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If you are wrong on Israel, you are wrong on all end time prophecy!

Sid’s latest Scripture notes on Israel give you clear, no-nonsense understanding of end time events. They will ground you for the season we are in NOW and the season that is coming soon.

The nations are on a 21st-century collision course with God, and that includes our own current U.S. administration. All nations will be judged according to their dealings with the State of Israel, and specifically the people and the Land of Israel—including Jerusalem.

How do we know this?

The Scriptures tell us exactly Who owns Israel. There is no wiggle room. No place for confusion. We know EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW.

    21 replies to "Absolute Proof the Jews DO NOT OWN ISRAEL!"

    • Debbie Brown

      I believe I heard many years ago it was Rothschild but I’m not sure that was a long time ago

    • krystal


    • YK 21

      Most people would be amazed at how much of Israel is owned by the Vatican.

    • Official Site of Stephen Hannah

      Penny Wong is the Australia Minister for foreign affairs. She is also gay. She is flying proudly in the face of our God. Her soul is in grave danger

    • Иван Васильченко


    • Tasia Flynn

      Galatians 3:8 The scripture predicted that God would put the Gentiles right with himself through faith, And so the scripture announced the good news to Abraham: "Through you God will bless the whole human race, " God bless you 🙏

    • Daryl Drennan

      Those who attack Israel and the Jewish people are spiritually blind. I pray the attackers will repent in Jesus name. God bless Israel and God bless the Jewish people everywhere.

    • Sue Cahoon

      Yes!! The Jews are God’s special nation. If you want a blessing from God, bless the Jews!!!

    • Anti Loxist

      Remember, after the separation the kingdom of Israel (10 tribes) and the Kingdom of Judah (3 tribes), the term Israel in the Bible RARELY refers to the entirety of tribes but exclusively to the 10 tribed Kingdom also referred to as Ephraim. This is a distinction that has been completely ignored by modern day preachers and has led to mass confusion and contradiction concerning prophecy. A great book I will reference that makes this clear is "Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright" written in 1902 and is extremely well researched, the book also shows that Israel (the 10 tribed Kingdom) ultimately became the nation's of Europe

    • Will Scheck

      the creator of the universe owns everything , he upholds all things by the word of his power. my lord owns Israel his name is the Lord Jesus Christ.the one I love and bow before with joy amen.

    • Yasmine

      Please pray ffor me. I’m lost and need strength after my mother’s death.

    • Miss Kim

      Gotta be careful…When they told Jesus his mother and brothers were looking for him, he said “who is my brother and my mother? Those that do the will of my Father”. Not a genetic thing. He says it again, when he confronts those who are of the synagogue of Satan. He lets them know, they can’t ride on genetics and expect to be received by God. 

      John is quite clear, we have to choose to be a child of God, it’s not automatic, and it’s not genetic. It’s also clear in the Old and New Testament that we are absolutely not “all God’s children“. The people of Israel in the Old Testament or foreshadowing. They waffled back-and-forth, and it’s showing that in the end, what’s going to matter is those who chose God, chose to accept his offer. They are not going to be able to lean on their genetics if they continue to teach evil about Jesus and the Christians. Bless them, yes to be drawn to the Father. But not to support shenanigans. For the peace of Jerusalem, absolutely.

      Who is Jesus’s brother? Those who follow what he says, and not those who rely on their genetic heritage. Jesus is very clear not to make that about genetics, when his genetic relatives are gathered all around him. We are to bless the nation Israel, yes, which is not the landmass/political state of Israel, but the people, and we can bless the genetic people of the actual nations of the nation of Israel, not to be confused with the state… But Jesus said particularly of the Jews, when speaking to them, which is not the other tribes, it was their actions that counted. 

      With the generic side of things, we should be seeking which people are descended from the 12 tribes, because that’s the REAL Israel. We still have to weigh that with what Jesus said.

