Pastor JD talks about the Lord’s thoughts toward us being peace and not evil to give us a future and a hope, then concludes with communion.

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    18 replies to "A Future and a Hope, Jeremiah 29 – October 6th, 2022"

    • Child Of a King

      Praise You Jesus for All that You did for us. Thank You for Our Salvation. We are saved, Hallelujah!! Even so come Lord Jesus! Thank You Jesus for paying our sin debt in full. You are AMAZING!! We thank You for The Power in Your Blood. We thank You for justifying us. Amen n Amen.

    • Rory Urbano

      Thank you Pastor J D , we appreciate and love the lessons you bring daily. We need it to strengthen us spiritually specially during these times. 🙏❤️🙏 God bless us all!!!

    • Pam Jacobs

      Thank you Pastor JD 💞Blessings from South Africa

    • DJ

      How do I get CDs or DVDs of your teachings? I need this to leave for my brother who I do not expect to make the rapture. He needs to know what's coming what to expect and how to navigate it as best as possible. He needs specific verses of the Bible that explain what's happening at that moment. He won't listen to me but he might after I'm raptured.

    • Hmong Thoj

      This sounds so much parallel to the soon coming rapture.
      Come quickly Lord Jesus we pray, amen!

    • Induv Daze

      If I don't have the evil governments permission to be with my wife I'm living in sin. If my wife and I say our vows to each other and the government doesn't give me a permission slip I'm in sin? Do I have to travel all the way to Hawaii to find a real Christian pastor to marry us. Or should I have a fake christian pastor that gives his allegiance to the government over God marry us so that I'm not in sin? There is no I'll will towards those that are in Jesus, unless you don't have marriage certificate.

    • Tina Reinbergen

      This word of God Jeremiah 29 came to me four time in two days. Thak you for sharing. Yeshua sprak tot mijn hart. Ik was wat onrustig en Hij heeft mij bemoedigd. God weet wat in je hart is.
      God Bless you all and Greetings from the Netherlands. 🙏✡
      I always listen to your program..

    • James Smith

      Thank you brother for this message, I have been struggling with my old ways (captivity in sin) the feelings, emotions and finally the choice to give in. The condemnation the accuser brings is spot on as you stated in your message. The accuser tries to win my confession of defeat and unworthiness and an enemy of Father. ….I feel this deep within my spirit.
      The accuser can sit down and shut up …I'll say it.
      100 times I'll fall…101 times I'll get up. For my Lord has always lifted me back up as long as I am willing to learn and understand.
      …….I have learned I am so very hardheaded and quiet ignorant. Fine.
      Much love brother and thank you again for being here. I needed you this morning and our Lord is always right on time….
      My butt is sore though….101 time here we go.
      Thank you Father.

    • Sally Christensen

      May the Lord bless your precious Jared!!!

    • Yeti Bigfoot

      I truly believe God gave me Jeremiah 29:11. I was in the absolute worst time in my life. I cried out to God outloud asking him if he knew who I was and where I was when at. Did it matter to him. I heard this scripture. I looked it up and cried asking him to forgive me. I just felt so alone and just wanted to die. When I begin to question things.. this scripture is always brought up. Even now, the church I prayed to find, I found and chuckled when this was in the wall. I knew it was my place. Since then ALL my boys have come to God and got baptized. God's absolutely AMAZING in all he does. I give him honor and praise for not leaving me behind in my misery. But used his word to give me life.. life with a future and a hope=) God bless you and your family

    • Debbie Byrd

      This morning I woke up with a very heavy heart. I felt overwhelmed by everything I know is going on in this world. All the craziness, the anger, the hatred, pure evil at work in the leaders of this world system.
      I wonder in amazement of how we allow this to happen. When is it going to STOP?
      I realize, thru my weakness, that God is in control. I KNOW this in my heart. I TRUST this to be true.
      And yet….
      There I sat this morning and cried and wailed and actually screamed, I'M SCARED!!!!
      yes, I am scared.
      Then, or maybe even, BUT GOD ..led me to this video.
      I feel strengthened again by the words of Jesus you reminded me of.
      Thank You!

    • Miss Conduct

      Amen 🙏🏼 Pastor.

    • Beth Mosior

      remember Job comes to mind helps a lot

    • Maranatha777

      Please pray for me, my husband and kids to get our new home, thank you 🙏 ❤

    • Alzanne Sings

      God bless you and your ministry pastor JD. I am so happy to have discovered your channel 4yrs ago and appreciate your sermons/teachings so❤️✝️❤️✝️❤️✝️

    • God's Love

      Thank you Brother/Pastor JD. Very good. Lets go home soon ! God Bless you all in Love. Maranatha !

    • Michael' McFadden

      This teaching was so good!

    • I am who You say I am

      17:00 They marry differently in different cultures. Christianity isn't limited to the USA

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