Are you bored with church? Cal Pierce was bored with church, until God revealed to him what he was doing wrong. Find out the paradigm-shifting revelation that God showed Cal Pierce!

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    23 replies to "Are You Bored With Church? Watch This Video!"

    • Kira

      Me watching this in church in the nursreu

    • Elvis Zapata

      I like your haircut,ptr.Sid Roth,GOD bless

    • Shindana Roberson

      Please say that again The Holy Word is ALIVE and ACTIVE

    • Pink Rose

      Sid Roth's show facilitates witchcraft. Read yahoo answers and other Christian reviews on Sid Roth.

    • Crystal Ferguson

      God set His Soul on Fire 🔥 with the Holy Spirit 🔥🙌🏼💕
      God is SO SO GOOD!!! Ellelujah!!

    • Suzie Jackson

      Amen the church being raised up

    • Screaming From The Rooftop

      Curious if you ever healed anyone with the same condition as your son David?
      I had no idea when I started watching this video that it had anything to do with duchennes. My son has it as well. He’s 12. Please pray for him. ❤️🙏🏼

    • Madyson McDaniel

      "God gets no glory for sickness, because His Son came to destroy that sickness."

    • A.J. Manol

      It would help the story a whole lot to see some photos of medical reports/scans.
      It’s so sad he couldn’t have figured this out before his son died 😔

    • April Dawn

      i dont like dead church but i dont like church thats emotional either. when its all about the music and jumping and hardly no Gospel preached. 🙄 frustrated

    • Abraham Woldehawariat

      I have read your book.. The reopening of sporcane j. G. Lake.. Such a blessing

    • Lynn Koontz

      Please let me know where your healing centers are

    • The School of Mystics

      Yaiiii fun fun fun
      The church is the government of God
      Majority of.Western church has believed the kingdom is external and not within but will preach its within but it's of demonstration. We cant be church hurt or victimized but love unconditionally for we are all one Body one Bread. Our I AM is One I AM.

    • Josias De Kock Fourie

      Can I ask Cal if there are any of these healing rooms in South Africa

    • Giovanni Salamon

      The testimony of his son crying because he offended God because he had a bad thought makes me feel like I am gone. He was not even healed not had a girlfriend but surely made it to heaven which is all well at the end of the day.

    • janny amhere

      AMEN. I receive my miracles now for me and my family. May those who are not saved be saved and believe in Jesus and open their hearts to the HOLY SPIRIT

    • Hansol plus

      In 2017, I could not sleep well at night. So I stood up about at 3. I went to my yard and sat on the chair there. I saw the sky. It was calm and there was no star. I was just seeing the sky without thinking anything. All of sudden, Jesus was standing near me. I could not see the face but, I was very sure he was Jesus. He asked to me, "Do you love me?". I was thinking seriously if I loved Jesus. I was doing His work so I should tell Him "Yes". But, I could not tell Him it. At that time. Something very small was approaching to me from far away. I was watching that. That was coming near and near. It stopped. That was a very cross. That cross was on fire but not burning itself. Then, I answered with a bowed head, " Yes, I love you. Because you died for me on the cross." Then, Jesus laughed loudly with pleasure. And he said to me, "Then, love people." I thought all the people who tormented me. I got goose bumps. And I told Him. "You know everything. How can I love those people? I have done good things but they have done evil things against me." All of sudden, I saw some smoke was rising up from Jesus' body. The smoke was on me. It was Love. It was Jesus' Love. I immediately confessed. " Yes, Lord. If you help me to love them, I will love them. " Lord was pleased with me. He left. And I returned to my room back and slept.

    • Vincent Murphy Raya

      GOD has saved me from a from i was a child,I had a very bad compulsion ,and he had saved me from a car accident for 3 times,but still i pray and he doesn't answer me,what is his plan for ne

    • Patricia Griggs

      I too am bored. I am so ready for a God encounter. I am tired of dry church. I want more of what God has for me and all of His people…

    • Char Lara

      WOW!! This is so amazing!!!

    • Ruth Hernandez

      I need you Jesus

    • Blue Guerra


    • Restore The Earth

      I guess I have to agree with someone who complained about the cover picture of a woman covering half of her face. That is a kind of odd choice for your video cover picture.

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