great video 🙂

    • bethlaria 81

      Slaneesh is the most dangerous due to desire to the excess thank you for your content I agree wholeheartedly

    • BrightSpark IV

      I fully agree with you on this one, a terrifying god is one that can essentially gain strength every time you have a strong feeling about something. Basically need to be the Sons of Malice from 40K to counter it.

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