    • mario figueroa

      the real people of God is the Christian church wich is the wife of God and the new Jerusalem

    • Danilo Ch A

      ISAÍAS 6. 1 En el año que murió el rey Uzías vi yo al Señor sentado sobre un trono alto y sublime, y sus faldas llenaban el templo. 2 Por encima de él había serafines; cada uno tenía seis alas; con dos cubrían sus rostros, con dos cubrían sus pies, y con dos volaban. 3 Y el uno al otro daba voces, diciendo: Santo, santo, santo, Jehová de los ejércitos; toda la tierra está llena de su gloria. 4 Y los quiciales de las puertas se estremecieron con la voz del que clamaba, y la casa se llenó de humo. 5 Entonces dije: ¡Ay de mí! que soy muerto; porque siendo hombre inmundo de labios, y habitando en medio de pueblo que tiene labios inmundos, han visto mis ojos al Rey, Jehová de los ejércitos.

      6 Y voló hacia mí uno de los serafines, teniendo en su mano un carbón encendido, tomado del altar con unas tenazas; 7 y tocando con él sobre mi boca, dijo: He aquí que esto tocó tus labios, y es quitada tu culpa, y limpio tu pecado. 8 Después oí la voz del Señor, que decía: ¿A quién enviaré, y quién irá por nosotros? Entonces respondí yo: Heme aquí, envíame a mí. 9 Y dijo: Anda, y di a este pueblo: Oíd bien, y no entendáis; ved por cierto, mas no comprendáis. 10 Engruesa el corazón de este pueblo, y agrava sus oídos, y ciega sus ojos, para que no vea con sus ojos, ni oiga con sus oídos, ni su corazón entienda, ni se convierta, y haya para él sanidad. 11 Y yo dije: ¿Hasta cuándo, Señor? Y respondió él: Hasta que las ciudades estén asoladas y sin morador, y no haya hombre en las casas, y la tierra esté hecha un desierto; 12 hasta que Jehová haya echado lejos a los hombres, y multiplicado los lugares abandonados en medio de la tierra. 13 Y si quedare aún en ella la décima parte, ésta volverá a ser destruida; pero como el roble y la encina, que al ser cortados aún queda el tronco, así será el tronco, la simiente santa.

    • Miss Kim

      Bless Israel the NATION (the people, who are worldwide…the state is not the nation itself). The state is a political group that represents one single tribe. The state is not the nation in its entirety, and one must be cautious to not ignore the 11 other tribes who are worldwide. Jews are but one tribe. The whole of Israel isn’t Jewish, and the other 11 tribes are not actually Jews at all.

      It’s important to use language correctly, lest it cause confusion. We see examples of that all over the place today, people incorrectly using their language and it leads to all manner of trouble.

      Messianic Jews have a responsibility to help point out and differentiate between the Jews and Israel itself.

      They also have a responsibility to point out the synagogue of Satan, and not ignore or overlook it in these most deceptive times. If they don’t openly acknowledge, and stand against it, they are not standing for their Messiah, because he called it out in the Gospels AND in Revelation. Everyone else who points it out gets called “antisemitic”, and those Messianic Jews who do not speak up and differentiate are assisting the synagogue of Satan with their silence.

      They know better.

      If they truly claim to love the Messiah, they will tell the world AND never cover for them, or attack those who also expose them.

      They also have a responsibility to point out and call for an apology to God from their people, for their rejection of their own Messiah and demanding that the curse for doing so be on their own heads and that of their generations.

      What exactly did they expect to happen when they demanded the curse for killing the son of God?

      Have the Messianic Jews really pondered this at all? Do they not see that everything that has happened has been because of the unapologetic action of their ancestors?

      The rabbis have done a great and intentional disservice to those who they claim to represent, spreading the evil lies they do about Jesus, having their people curse Christians and Jesus at least three times a day, which we are told by Messianic Jews themselves, that they’re taught from a young age to do this. These aren’t wild accusations, just stating what Jews themselves have shared.

      Jesus tells the parable of the landowner and those working the land, how he sends someone for the profits, and how they did (and will) continually reject the messengers, beating them senseless and sending them back to the master, (which is God), and then when he sent his own son (Jesus) thinking they will surely respect him, they kill him.

      That parable is about Jesus. It should go without saying, but it seems that it went over some people’s heads.

