Do you know about the world’s most haunted house? The house that caused even the bravest men to succumb to their worst nightmares. Check out our new video that tells the true creepy tale of what really makes this terrifying house so haunted.


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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

    29 replies to "World's Most Haunted House"

    • Ariaiskoolhooman
    • Keith Taylor

      I have been contacted by ghosts and demons and i can truly say that if you treat them with respect they will respect you but if you show fear and try to make demands on them you are asking for trouble

    • Hans Udo Wolfrahm

      It feels a bit like the beginning is missing

    • Cat lover

      Very late but… hi, from Essex England 🇬🇧

    • Mala Chatterjee

      Who is watching this at 11:39 Pm 😎😎

    • gobanito

      I hate to rain on everybody's parade but there has never been any record of a Medieval monk and a nun being executed for breaking their vows of celibacy. The Rule of St. Benedict specifically laid the rules on how to deal with monks who broke their vow of celibacy. For a first offense, the Abbott gives the offending monk a stern warning . The monk is made to do penance through fasting and prayer etc. If the offending monk is caught a second time, he is publicly rebuked. For a third offense, the monk is totally excommunicated from the Church and he is expelled from the monastery. Nowhere does it say that he is to be executed.

    • Valerie Polson

      I love ghost stories like this one thx for uploading

    • Saaki

      Don't want to watch a frickin' cartoon. Get real ! ! !

    • JBBees

      What happens if they simply cloned the nun from her skeletal remains. And then send the clone of the dead nun to confront the ghost of the original.

    • JT Spinnin

      I bet rex during this time period was staannkk

    • Ninja Bee 89

      The Nun reference

    • Alice Wonderglass

      I hate headless ghosts. It doesn’t seem fair that they don’t get their heads back when they die. And if the body is a ghost does that mean there is a ghost head floating around somewhere else.?

    • martk fartkerson

      haunted houses and ghost stories aka the art of letting your imagination fool itself and then bullshitting your friends into repeating your lies to their other friends to perpetuate a story that over time becomes a myth.

    • steamhook

      What word is this?

    • Jeremy/Jason Page

      No way I don’t believe it!

    • Hunterxii

      I'd spend the night in that house np. Ghosts don't exist.

    • Bright kids

      If that ghost came out, I would stay in Tirupati temple.

    • cipri pro Hacker

      My bday is in 27 nd february

    • STBiLL

      YOLO! I will go there! 😀

    • MacroCris

      these kind of things should be taught in school

    • BarbequeBoiiXD

      3:24 the children look scarier than the nun 😶😶


      Time to hide in the comment section😂

    • Mohmmad Adnan

      im pretty show this is the house that mrbeast was in

    • feds

      666th comment lol

    • Ives

      "We're all haunted houses. The ghosts aren't there because they won't let go of the world. They are there because we won't let go of them." – Peter Rollins

    • Ives

      "One need not be a chamber to be haunted. One need not be a house. The brain has corridors surpassing material place." – Emily Dickinson

    • Ives

      Interesting Fact: The ghosts of the past speak to all who will listen.

    • D

      When does Wendy’s breakfast end?

    • battle braviary

      Le me with bad headphones
      Infographic show: rushing water
      Me headphones: russian water
      Me: wtf what's russian water

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