Doctors told Brian Wills he had “10 hours to live,” but God had a different plan…
▶▶Ten Hours to Live & Receiving Your Healing [Book & CD Set]:
▶▶Ten Hours to Live & Receiving Your Healing [Digital Download]:

“I give him 10 hours to live.”

That’s what the doctor said after diagnosing 22-year-old Brian Wills with one of the deadliest and fastest-growing cancers, known as Burkitt’s lymphoma. Incredibly, this rare tumor grew from the size of a golf ball to nine inches in diameter in three days.

Thus began Brian’s life-threatening battle—both physical and spiritual. As Brian stood on the promises in God’s Word, the Holy Spirit gave him step-by-step instructions to receive healing. His dramatic recovery left the doctors shocked and without any medical explanation.

Through Brian’s book, Ten Hours to Live, 3-CD/audio series, Receiving Your Healing, and healing scripture card, he will teach you how to receive your supernatural breakthrough.

Brian has a passion to help those who are suffering—from headaches to terminal conditions—and he has seen thousands healed.

▶▶Ten Hours to Live & Receiving Your Healing [Book & CD Set]:
▶▶Ten Hours to Live & Receiving Your Healing [Digital Download]:

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    27 replies to ""10 Hours to Live" What God Did Next Will Amaze You!"

    • ronald nival

      Praise God Alleluia Father God Thank you for my complete healing in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

    • Warriors of Jesus ⚔️🛡️

      Ty Jesus for ur healing hands 👐

    • Maurice Ikwueme

      Amen. I,am heal.Thank you Jesus.

    • Shannon Adhiambo

      I receive healing on behalf of my father.

    • Tammie Hill

      I love this show

    • Michael

      He looked 👀 pregnant? 😳

    • anne david

      Sir Sid, I wanted to give my deepest gratitude… God has healed me. It's been almost 4 years since I wasn't able to rotate my right shoulder if I try I will feel immense pain. The pain is radiating from my shoulder to my elbow, to my wrist and fingers, backache is also terrible… God is really amazing…. He healed me… Now I can't stop trying to rotate and test my shoulder… I am crying with joy… Jesus you are amazing. To you be thy Glory… To you be the Honor… To you be thy Power… Forever and ever…. AMEN!!!! 🙏😭💖💪

    • Scarlett Child of YAH

      Praise Jesus Christ! GOD is so good to us!. HALLELUJAH! 🤲🙌🙏💜

    • Mercy Jesus

      Thank you Jesus

    • Lozetha Crosby

      Please pray for me please

    • Shami Official

      amen we believe in Jesus name!

    • Cesar jr Guanzon

      Praises to you Lord Jesus

    • Kefilwe Modise

      God you are so great your doings can not be understood by our simple minds

    • faridae chemutai

      Amen,Amen thank u Jesus kenya

    • stephanie hursey

      Could you please come to the house of refugee in Jefferson Mo please contact me for more information!

    • Stasia Mutisya

      I have 25 yrs. Of HIV living on drugs but desire total healing from Jesus

    • virginia wanjiru

      ISIAH 53.Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? … For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry … (we will believe in the report of The Lord By His stripes we are healed praise God for the healing.

    • Ruby Stephens

      Glory Glory I Give God Praises for you in Jesus Name Glory Hallelujah

    • Tanya philippe

      God can still healing

    • Tanya philippe


    • Laverne Jones

      Jesus is Alive

    • Ellen Goode

      So why did he not trust God and golliw only God's steps. God saved him from devil doctors

    • Ellen Goode

      Great testimony EXCEPT FOR following the steps of doctors instead of God. Devil doctors ard dorcerers. Not healers.

    • Angela Fitzgerald

      I have stage 4 cancer pelvic wall cancer, I am in pain.

    • Johanna Kittika

      Pls I need healing for my vision to be restored to vision 20/20 please watching from Papua New Guinea 🙏

    • Sarana Aldort

      Please Preacher Brian pray for my brother who's in coma for brain 🧠 die please 🙏 😢 pray for him..

    • Nancy Decosta


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