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    14 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – December 11th, 2022"

    • frank james

      rapture looks like its before april 1 imo

    • king'sdaughter

      Many pieces really fell into place for me in this message. Details of the future, along with typology, pictures from the past. Thank you, Pastor JD, for doing your homework and teaching me so much!! See you soon, and very soon!

    • Shay Sdy


    • Jackie Mirza

      Your message today was so encouraging. I really needed it as I have been feeling so broken and hurt from family. The attackes are great. Please pray for salvation for my family that there hearts and eyes open.
      Thankyou and God Bless you Pastor JD and all here..✝️💗

    • Mary Bailey

      This is without a doubt the very best update. You're not afraid to speak the truth. Thank you Pastor.

    • Lisa Murphy

      Pastor JD, I believe you are spot on with your studies of Revelation. What an amazing update!Maranatha!!

    • Captain Morgan

      The full message was awesome J.D. God bless you and your ministry!

    • Shirley Y

      KNOW YOUR A-B-C's

      So, you want to go to heaven
      I'll tell you a story of love
      A tale of admit, believe and call
      To our Savior up above

      Admit that you're a sinner
      Deep sorrow fills your heart
      You feel so broken God will heal you
      And fix what's been torn apart

      Believe that Jesus really lived
      From Bethlehem to Calvary
      He paid for your sins and rose from the dead
      So that you could be set free

      Call to Him in prayer right now
      He's waiting for your call
      He's the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
      Bringing salvation to us all

    • Disco Disco

      Just a perspective: Wasn't Adam and Eve deceived into eating from the tree?
      Isn't Satan's tactic always Deception that is why Jesus warned His disciples not to be deceived? Then why would it be any different from the Mark?

    • K King

      Please put a speed button on your web site for those of us who do not have as much time.

    • KingsDaughter

      … Alert…
      Be sure the Jesus you and friends call on for salvation .. is the real Jesus of the Bible.
      I'm hearing the name "jesus christ" .. not being used as a curse word on the street .. but being interjected into mild conversation by children .. as well as adults that are very obviously not Christians .. lately in simple conversation .. but it is not loud enough for me to hear from my window .. how it is being used .. just not as a curse word.😲
      The Bible warns us that false christs will surface in end times and this likely has something to do with it.
      So when giving ABCs of Salvation .. make sure the person knows that this Jesus they are calling on is the Jesus of the Bible .. whose Name is "the Word of God" and they need to be transformed into the person God created them to be by the power of His Word found in the pages of Scripture.

    • Richard Barry

      I need the Lord to open the Red Sea for me – I’ve been praying for the miracle I need so that I can continue surviving. I’m at the toughest point ever in my life now. I really hope the rapture is very soon.

    • Donna Garcia

      Pastor JD and church, the truth from this pulpit is astounding. Blessings to all.
      Also… it was wonderful seeing everyone in the church!! ❤️

    • tele-scope

      Yes. According to the Scriptures, most of humanity will be annihilated. 😔🙏🏽Lord have mercy 🙏🏼

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