spoilers probably

this game is mad good

    16 replies to "yea no thanks | OMORI"

    • Page

      why is this video popular

    • flowertea

      Me despawning enemies in Earthbound:

    • Nom

      But he’s so cute.

    • oatmeal

      I fought it and got 10000 xp lmao , what a hikikomori route does to a mf

    • MashuDeez

      First time I got to that part I just kept interacting with everything I saw, so the anvil dropped before I even got to fight that nightmare

    • DrowningAube

      Oh yeah I remember this part I was soo clueless and just fight him only to realize I was dead

    • Omori pero con drip

      When I saw it for the first time I prepared skills for a boss fight

      Hero carried me

    • I went in your house and stole your cookies around

      No to free exp?

    • Sir Pootsman

      i just dropped the chandelier without knowing it was there

    • Some Troll

      I fought it, needless to say I had to go eat some fresh tofu.

    • suvi !!

      captions:: foreign

    • MEWO

      This was literally me when I saw it

    • Sobs

      I did the same thing… After I got the WALTER- MELON

    • Andromax

      Idk why but he kinda reminds me of the Kraken from earthbound.

    • Blue Thing

      Where is this?

    • young gamer

      Heck yes drop the chandelier

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