Pastor JD talks about how it is that the world today is now at the proverbial finish line in terms of Bible prophecy. This update will only be shown in its uncensored entirety at

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    13 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – July 24th, 2022"

    • Catherine Williams
    • GG

      Oh Pastor, I slipped up a few days ago and listened to a teaching that opposed pre-trib and it gave the enemy a foothold. I felt my blessed hope waiver. After your sermons yesterday, well, let me just say my hope is based on Yeshua and He is my Hope! I dreamed about The Rapture about five years ago and as I type this, I can vividly remember the details. Thank you and Maranatha!

    • Probably 2021

      Gavin Newson? rofl just kidding, but he does see himself as some great savior type.. rofl…Something Biblically Epic is about to occur.. and those left behind will be in so much fear/confusion/chaos… 98% of them will welcome this final antichrist. of course the thugs, criminals, sleaze, witches, demon parasite infest, and rainbowclan.. (long list) will be dancing a "demon jig" They will cheer for it/him.. Shortly.. there will be a massive cascade of ugly events.. (technically they're in motion now).. that will seem like they all happen at once.. they will be huge ticket events.. that will cause more links in the chain to break. I believe that GOD knows the name of every single person who is to be Raptured, and we are in the final moments of those last few getting on board.. I suggest these last few days/weeks will become incredibly intense..way more than what you see right now.. probably/maybe 100 times more intense.. Shake awake the last few.. then Boom…RAPTURE – Danial's final week begins either immediately or some short window of time thereafter. THIS YEAR FOLKS!

    • Teine770

      Great message Pastor really loved it God bless you all and Israel 🇮🇱 🙏🏽

    • Probably 2021

      All those that are in bed with the "evil ones", those that have a demon parasite infestation.. ARE ALL WATCHING CHANNELS LIKE THIS.. They too, know that their master, the final antichrist is on the very precipice of arriving… They are all giddy!

    • Juss Passin Thru

      Having an extremely hard time with suffering let alone even understanding why I have to suffer. 😔😞. If this is the Lords will then it'll be my demise.


    • Neneng Escanlar

      Thank you pastor Jd for the update God bless you and your family Jesus is coming soon Titus 2 13 from the Philippines

    • LauraH

      I can't believe God put me in these days to see all these things come to pass. It is so exciting. I "anxiously await his appearing," but also pray for boldness and wisdom. It's gonna get ugly and people need Jesus!

    • Jeff Mosteller

      Sounds like the 3 stooges have already declared war on Israel at least in Syria.

    • David Del Rossi

      Israel is about to go in and destroy Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant that is in an area of Iran that was once known as "Elam" !! This will happen within weeks if not days !! This will fulfill the Prophecy found in Jeremiah Ch. 49 Verses 34 – 37 !! This will trigger the Psalm 83 War. And the destruction of Damascus (the Prophecy in Isaiah Ch. 17) will happen during this War. This War will last no more than 2 days !! Many believe that the Rapture will happen before, if not immediately before, the Psalm 83 War begins. WFS !! Maranatha everyone !!!

    • Angela Cowan

      Thank you so much! You are one of few that dare to address these end times issues head on.

    • Logical Human

      Psalms 83:18 "may people know that you whose name is jehovah, you alone are the most high over all the earth"
      P.s. crucifixes are idolatry

    • MrTriplejack82

      JD I just want to apologise you have said some things in the past which turned me away from watching you but you truly are my brother in Christ and we are one in Christ so whatever differences we have we are joined together in the body of Christ. Thanks for the video.

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