What happened next will amaze you! Only God could do this!
▶▶Supernatural Upgrade by Chazdon Strickland [Book & 3 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3Ta63BQ
▶▶Supernatural Upgrade by Chazdon Strickland [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3cjHZfd

Moses first encountered God at the Burning Bush…

Yet when Moses brought the people back to Mt. Sinai, the whole mountain was on fire. Who was more excited, Moses or God?

God’s plan from the beginning is God’s plan today, but it begins with YOUR personal hunger to know God more: Show me Your Glory, Lord!

In Supernatural Upgrade, Chazdon Strickland offers powerful teaching and testimony to help you:

🔥 Attract the fire of God
🔥 Cry out like Moses
🔥 Walk in fullness as God’s offspring
🔥 Be part of Jesus’ Resurrection Glory

Long before Jesus, the prophet Joel saw a day when the knowledge of God’s glory would flood the Earth. That flood begins with you!

Chazdon goes on to share how even the Sound of Glory (his 3-CD/audio series) carried him from his out-of-control life and transformed it…releasing an ongoing miracle explosion. He says that’s your God and He will have His way. God already sees the day when you:

🔥 Move from theory to demonstration
🔥 Discover how to partner with Heaven’s Windows, Gates and Doors
🔥 Position yourself for God to move in signs and wonders

Until then, Chazdon urges you to keep reminding yourself…the whole mountain was on fire with the Glory of God.

▶▶Supernatural Upgrade by Chazdon Strickland [Book & 3 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3Ta63BQ
▶▶Supernatural Upgrade by Chazdon Strickland [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3cjHZfd

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    17 replies to "A White Supremacist Came to My Church to Fight Me…"

    • Mark Rhone

      May God Almighty richly bless

    • Mark Rhone

      Glory to the Great God

    • Michael Quintana

      Wow that pastor has a glorious faith.. he prayed like Elijah. The God who answers by fire. He told the drunk Muslim who wanted to debate.. wow that's faith an God honored him on the spot.. oh Jesus !!!praises to the Lord are going up!!

    • REIGN365

      We need this experience pls pray for us too

    • John Bairhalter

      Thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit fire we receive it now in Jesus name! Amen🔥

    • deno Njoka

      Hawayu Pst. Chazdon Strickland 4 I Say AMEN, Hallelujah Amen 4 Yur Powerful, Blessful, Deep Testimonies Where I Say That Our Great Almighty God Reconciled Yu With The White Supremacist Where I Say Pst. Chazdon Strickland That We Must Love Each Other Where We Must Love Our Neighbors As We Love Ourselves 4 Love Works No ILL 2 His Neighbor 4 Love Is The Fulfilling of The Law Written In Matthew 22:39 & Romans 13:10 & I Say 2 Yu Pst. Chazdon Strickland That I Doubt Yur Testimony About The Angel Coming 2 Yu Physically Because Those Maybe demons Where I Say That I Believe There are Angels Amongst Us & With Us 4 Our Great Almighty God Will Make Angels Be Charge Over Thee & 2 Led Thee In All Thy Ways Written In Psalm 91:11 & Even How Yu Pst. Chazdon Strickland Is Making Merchandise Out of Our Great Almighty God Whose Judgement Now Lingereth Not & Whose Damnation Slumbereth Not Written In 2nd Peter 2:3 But I Say Thanks Pst. Chazdon Strickland 4 Yur Powerful, Blessful Testimony 4 Our Great Almighty Made Yur Mum 2 Take Yu 2 Church & Repent Upon Our Great Almighty God 4 Our Great Almighty God Calls All In2 Repentance Written In 2nd Peter 3:9 & God Bless Yu Pst. Chazdon Strickland & Sid Roth So Very Much.🙏🙏🕊️🕊️

    • kim ismail


    • PAPUAmart.com

      I am blessed. Thanks

    • Aubrianne Scheldt

      This is so awesome 👏

    • Johnny Martinez


    • Faith T

      I receive the impartation in the name of Jesus! Thank you Abba Father ❤️🙏🏾✝️

    • Mark Han Farmer Info@markhanfarmer. com

      It takes a man with strong faith to believe that he will one day be rich and successful and at the same time wealth is not for everyone. I can say that I am rich and even if I wasn’t rich I would still be happy. If you plan on making YouTube videos take away the mindset of wanting to make money. I always tell people to document, don’t create. If YouTube doesn’t work for you try other things like crypto, NFT, Stocks and so on. If you need assistance in that I can help mail me. Bottom line, keep up that high faith,,

    • Rosemary Naples

      Praise God 😊 👏 🙌

    • David Veltmeyer

      That Ecuador ⚽️ team &💪 Ecuador ⚽️ player Byron Castillo wins the appeal courts of fifa at the end of the August by an American judge & in September with tas against evil 🤬 chile ⚽️ team & against 😡 evil brazilian lawyer eduardo 💔 carlezzo. Insights, concepts, ideas for me & my sister Natalie & 😂 her Kistemaker family in Ontario & my mother Ana & my brothers James & Henry & their Veltmeyer families in California and Ecuador ⚽️ coach Gustavo Alfaro. That 👍 Ecuador 😇⚽️ team wins the world cup in qatar december 18th 2022. I need complete healing in my throat from thyroid problems & no tumor cancer discomfort, God bless you abundantly.*

    • Linton James

      Amen bless GoD.

    • G D Barron

      My main problem with this message is: this business of declaring, releasing, binding and loosing has turned Christianity on it's head. When someone declares that something miraculous is going to happen at their command because they are a prophet or apostle God is expected to respond to their command. Thus making God their servant. This is blasphemy in it's purest form. God doesn't respond to man's word. True Christians obey what God says.

    • Carina Mutima

      I was praying for the fire fire of holy spirit to come to my life oh right now it's like God answered my prayer

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