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    20 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – August 7th, 2022"

    • Nancy Bagwell

      Right on JD!!! We’re at the end of this mess & we need to be doing all we can to warn others to get things right with Jesus NOW. Love & prayers

    • Gerald Harris

      JD I hope this helps you out think about what you have just said near the end of this video before you end it off of YouTube about blockchain digital identity digital currency did you ever ever I got to say it one more time ever think how they're implementing this look up LifeLock the identity protection by Norton it's already being implemented people are falling for this because there are fear and afraid of identity theft I can go into an hour of or two of explanation but in the short end of the nutshell when you think they're doing you a favor they are not maranatha even so come Lord Jesus

    • Rapture Ready

      I’ve been saying the same thing about time for a long while already. I feel I’m running through the day, just to get the basics done in a day. Never enough time! It’s crazy insane!!

    • MyBorderCollie

      Interesting you mentioned the speeding up of this world Pastor JD. I was noticing some of our trees turning YELLOW second last week of July. I was like ‘what the…’ ??? This usually starts happening maybe more like 3rd week of August here in Western 🍁. I had thought the same thing … even nature is feeling it.

    • Cagy McCorgeson

      I get the sense that it’s going to take the AI interface for someone to start claiming that they are god.

    • L M

      The Enuma Elish would later be the inspiration for the Hebrew scribes who created the text now known as the biblical Book of Genesis. Prior to the 19th century CE, the Bible was considered the oldest book in the world and its narratives were thought to be completely original. In the mid-19th century CE, however, European museums, as well as academic and religious institutions, sponsored excavations in Mesopotamia to find physical evidence for historical corroboration of the stories in the Bible. **These excavations found quite the opposite, however, in that, once cuneiform was translated, it was understood that a number of biblical narratives were Mesopotamian in origin.**

      Famous stories such as the Fall of Man and the Great Flood were originally conceived and written down in Sumer, translated and modified later in Babylon, and reworked by the Assyrians **before they were used by the Hebrew scribes for the versions which appear in the Bible.**

      **In revising the Mesopotamian creation story for their own ends, the Hebrew scribes tightened the narrative and the focus but retained the concept of the all-powerful deity who brings order from chaos.** Marduk, in the Enuma Elish, establishes the recognizable order of the world – just as God does in the Genesis tale – and human beings are expected to recognize this great gift and honor the deity through service.

      Google "Enuma Elish – The Babylonian Epic of Creation – Full Text – World History Encyclopedia"

      Also discussed by Professor Christine Hayes at Yale University in her first lecture of the series on the Hebrew Bible from 8:50 to 14:30 minutes and lecture 3 from 38:15 to 41:35 minutes.

      From a Biblical scholar:

      "Many stories in the ancient world have their origins in other stories and were borrowed and modified from other or earlier peoples. For instance, many of the stories now preserved in the Bible are **modified** versions of stories that existed in the cultures and traditions of Israel’s **older** contemporaries. Stories about the creation of the universe, a cataclysmic universal flood, digging wells as land markers, the naming of important cultic sites, gods giving laws to their people, and even stories about gods decreeing the possession of land to their people were all part of the cultural and literary matrix of the ancient Near East. Biblical scribes freely **adopted and modified** these stories as a means to express their own identity, origins, and customs."

      "Stories from the Bible" by Dr Steven DiMattei, from his website "Biblical Contradictions"


      In addition, look up the below articles.

      "Debunking the Devil – Michael A. Sherlock (Author)"

      "10 Ways The Bible Was Influenced By Other Religions – Listverse"

      "Top Ten Reasons Noah’s Flood is Mythology – The Sensuous Curmudgeon"

      "The Adam and Eve myth – News24"

      "Are The Ten Commandments Based On The Forty-Two Principles Of Maat That Appeared 2,000 Years Earlier? – Ancient Pages"

      "Before Adam and Eve – Psychology Today"

      "Gilgamesh vs. Noah – WordPress"

      "No, Humans Are Probably Not All Descended From A Single Couple Who Lived 200,000 Years Ago"

      "Adam & Eve: Theologians Try to Reconcile Science and Fail – The New Republic"

      "Adam and Eve: the ultimate standoff between science and faith (and a contest!) – Why Evolution Is True"

      "Bogus accommodationism: The return of Adam and Eve as real people, as proposed by a wonky quasi-scientific theory – Why Evolution Is True"

      "How many scientists question evolution? –"

      "What is the evidence for evolution? – Common-questions – BioLogos"
      (A Christian organisation)

      "Why scientists dismiss 'intelligent design' – Science"

      "Old Testament Tales Were Stolen From Other Cultures – Griffin"

      "Parallelism between “The Hymn to Aten” and Psalm 104 – Project Augustine"

      "Contradictions in the Bible | Identified verse by verse and explained using the most up-to-date scholarly information about the Bible, its texts, and the men who wrote them — by Dr. Steven DiMattei"

      "How do we know that the biblical writers were **not** writing history? — by Dr Steven DiMattei"

    • cairoinc

      Remembering how clear blue the skies were in March 2020…

    • Christine Wright

      Excellent pastor Farag Excellent, we need to hear these up dates, we need to feel an urgency to reach people to get them to Jesus we can but try and has you point out it's on them selves to make the choice, God strengthen us all in these times ,and you are right, time is speeding up ,God bless you pastor farage and your family and church family, sending christian love to you all God .

