Brian Guerin was not expecting to encounter God in such a strange and unusual way…
▶▶The Seven Spirits of God by Brian Guerin [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶The Seven Spirits of God by Brian Guerin [Digital Download]:

Deep Mysteries AND Your Inheritance

To most, the Seven Spirits of God is a topic shrouded in mystery. Yet with clear language Brian Guerin brings much needed understanding to the subject.

Brian says that if Jesus walked in them, they also belong to you. But you must take hold of of what is yours! In Brian’s book, The Seven Spirits of God, you will:

• Uncover the Seven Spirits and their unique purposes
• Unlock keys to partnering with the Holy Spirit in the last days
• Discover the history and underlying meaning of the Menorah

The Seven Spirits are available to ALL the people of God—we need them. And when darkness abounds, light also will abound…through the Seven Spirits of God and you.

Brian’s 3-CD/audio series, Partnering with the Seven Spirits of God, helps you understand the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord and the roles of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding for the End Times. As we press in, it is the Spirit that supplies everything we need to know and say.

In the coming season everything that can be shaken will be shaken, but the Seven Spirits of God in you cannot be moved!

▶▶The Seven Spirits of God by Brian Guerin [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶The Seven Spirits of God by Brian Guerin [Digital Download]:

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    28 replies to "A Shocking God Encounter…With a FALCON?"

    • Munene Dan

      Hey, pray for me.. I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I need to fear God again… To have wisdom.. I was born again.. but I disobeyed The Holy Spirit. From then I have been living on myself. It's a deathlike life.. I need to hear the Holy Spirit guiding me again.. How do I get there.. I've repented.. confessed.. but I just feel empty.. I need to fear God again… I need to be alive again.. am praying for it…

    • consumedbyfire13

      Lamech died at the age of 777 years just before the flood. Jesus is coming back so soon. Pack your bags and get your house in order

    • Adam Heczko

      Amen! Greetings from Poland.

    • Gary Rosson

      Mine was simple.
      My wife was dying.
      I asked for a sign.
      A white dove landed on the window sill of the hospital room n tapped on the glass.
      She survived the 99% fatal brain bleed.

    • Mary Hale

      Amen Glory to God

    • S T

      Amen 🙏🏼

    • Karina 222 Ferrigno Martinez

      2020 that is when I died and met Jesus . My testimony is on Randy Kay

    • Janice Jimerson

      Amen I agree. Janice

    • ogechi njoku

      Did u notice dat the time he said he woke up…3:24. Is exactly the chapter of the revelation 3: 24. Amazing…wow he's really gifted. 😮

    • Dr Rhonda Santucci

      Amen 🙏🏾

    • obed ofori

      Ameeen Ameeen

    • Sean lam

      To me, religion has become a rhelm of ME! God gave ME visions! God have ME a sign! God showed ME the way! God gave ME a congregation to spread the word! God gave ME millions to earn more millions to spread his word. ME?

    • Ruach Naim

      God can and does use all of His creation to speak to whomever is open to hear Him. He is SO amazingly intentional about His relationship with us for His purpose in the earth through our lives and for HIS Glory!!♥️🙏🏽

    • J.Y. AweSome


    • Amy Huntington

      there is one Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit has all these dwelling traits. Joy love peace knowledge wisdom etc.It’s not seven individual spirits.

    • Art Morris

      Amen and Amen

    • Lonya williams

      Amen I agree

    • Gail McQuiston

      That was not a falcon because falcons don't get that big. It most likely was a hawk.

    • Larry Miller

      Great testimony, in 2017 God opened my heart and eye's to the world. I have always believed in Jesus but was so caught up in it(world) I was blind. He has shown me our guardians of this world and the firmament thereof. He is truly amazing and he's coming back so plz don't be decieved by the works of Man trying to play God.

    • Oluwaseyi Aladekomo
    • Sandy Davis WhyteLewis

      Thunderbirds and Eagles and Hawks and Falcons fly very high close to God.
      6' wing span could have been a baby Thunderbird.💜🕯

    • David Sparks


    • Joanne Kuzborski

      I admire this SPIRITUAL Speaker. CHOSEN

    • masunda dee

      Amen and amen!!!

    • andrea ardila

      Love the way this guy speaks, calm, Finn rm but not yelling…. And amazing all he taught!!

    • InHisteps

      7 Churches… also means complete finished work. Jesus holding the seven spirits in his hand means he is the full or complete manifestation of salvation.


      I totally in agreement with this prayer for me and my Children 🩸🔥

    • Shankline Amumpeire

      Truth is that salvation and staying on track is difficult, so many worldly things calling you that sometimes you end up losing focus. I have desired and yearned to have a spiritual encounter but all in all. Sometimes I think God doesn’t love me or maybe I’m not meant to have encounters but still patiently waiting, I pray I soon get to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit

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