Will shares his journey into contemplative spirituality (new age), beginning with psychology, self help and occult books, and later the Alice Bailey books, inspired by Theosophy and alleged ascended master Djwal Khul. Will later practiced eastern Hindu meditation and made contact with this same spirit entity who adopted Will as a disciple. It nearly cost him his life. Will reviews books by Christian and other authors to compare their teachings with New Age philosophy. His story is presented in the film http://www.BewareOfAngels.com

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• Will’s life story included in — https://youtu.be/Lzgr6jXMhkg
• Roger Morneau’s life and legacy –https://youtu.be/qlgqOYgc9cw

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    4 replies to "Will Baron – Former New Age Priest | Full Interview"

    • Jessi Medina

      This all makes me think of what my grandma is involved in 💔. I recently tried to give her the truth of the Bible, but she brings in all these other spiritual "doctrines" into the mix that then contradicts what I am trying to tell her. I pray the same prayer for her that was prayed for this man. 🙏🏼

    • Daniel Forde-Pogson

      Interesting the demon said you'd get a job with the UN – another occultic organisation. Says it all really.

    • Veg Veg

      Eu estou compartilhando com todos os meus amigos .
      Pode colocar legenda em português do Brasil ?
      Muito obrigada irmãos

    • Tricia

      Wow; Will's testimony is so relevant today; just add psychadelics and speaking to the dead! The enemy just recycles the same old lies-I wish all the New Agers could hear this! Praise God for saving you!

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