From a young age, Chad Norris suffered from debilitating anxiety, UNTIL he got this revelation…
▶▶Your Mess is Your Message by Chad Norris [Book & 4 CDs]:
▶▶Your Mess is Your Message by Chad Norris [Digital Download]:

In his most desperate moment, pastor Chad Norris’ life took a dramatic turn when he encountered Jesus and two angels in his counselor’s office.

Chad Norris’ new book, Your Mess Is Your Message, is everyone’s true story a hundred times over. It is also a profound blueprint to help you:

✅ Stop struggling in your faith and walk in supernatural favor with God
✅ Refuse to feel condemnation and shame
✅ See past hurts and pain that God has healed as spiritual assets

When you see the redeeming fingerprint of God in your life…

With God, standing still is not an option. Like you, Chad had plenty to share. His powerful 21-step audio series, Rediscovering the Way, will walk you through 5 to 7 minute teachings that intend to change you. Their purpose is to help you transition from spiritual orphanhood to identity in the Father.

Chad says the message that God also wants you to know will come straight from your own story. That’s why it’s authentic. And your objective is?

✅ Out of pain and grief, learn how to talk to God and overcome
✅ Become established and empowered in your true identity and God’s love
✅ Encounter the Person and purpose of the Holy Spirit
✅ Finish what the Cross began out of the power and authority of Jesus now

Rediscovering the Way comes with a study guide! Chad calls it your 21-day walk to freedom.

▶▶Your Mess is Your Message by Chad Norris [Book & 4 CDs]:
▶▶Your Mess is Your Message by Chad Norris [Digital Download]:

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    10 replies to "As I Stared into Jesus' Eyes, I'll Never Forget What He Said…"

    • Sally

      13:56 this is so me.

    • sharon strauss

      How did the angels look like

    • Donna Keeton

      Dark eyes I'm seen him 3 times soft spoken and lots of ❤. Love.

    • Carl Geenen

      Jesus is black brother 😂

    • Brian Jade

      Woahhh, I just felt that the word spoken by the interviewer was meant for me. It's always been my desire for our church to see and tap into the supernatural works of the Lord. Thank You, Jesus! 🔥

      I really find it funny and mesmerizing how God speaks to me. How He answers all the questions I have in mind. All glory to Him, what a God we serve 😇❤️

    • Brian Jade


    • Constanza Mejia Campos

      Our Heavenly Father is awesome and very sweet. I love this show. All the honor and glory to our Heavenly Father, our beloved Jesus Christ and our sweet Holy♥️😍😍 Spirit

    • joreal25

      can someone reading this interpret why I saw myself kneeling on the side of the left foot of the Father , He's sitting on the throne, where my size is smaller than His smallest toe..

      and I saw the Lord Jesus coming with a fiery eyes and HE tapped me on my shoulder when I was sitting with my head on my knees..

      I just want to know the meaning

    • joreal25

      really guys?.. are you talking about me?!!!. what do i need to do?.

      i went to a church but I stopped because they are not believers of 'supernatural / spiritual' things..

      when I first preached in that church, they took pictures where I saw a very beautiful bright light that when I told them we had a visitor, they ignored me..

      now I just go to a bigger christian church as a normal worshipper.. with my daughter and I know my other kids will follow..

    • Kevin Nudge

      Ive been watching sid roth its supernatural for maybe 4 5 years and i feel like ive been completely blessed thank you sid straight up hallelujah😭😭😌

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