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    26 replies to "An Atheist Meets a Demon…"

    • Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

      ▶▶Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/xiCSaXrPHk4

    • Cliff Bortmes

      Praise God for His Mercy endures forever

    • Kate800

      I was doing mediumship before I was saved well I saw a demon in my room it was black and hunched over with big sharp teeth and had very long finger nails and after that I asked Christ to forgive me and completely gave it up the night I blessed my house I woke up the next morning with over 50 scratches including 3 completely going down my face . It was upset I gave up mediumship I then realized I was speaking with demons . I was decieved into thinking it was family members to this day I’ll never know if I was or not but I will not chance it again . ! Please everyone turn away from mediums I was one and we are all being decieved! I never did drugs and seen this thing so yes it’s real ! The afterlife is real and demons ARE real ! Turn away from the works of the devil and seek Christ ! I’ve seen it all and I can assure you when u play with fire u will get burned 🔥

    • K.D. Phillips

      Judas did what GOD said to do and so did they. Taught another way to be saved

    • Lynette sanchez

      I believe 🙏

    • Pearl Hunter

      Exactly. 💯💯💯

    • TehdoG

      She ain't see no demon

    • Julie Tye

      I remember when I first got saved and was told to read the bible. So this night I got the bible out and just as I went to open it this voice said DON’T YOU DARE OPEN THAT OR I WILL KILL YOU. I threw it down and rang one of the Christian girls I met. She said she would pray for me. I said NO you will upset this thing. So after awhile she excused herself to go to bathroom and while I waited I heard coming through the phone this command in Jesus name to leave and instantly I felt it leave and never had a problem with opening the bible again

    • Luckyduckydaisyflower !

      What a frigging show boat

    • Luckyduckydaisyflower !

      Its called not sleeping. .she's really milking her addiction. Without helping all the kids she failed..its all about her..how many youth did you council while on hard drugs?

    • Benjamin Pujols

      Could have been an evil angel and because of the drugs you saw something different which is possible but it could have been anything could have been exactly what you said or could have been a spirit but if it was something that was corporal that can touch you it had to have been either an angel or demon spirits can touch you as well but there's no telling how much power they need to have

    • Nadine Maignan

      and then you got high

    • Mary Van Deusen

      Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • Brenda C

      "I was using drugs."
      Next video

    • Kathleen 168

      When you go to a friend's house and their demons try to transfer to you. This is how you know your friends is involved with evil stuff.

    • Bobby Susntak

      Hello guys! I am Bobby, and still into addiction even after my 7 times in a rehab.. seems nothing is working for me to come out of it.. it has already been about 14yrs.. i really am fed up of leading this addict lifestyle myself but i do not have the power of conviction to overcome it even though I knew it's bad for my health and my prestige.. it's my utmost humble request to everyone that i really really need all of your prayers for me to have a commitment to come out of this addiction which has ruin all of my youth days so that i could lead a normal life àgain.. thanks to all for your support!

    • Mary Motherofgod

      In the name of Jesus I rebuke all evil ✝️💖

    • jabulani jama

      She looks like Paula the preacher


      atheist always pick an offensive debate with Christians against the existence of the only true CREATOR GOD, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST THEIR SAVIOUR FROM ALL THE POWER OF DARKNESS. BUT HAS NEVER MADE A DEBATE WITH SATANISTS.
      Those who recuse to learn from the inspiration of God would have to learn from personal experience that not all things can be placed in a test tube 🧪

    • embrace.Godliness

      Two years ago almost I was using mushrooms fairly often. Had good experiences. My 2nd to last experience however brought me back to Jesus. I remember being alone in my room just having a conversation with someone in my head (me speaking outloud mostly) and at first I didnt know who it was…but I didnt think about that, the person was just familiar. Like I'd known them all my life and they were a friend that had come to chat with me. I dont remember exactly all we talked about but I know now that it was God. I know for a fact that was God speaking with me and beckoning me to leave my sinful life and seek the truth in him. And after that I'd been watching some atheist cartoons on YouTube and just after so many episodes I just felt a strange conviction. Something made me get up and go pick up a bible. From that point on I have been repenting and trying to gain salvation. AMEN

    • embrace.Godliness

      The devil and his demons are REAL. repent and seek Jesus

    • B Silva

      I had a few experiences with the supernatural. One of it was in a pastor home, I was praying with her when God showed me a voodoo Doll that was buried, I had that vision with my eyes closed. I also saw a demon like Chewbacca from StarWars and his eyes were like black holes, pitch dark and scary. Last thing was a pitch dark head. We prayed about it and broke it in Jesus name.

    • Frederick Robbins

      You sitting with a demon

    • Gene's World

      No wonder she was making such great prayer videos

    • TK Coyote 937

      She is one 😂

    • John the great

      When on. Coke,i seen them all the time, i thought it was normal

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