Pastor JD talks about the prophetic snowball effect with what’s happening in the world today concerning the swiftness and unstoppable momentum of Bible prophecy. This update will only be shown in its uncensored entirety at

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    25 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – July 17th, 2022"

    • Chris Rocus

      Is this the wearing out of the saint’s ? Jesus is all good and died to save us but if you want to go to him you can get burned to death with hot flaming tar or eaten by lions or today be persecuted killed or put in jail. Then there is the horrible fallen angel he made running around trying to kill steal and destroy everything. If he tricks you then you go into the lake of fire forever. And it looks like the anti Christ is about to show up and look like super man for a short time then turn on everyone. Any person that takes his mark beaks out in sores that won’t heal and the of to the lake of fire with them too. Life is just a bowl of cherries. I don’t even know what to do anymore.

    • Diana Moody

      Watchman from Maryland.

    • MadeinMaine

      Praise God pastor JD From the great state of Maine This is where God has me so I'll do my best to serve him here
      I listen to you every week free week and look forward to meeting you one day in heaven In person.

    • William McAllister

      My friend, JD, the only entity that can change the speed and intensity of the snowball is……………..But God……..

    • apple jack

      I'll be honest I didn't even think we as Christians two plus years into this pandemic would still be free. I thought by now they would have tried to Force some kind of digital mark of the beast on us. So I think the pastor is right when he says we are at the end now.

    • George Taylor

      Greetings from western Kentucky USA Jesus Christ is coming very very soon

    • George Taylor

      I am just living day by day just waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ

    • K King

      Over 100 Food pocessing plants in America have been burned down in the last 8 months. Better Stock your Shelf now. Two months left.

    • K King

      Banks in the US, are now joining the (ESG) Environmental, Social, and Governance. that determine who they give loans to based on social credit scores and they shut down your bank acct in Canada if your a trucker. ….

    • K King

      The Mighty Men in Joel that Leap tall buildings and do not break rank are A.I. Robots or Part Man Part Machine…

    • Bush Waaa

      no pastor jd, u are very right in saying that it's not an apple to apple comparison between those days and now…we are going thru more trials and tribulations with greater intensity and frequency. its actually simple math: eve ate the fruit and the next generation, Cain killed his brother Abel…and since evil keeps multiplying daily/hourly….times that by thousands of years and u get to this present and wicked generation.

    • charlotte sokol

      Thank you 🕊✝️🛐🕊🐑❤️

    • Lisa Cunningham

      Since 2016, the Lord was changing my heart to not be focused on the world. Business as usual. I just do what I need to do daily, while still here, for family that will be left here. I have had no desire in the things of the world. I feel like I am an alien. Walking around, watching people, dealing with people when inside, I could care less. I love people and help as needed, but my heart is literally not of this world.
      Ready to go home and hug Jesus!

    • Donald Buckner

      7:26 My answered prayer through JD. I was asking the Lord if I'm good as in ok and that I'm doing his will in my life. Right at this moment keep in the faith, we're good struck me by the spirit. I came to YouTube to show my wife my answered prayer through JD and it starts at 7:26, most of you know that 726 is rapture in strongs. Keep the faith church, our Lord Jesus is coming soon 🙏👰

    • Jo_Momma

      The app doesn't work for me and buffers a long time… 🙁 It takes about four hours to get thru one video 😭 I love listening to JD

    • Susan Arthur

      Anyone else having trouble finding this on website ?

    • Jada Parks/Villanueva

      GOD is so awesome, indescribable and wonderful!!!! GOD, YOU are just…….TOO MUCH👍🏾🌺😱🌸❤️🌴

    • Saddle Ridge

      Scrolling through the comments, I see multiples of the same message and I don't think it's the poster doing it. Why is youtube repeating comments? And likely removing others?

    • M Knalgas

      Thank you pastor JD, for bringing the word of God! You are one of the few I trust and love to listen to. I had that same thought like you had, that somebody said 'the generation after us'… There is no 'next generation'. We are goiing to the end. I was thinking to myself: 'should they not understand the time we are living in??'….
      The worldleaders are preparing the stage for the AC.
      The 'church' is preparing the false religion. Mysticism in the church. False doctrines. It's terrible and a lot of churchattenders are falling in to it. It is so terrible to see.
      People in the world don't wanna think about Christ. They go on and live their lives like they always did. Unbelievable. I hope The Lord comes quickly.

    • Jeff Flaig

      the video was cut short… The one on your site, not this one.

    • LEE

      Mr JD. When we that listen to you truly have God's Spirit in us, we can actually feel God's truth in you, You are truly of God and I feel it. You are my Billy Graham of this day and time . And I know that he too was a Man of God. But I feel God's Spirit and truth when I watch you, so thank you Pastor Farag!

    • Robin Barnhart

      I'm not techie and don't use my phone/apps. Please change your online version where you can speed it up. Can you post it to Rumble?

    • Kim Stein

      We dont know what persecution is…yet. compared to Christian's living in communist countries.

    • Marian Rheinfeld

      Maranatha Jezus is coming soon, greetings from the Netherlands!

    • Lindsey Dills

      The Colosseum of Rome is under renovation right now. I believe the structure will be once again used in the tribulation for the same unthinkable purposes.

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