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Filmed live on 3/5/23.
Tim Sheets | Senior Pastor, Apostle, Author
The Oasis Church, Middletown Ohio


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    17 replies to "Angels Are Moving On The Earth! | Tim Sheets"

    • Robert Akin

      I receive healing for my heart, my eyes, my thoughts and total being in the name of Jesus. I receive it!

    • Robert Akin

      Like you said, Brother Tim. This story has been told many times for many years. But I believe this is the best I've ever heard it told. You have to have a heart that visits our Father God in the spirit to tell it the way you did.
      Father God, I thank you for Brother Tim. May you raise up millions who have a heart like his. Thank you Holy Spirit for the word and the work you are doing. And may those millions be raised up and saved. Hallelujah!

    • moved to mothzii

      Praise God! I receive it in Jesus Name 🙌🙏✝️✨

    • Chiquita C.


    • Theresa Bryant


    • Julzpm

      I am believing for a healing of all new teeth . I am painfully losing my teeth due to previous radiation treatments for cancer in Jesus name Amen 🙏

    • nicole smith

      Declaring my baby's healing miracle – tumors fall off in the name of Jesus!!!

    • Cezary Kwasiborski

      It's about time because so many people are dying in Ukraine

    • Maryjane Erb

      I declare and decree as done now…every WORD…of this Prophetic Decree…in Jesus’ Name…

    • Elaine JohnC

      How many women cover their heads when they pray or prophesy? Paul also states that he knows of no other custom in the House of God. Do not the angels present recognise this also?

    • Cia

      Where is the biblical evidence that '2 angels are assigned to us'???

    • CW S.

      Apostle Tim, thank you for being obedient to this much God sent message for us, the Body of Christ.

    • VilanceD

      Sweet truthful words!

    • L Wendland

      God is moving and God is using this ministry! Thank you Jesus!! My family is coming back to you Lord!!!

    • Pamela Darden

      I receive this Word in Jesus name! I’m claiming a supernatural creative miracle in my hip! Dr says I need a replacement but I’m standing for a Miracle! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Cindy Reeves

      Every single word is riveting.
      Thanks Pastor Tim. God is all over this.
      I’m a dreamer too.

    • Marg Anderson

      Thank you God! Thank you Angels!❤

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