    • Julia C

      You have really touched me to the core today,or shall I say God thru you! Especially when you said the verse "he who the son sets free is free indeed" I have heard this a lot lately. God's love is immeasurable!

    • Jackie Mirza

      Thankyou Pastor JD for all your work and time you spend Informing us all on world events. Almost all the ducks are in a row now and things are
      happening.. ."suddenly". God Bless you and your family….✝️💕✈️✈️

    • MARLEIN Steinmetz

      The israel restoration prophecies are a powerful apologetic. Steadily being fulfilled, including the abrahamic land covenant.

    • K King

      I think IF you go to "Peak Prosperity" you'll find the data on the deaths attatched to that THING~!

    • SleepyHead 84

      I greatly enjoyed the sermon today. The Holy Spirit reminded me of Before The Wrath this evening. I bought and watched it tonight. I had forgotten that you were part of this ensemble. It was fantastic! I cried tears of joy, it was such a beautiful connection.

    • Original Mama Grizzly

      I think we should all be running toward the rapture right now

    • Original Mama Grizzly

      But isn’t the covenant that will be confirmed by the Antichrist involving much more than just the nations of the ME? Doesn’t the Antichrist create and enforce peace amongst ALL the nations, which all over the world have been in tumult and war against each other??

    • karen turner

      Thank you jd ..your church has richly blessed my spul

    • MaryRose Hallowed

      What I See: I see everyone with a prophetic checklist in hand. They have the events in a certain sequence. They stand at the edge of a cliff that protrudes outward. They look out onto the horizon and see the other events in a sequence like dots to be connected. They believe the next event or at least really soon is the rapture and they wait expectantly on that cliff with bated breath. But alas, it does not yet come. Other events in the lineup continue to come. But not the rapture. They nervously look around for other Christians in the fear that they have been left behind. They see other Christians doing the same exact thing so they catch their breath and continue watching. But it goes on in the same way. I have seen many despairing that we are seeing more and more doomsday events, yet the church is still here. In fact, the church will be here because that is the sequence, only they are unaware of it. The rapture comes at the last trumpet, the 7th trumpet, towards the end of the 7 year tribulation. Instead of believing what others are saying, study it for yourself. Get a notebook and colored pens and map it out, it is not really that difficult. But for those who don't, they will be in for a rude awakening as the events continue to progress. Many will get bitter and fall away and take the mark of the beast. Many are despairing already. I see all these false arguments about pre trib all the time. We don't have to be removed from the planet in order not to be appointed 'unto wrath.' Noah shows that. The 144,000 show that. In fact many are still alive at the end when the final wrath falls just after the rapture. They are here to take the mark too. They are alive and well for there to be weddings and feasts until the very end, as Jesus said. The Lord is certainly capable of preserving us out of wrath during that time! Just don't think we will escape martyrdom. Some will but many won't. That is our calling, as those in the middle east know and most of the world throughout most of church history knew. But oh no. Not these guys. Because they're 'special'! They sit around watching polluted television, listening to polluted worldly music, acting, dressing, talking and looking like the world in every way, pursuing every appetite to the point of gluttony, never a thought for prayer with fasting for them! So they are somehow worthy to escape these things….. all I can say is 'woe to them.' Now is the time to wake up, come out of the world, repent, and take your Christian walk seriously. But as a sign of the times, no one wants to listen to a 'Jeremiah' warning of impending doom from Babylon because of course, that's too 'negative.' Tell me smooth words of positive things, tales of peace and safety…. good tidings of security, escape, and prosperity! Take heed and listen to what the Spirit is really saying to the church! It is a dire warning and wake up call and not a soothsayer's message of smooth days ahead.

    • MrMatt1138

      There are a few good research sources on these unexplained deaths of young people, along with an unusual very pronounced increase in deaths overall worldwide, not from COVID specifically, but more so everything else – cancer, etc. A few very brave physicians and epidemiologists (mostly with the Great Berrington group) as well as one journalist in particular I've followed for a couple years now, Alex Berenson. Alex is a former NY Times reporter that specialized in stories of the evils pharmaceutical companies have committed for decades. COVID-19 gave him a new path to research. He is not a Christian and "leans" left politically, but on this subject has done a ton of research, very notable, compiled, and compelling research. He is on Sub-Stack and since being banned from Twitter for over a year I believe it was for posting documented COVID-19 truth, is back on Twitter after successfully sueing and settling with Twitter (how often does that happen?). God bless these brave individuals.

    • Otonyo Primavera

      It's happening right now in Israel 🇮🇱 🙌

    • krauthead4

      At first I thought he had the jabs all over his shirt. I thought that couldn't be. Then I realized they were a canoes. LOL! Love you, Pastor Farag!

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