      The Jews, who are occupying the land, continually reject those who bring them to the Gospel, abusing and sending them packing. (Just check out videos of people who have gone to Jerusalem over the years, declaring in the streets that Jesus is the Messiah, and you’ll instantly get a little flavor of what they were like the day they demanded his death. Excited children leaning in with big smiles to hear, while angry parents grab them by their heads, with their hands over their ears, pulling them away, and dragging them off.

      People come to spit at them, threaten to stone them, sic the Sanhedrin on them, and the police show up and say “you can’t say ‘that’”… when the person making the video asks “What can’t we say? What is it that I can’t say?”, the police just say “you know what you said, and you can’t say it“,
      they won’t even repeat it as a quote. When asked if there is not indeed free speech, the cops will confirm that there is free speech, but they still can’t say “that“.

      That’s how badly they hate their own Messiah and those who follow him.

      And it is not “antisemitic“ to say so. That term gets used as a crutch to prop up a lot of flimsy and even nonexistent arguments, and to shut up legitimate ones.

      In the parable, they likewise do not respect the son of the master at all, and angrily kill him.

      Rather than receive Jesus, they kill him.

      Christians are not mad at them for this, they recognize that had to happen, nonetheless this is an act they alone committed. People try to get semantic about it and say “we all killed Jesus with our sin“, but that is simply them trying to get out of acknowledging the role the Jews played.

      It is their covenant with God, they are the ones who disrespected God and his Messiah, they were expecting one that would let them take over the world. Anyone that doesn’t acknowledge this is in deep denial. Anyone that tries to make this about some kind of bigotry is in denial.

      They are not taking personal responsibility.

      It is why their temple was sacked. They disrespected God and his son, rejecting and mocking the Messiah.

      Jesus had established direct communication for all people to have a personal relationship with God.

      And because it was no longer necessary, God tore the temple veil asunder, ending the way he communicated with his people.

      And they probably completely ignored that, they must have put up a new veil, pretending to go back there and talk to him and come out and tell the people what he said.

      But God had destroyed the veil and that system forever. And what God destroys, let no man try to put back together. It’s not just “what God has brought together, let no man put asunder“. You will find plenty of examples in the Old Testament where it works both ways. “They will not rebuild Sodom and Gomorrah, you will not rebuild Jericho. You will not rebuild Babylon.” And they haven’t been rebuilt.

      And you will not put up a curtain and pretend I am still communicating with you this way, when Jesus Christ just established direct communication for the world.

      But they must have done that, because they were using the temple when it was destroyed. That means they were defying God in his house.

      (Are you starting to see why things have happened, and why the rabbis have lied to their people, and why they are so clueless, how deeply they have been programmed to refused to hear the truth, just like with Roman pagan Catholicism did to the world, giving them a fake version, and then committing so many heinous acts in the name of the Christian God is to make people also not want to hear the truth?

      These were acts by Satan, to make people repel the truth, to be so sure that they think they know about it….when they have the opposite information. Roman pagan Catholicism and the Sanhedrin are both the LIARS that have been in bed together ever since Jesus Christ was Resurrected).

    • Rudolf Flink

      It is not brothers it is My brethren

    • Redwing Blackbird

      I have eye problems and that video wall is amazing, it is very clear and sharp in the places I can still see, and I run the videos on you tube in 480p cause my internet is very slow, but even at 480p that wall looks like its in 1080p or higher even though the rest of the video looks like 480p if that makes sense to you. lol

    • Joseph Roth

      Jehovahs witnesses say no. But they are wrong. In 2000 I went to Israel and a rabi said “ You are a Jew!” I am indeed


      Almighty God is a God of Order Israel is Almighty God’s Land Jesus came back where God Jesus and Holy Spirit great man . Jerusalem is the Garden of Eden the Bible said Jerusalem is the City of the GREAT KING. Jesus was born and died and raised in the same Land 🩸🔥💥

    • BarraPonics 'n Things

      I am Australian, I do not vote as I do not give my voice over to a representative….which is illegal in Australia….the Australian government does not speak for me regarding Jerusalem.

    • Robert Bithorn

      What about the Belford accord and Rothschilds in 1917 ps I think they own the land. Thank you from Ex army VETERAN.

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