Pastor JD talks about what scripture says concerning the real meaning of being “awake” as it relates to Bible prophecy. This update will only be shown in its uncensored entirety at

“LIVE STREAMING ALERT: Pastor JD’s COMPLETE Bible Prophecy Update Videos will only be available at We will continue live-streaming the first part of the Prophecy Update on YouTube then the live-stream will end, and Pastor JD will continue the live-stream with the conclusion of the update at The best and easiest way to watch the complete updates will be to watch them in their entirety from the start of the live stream at Please set your reminders, bookmark our website page, or fan us on Facebook when we are about to go live.”

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    16 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – July 31st, 2022"

    • Mitchell C

      Wow! Outstanding message full of passion for the Truth of God's Word. The church is dwindling because they are spiritually asleep and becoming lost in the world or simply slipping into the woke deceptive culture of the world today. If we don't CLEAVE to Jesus, we can easily get lost and forget Him beyond an accessory dangling from our rear-view mirror or just a key chain trinket. We must keep His Truth the center of our lives.

    • charlotte sokol

      Thank you 🕊🛐✝️🕊🐑❤️

    • Carolyn Greenhill

      Asking for prayers for my young daughter Taylor's health and healing please

    • poolahpot

      pray for amir
      don't give up
      keep praying

    • george dodd

      Dear Pastor JD I'm praying for you just hang in their God will not let you down just trust Him.

    • Analisa Mc

      God bless Everyone, hope you are ready to meet the Lord Jesus and be with him forever more! What a day of great joy for every believer!

    • On Topic

      JD “woke” means something different than “awake”. The LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ is “woke” BLM is WOKE. I’m not a Republican or any political denomination but I’m curious why you mention them but not the democrats.

    • sissy sylvester

      I am so sad. I have listened for years. But have not been able to get the prophecy update on the JD channel!!

    • Michael Tyrokomos

      I would like to let you know, the Greek word asfalia, is accented on the lia

    • Lawshaw

      Wars and rumours of war? Check. Famines and pestilences? Check. Earthquakes in diverse places? Check. Matthew 24:6-7

    • Tracy Greenhough

      Best preacher ever

    • DelugeYah

      What happened to the Bible Prophecy updates? Are they no more? We truly need them. This is a sermon. Please bring back the updates.

    • Titi Sumantri

      Jesus is coming soon….

    • Ann Francisco

      This is all about the imminent rapture of the Church and the gospel (nothing wrong as we all need encouragement) but I miss the prophecy updates. So many things are happening around the world today.

    • Jeremy Edward

      the awesome god provides miraculous provisions and everything worked out great for so and so…why bother with that? When your life is decades deep in chronic pain and poverty that nobody gives even a thought to.. how does that help?

    • J

      I love you Pastor JD. I'm praying for you. I feel like you are weary or running out of content for the prophecy updates. My heart is weary. I'm praying so hard for you.

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