Seer Jamie Galloway says the invisible realm will be busy in the coming days! We need more seers connected to the heart of God. Is that you?

Jamie Galloway began seeing into the unseen realm at 7 years old. In Jesus, that same ability is available to you, so “earnestly desire the gift,” even today.

Jamie also says you can increase the frequency of seer encounters in your life. When you are motivated by God’s purposes and attuned to what the Father is doing around you, your spiritual eyes and ears will open to the unseem realm!

In his new book, Secrets of the Seer, Jamie gives you 10 keys that show you how to:

• Walk in a seer lifestyle where you can recognize the unseen world in every day situations.
• Recognize seer moments when the convergence between the natural and spiritual occurs.
• Discern supernatural provision by seeing what is often hidden in plain sight.
• Make sense of prophetic mysteries such as entertaining angels, using sanctified imagination and bringing the invisible into the visible world.

Jamie’s 4-CD series, The Seer in You, adds four more teachings — Unlocking Your Seer Nature; Greater Miracles through the Eyes of Jesus; Partnering with the Angelic and Welcoming Third Heaven Moments.

So keep your heart in the right place! The Spirit will open your eyes and ears to what Heaven is doing. Jamie’s experiences can help!

Jamie Galloway carries a revival message that encourages supernatural encounters with the unseen activity of Heaven on earth. He wants our generation to be equipped for Joel 2:28 and the great outpouring of the Spirit on all flesh.

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    • Mary Adjei

      Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen I recieve in the mighty name of Jeeeeeesusssss.

    • David Phillips

      Queen our creator never loses loving interest in us even when the creation does Jesus freak


      If someone says prayer helps people get healthy, then there is a clear methodology to test this (double blind tests with statistically large samples, have been been done. The conclusion: prayer doesn’t work). If someone says a ghost makes noises in their house, then that noise is recordable, and the house itself testable: it may be old and creaky, or has pipes which thermally disturb the wood, or has rats in the walls. Creationists say the world is 6000 years old. We know this can be tested, literally thousands of ways. The conclusion: well, you know the conclusion. Let me be clear: if you say there is a cause for an event, then there is a way to test that cause. It may not be easy, and it may involve elimination (like destroying the Moon Hoax arguments one by one until the only viable conclusion left is that we did indeed go to the Moon). The only claims I can think of that cannot be tested are solipsism (which to me is an interesting idea to toy with, but an intellectual dead end since it tells you nothing) and the actual existence of God. For the latter, I say that it may not be possible to test for the existence of God, but people do make claims about what God has done. If those claims are true, then they can be tested. Anything that has a physical, measurable manifestation is within the realm of science. Which leaves me to say the thing I have said so many times, but which so many people don’t seem to want to understand: there is no such thing as the supernatural. If something exists, then it is real, and it is natural.

    • naomy waithera

      I pray that God will bless my entire family and release my collage fees amen

    • Joan Pellillo

      Praise Jesus!

    • Michael Douglas

      Very sad majority of the white population don't know God they don't even want to hear his name they think it's a fairytale

    • Elizabeth Gilbert

      Thank you Jesus Christ. Open my eyes that I will see….what you see

    • Ventures Into Glory

      Thank you for sharing Jamie Galloway's testimony and how we can engage with the Holy Spirit by using our imagination!

    • Dawn Anderson

      Amen I have faith in You Jesus

    • Abundant Luxury

      Our God is an awesome God He reign’s from Heaven above with Wisdom Power and Love 💕 🥇🏆. Our God is an Awesome God🙏🏽. I receive the Seers anointing in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you 💎🌸💕.

    • atemtabe seraphine

      God bless Sid Roth for this magnificent opportunity he has given people of God to share the supernatural encounter or experience with others. supernatural is real

    • Sue Parker

      Praise God!! Yes, you were in the presence of an angel. A friend and myself met an angel around 1978 on our way to church. He was red headed, curly hair almost touching his shoulders. He had a big beautiful smile and greeted us with ( good morning, isn't it a beautiful day) . We returned with Good morning and have a blessed day. This man wasn't a good looking man at all. He wasnt dressed very nice. But when he passed us we both knew we had seen and met an angel. We will never forget it.

    • Bukky Kazzem

      To Karen Gilberth….
      Just read your apps that God should take that Cancer away from you written 2years ago, if you are still there , I speak with Authority of our Lord Jesus that by his stripes you are Healed. Ameeeeeen and Ameeeeeen.

    • Arpi Grace Tarkhanian

      Father I come before you and humbly ask you to place your hand on everyone here praying and asking for healing🙏♥️🙏 in Jesus name

    • FaZe180

      I felt the holy spirit just now oh father send your angels angels to bring me back my child I pray next court 🙏 in your son name yeshua Jesus nzii amen amen amen amen amen

    • Dolores vlog

      Jesus see us and here us God thanks for everythink

    • Dolores vlog

      When i was praying i saw angel on my camera

    • JojoBlends

      They sound like mere stories n myths but they're real

    • SI

      Wow Glory to God, I feel the presence of God ask he tell the story, Lord Jesus am very much available Please use me

    • Mureen Livingstone

      I want to experience the supernattral

    • C Bundhoo

      I received lord i thanks u lord in jesus name lord bless my angel of birth in jesus name

    • Tina Joyce

      Thank you God

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