Sid Roth shares the amazing 1983 prophecy from Kenneth E. Hagin NOW coming to pass!
▶▶ Read Kenneth E. Hagin’s full prophetic word here:

    13 replies to "40 Year Old Kenneth Hagin Prophecy NOW Coming to Pass"

    • Martha Shatika

      Ameniglory be to God ameni ireceived it and claimed it inJesus name ameni

    • Patricia Sunday Ministries

      Did you know that Kenneth Hagan HATED William Branham??? I believe that Hagan started out good but ended bad. The gifts and callings of God are without repentance…meaning they are not taken away from a Prophet even once he goes against God. I can tell you some things about this but not on this public forum. God WILL use ministers to heal the sick and cast out demons, but it will not be in a showy public television forum like it h as been in the past. It will be by everyone on the hiways and biways just like we were told to do. . It will not be literal fire over the heads of people but the glory light shining out of people like in the Upper Room. The tongues of fire was not real fire it was a HALO like was on William Branham. I have been teleported from one place to another. But it was for my own safety. The Lord also has made me invisible to others. This has been going on for years…it is not new. I am a Prophetic Teaching, Healing and Deliverance Ministry. Shalom.

    • WILD & FREE

      It's been over a year but this is such a timely message for me. Thank you Sid, for all you're doing.

    • Brosas

      He aint lying!!! I got a wonderful blessing of wisdom, knowledge, & mystery of Gods Glory some months ago & Im 29..sinner didn’t go to church…. but his beautiful GRACE on my life man…but people sadly think its “the enemy” even though the things the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus leads me to are G(O)OD reports. Praise the Lord, Put the full body armor of God, & make straight paths!!

    • Kingdom People

      I am ready …. am going. Pse pray as we head to Vietnam to release the Father's love.

      I already seen in a stadium where all those with demonic influence, being set free and delivered (mass deliverance) as an international pastor was preaching.

    • Ellen Goode

      Thank you Sid for an awesome video of TRUTH and FREEDOM.
      have been living for years in the JOY OF THE LORD even in the midst of any storm. I have learned that storms pass too and I have learned to consider it all joy when the storms come, knowing it is only a FACADE that I have authority over by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB and the WORD of MY TESTIMONY. I Believe God's Word that this WORLD is passing away, a vapor of time in eternity. Satan is an liar, but GOD's WORD OF TRUTH dispels the lies. Even the LIES about covid, cancer and all of these diseases created by the demonic medical system that so may have exalted as a false god called "science". I had to repent for trusting "doctors" and the lies of "science". God gives us the truth, not "science". We are followers of Jesus Christ…not science. First we need a honest election system so we can elect leaders who follow GOD not science. Science is the FACADE of FEAR that has been deceiving the nations for decades and murdering people with false pandemics created by the pharmaceutical devils. This facade of fear has been created by the medical mafia at the time the Pharmaceutical corporations took over health care, created monopolies and took over many government agencies. The Departments of Health, FDA, CDC, EPA, DEA are all departments of murder and death. I pray everyone will stop fearing, stop running after fake tests that are TRAPS and seek GOD for wisdom and for Healing. There are people who can help you learn how to take care of HIS TEMPLE using foods, but the medical system is demonic. God has been able to save many who submit to this system but MILLIONS are destroyed annually by trusting and believing in "science". There are many links on this website to lead you to know how to walk in divine Health. The first step is to BELIEVE GOD!

    • D

      I really appreciate you Sid, love you brother!!

    • D

      I LOVE Kenneth Hagin. I can’t wait to meet my precious brother someday. He and his teachings have been very special to me these past many years.

    • rj

      Revival – awakening – rapture.😀😀😀

    • Maureen Klopfenstein

      Encourage Yourself in The Lord ! He is my Refuge ! "The Earth truely is
      The Lord's and ALL GLO1RY IS HIS for us to see !!! I've BEEN READY !

    • Donna Leveron

      Pray the Lord's prayer, Matthew 6:9-13.

    • diny Phillips

      Think 🤔 about it we are in the 3 year Christ Rose on the third day 🙏 Christ in us is the only Hope of Glory 💚💜❤️

    • diny Phillips

      God showed me that in revelation 11 we see that we are at that time as we wake up in to the truth of His word turn your eyes upon Jesus 🙏🌻🙏❤️and His glory will be all over the world 🌎 Be still and know that I’m god 😇❤️🙏

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