Pastor JD talks about stunning prophetic parallels with Jeremiah’s day and our day concerning all the nations on earth trembling at the wrath of God.

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    20 replies to "All Nations Will Tremble, Jeremiah 9-10 – May 26th, 2022"

    • Mom Mom

      I am so Thankful to be here on line. Learning the Scriptures…JD best Pastor…

    • Warda Shimon-Australia

      The Gospel:

      Plain and


      “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent

      beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your

      minds should be corrupted from the simplicity

      that is in Christ.” – 2 Corithians 11:3

      Ask someone today if they are saved and

      you will most likely hear responses like these:

      “I have accepted Jesus into my heart.” Or “I

      have made him Lord of my life.” “I’ve been

      baptized.” “I said a prayer.” Sounds all good

      and churchy don’t it; but it is difficult to de-termine whether or not a person actually

      knows the gospel that saves them. These use less phrases don’t describe a thing about what

      the gospel is and has left a devastating effect

      of people not knowing what it is that they are

      saved from nor how they are saved; which

      leaves a more serious effect of people ques tioning their salvation.

      Let’s not muddy the simplicity of salva tion that is in Christ with vague church

      sounding phrases that do not communicate

      anything. But rather present God’s word with

      clarity and assuredness. So here is the gospel:

      plain and simple.

      Sin was passed upon all men by one man

      Adam, and death is a consequence of this sin

      (Rom 5:12). Mankind has an eternal destiny of

      condemnation and wrath – Hell – because of

      this sin (Rom 6:23). No matter what good

      works one might do we are still found sinners

      in the sight of our Creator God. And all un righteousness and those who follow get in dignation and wrath. We cannot be found

      righteous for by God’s law we are found sin ners (Rom 3:19-20). If we have broken even

      one law we are found guilty.

      It is for this reason of not being able to

      create our own righteousness and being born

      in a sinful flesh that we need a savior (Titus

      3:5). Christ is that Savior, God manifested in

      the flesh, sinless, died in our place on a cross

      2000 years ago. Taking upon him the wrath

      and judgement that was intended for us sin ners. And it is through his bloodshed, burial,

      and resurrection on our behalf that we are

      able to have peace with God and forgiveness

      of our sins (1 Cor 15:1-4, Col 3:14). This good

      news is unto all but only those that believe in

      it are made righteous in Christ (Romans


      It is then after we have heard this good

      news of Christ’s righteousness available to us freely, that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit

      and we are now part of Christ’s body the

      church (Eph 1:13)

      There is nothing that we need to do, no

      good works that are required, and no bad

      works that can separate us from our new po sition in Christ (Romans 8:35-39).

      Faith and belief in this information from

      God’s word is the gospel.

      The gospel is not accepting Jesus into your

      heart. The gospel is not making him lord of

      your life, it is not saying a prayer and it is not

      being baptized with water.

      So next time someone asks you if you are

      saved. Give them the clear assured answer

      “Yes! And let me tell you why!

      Find more free resources at:

    • Alvina Awong

      Shalom 🤗 Mahalo Pastor JD for the message shared. It's time for HIS children to search their hearts! To align ourselves with the Word of God. To truly walk humbly before HIM and understand that the days are short!

    • linda mills

      Pastor J.D. I so enjoy your word and have learned so much from you. God bless

    • judy halsell

      If some research of howChristmas came about in this world you might get a much different perspective on this.

    • Carolyn Greenhill

      Exhausted momma asking for prayers for my young daughter Taylor's health and healing please

    • meelo1978

      Hey Uncle J D ! Thanks for this message, God bless your ministry and pray for this generation! Jesus is our reason 🧡

    • Jackie 5

      May God bless you and your church

    • Giovanni De biase

      pastor JD, i also love you. GOD BLESS you and your family, love from italy.

    • Randyallan Strunk

      love my brother JD,,Randy S from Oakhurst ca

    • Julia Stalnaker

      Maranatha my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    • Lynda Jacobs

      JD…..please don't use the word "nother." It's not in the dictionary; and you take so much care with your diction. What you will find in the dictionary is the word "OTHER." Thank you for your faithfulness to preach God's Word!!

    • Erika Hoover

      Thank you so much for preaching the Word of God in it’s entirety no matter how hard it is! Keep preaching it because many are listening and being fed!🙏❤️✝️😊

    • This is me Susan

      Good word brother with the exception that the Christmas tree is a symbol of Christ’s crucifixion. Why would we celebrate His crucifixion on the supposed day of His birth? The tree is to Christmas as much as a bunny is to Resurrection Day. We don’t need symbols; all we need is Jesus. Thank you.

    • Beth Willard

      Blessings always 💯👏🙏🙏🙏🤩🌟💯🤩😍

    • CATT

      An amazing episode, I am filled by the Spirit, my thirst has been quenched. Sending love from Canada ❤️

    • Andre Knoester

      Thank you JDFarag for your biblestudies and updates. I know many of here in The Netherlands listen to you.

    • jolene Arroyo

      Love JD from California

    • Andrew De Vos

      Yes I was at speakers corner years ago. I know what you talking about Pst Jd. From SA

    • Jodi R

      Brothers and sisters in Christ,
      The Lord has been showing me more and more that time is running out!

      I was watching this video and it finished. I had opened up a house cleaning app and it was still on my screen when the video finished. But then, the video started to play again (I wasn't touching my screen), right before the prayer at the end. I enlarged the video and just let it play. I saw that the video was going to finish at 12:53, but that I wouldn't have much time to get a screenshot. It did indeed finish at 12:53, but I didn't have adequate time to get a screenshot before it changed to the 54th minute. I ran out of time!

      God showed me 53 last Fall, which is a reflection of Isaiah 53. And it reflects that Jesus as the Lamb will soon open up the scroll to become the King (Revelation). So when I see 53, that's what God is communicating to me. And the fact that I didn't have enough time to get my screenshot reflects the message that we have very little time left! And while that is a huge praise, please make every day count because we need to share the gospel while we still can!

      I keep seeing videos by various channels and I'm so encouraged by the fact that what God is empressing others to share in videos and sermons, God is also impressing on my heart too. The pages of the Bible are on the TV screens and unfolding right in front of us!

      I humbly request prayer from anyone who happens to see this. My physical strength has been so hit or miss this year, but also the past year. I've had numerous miscarriages which is a fulfillment of a dream my daughter Hope had last year in January. Those miscarriages increase my risk of dementia and I've noticed my memory is not as sharp, so I have to extra careful about everything I post.

      The pregnancy that I'm losing currently did the best of my recent losses and I almost made it to the 5th week before getting cramps. Despite the fact that this pregnancy didn't make it, I still believe we're going to be raptured soon. God showed me in a dream that I would be pregnant, in my first trimester shortly before the rapture, so I'm just waiting for God to do what He showed me.

      I need prayer for strength to do God's will and I also need extra grace and peace for my home as summer break begins (today is the last day of school). My husband and I have 6 living children (17, 15, 12, 11, 8 and 6), 5 of which are boys, and their personalities conflict, a lot. I need God to protect me from physical stress, so that my next pregnancy can survive.

      God bless you and keep you always brothers and sisters in Christ! We Are Almost Home! 🎺🕊️🏰

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