Pastor JD talks about the well-known idiom of, “A Blessing in Disguise” as it relates to Bible prophecy. This update will only be shown in its uncensored entirety at

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    18 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – May 15th, 2022"

    • Susan Englet

      I want to thank you for having the ABC's of Salvation on line to print…..I was able to hand out two of them to ladies at the checkout stand when I bought groceries this morning…..I pray that they read them and see the importance of what they say. I appreciate your ministry!! Jesus is coming soon!!! Praise God.

    • Marc Saldana

      JD, I really hope you see this. I think that I was led to see this recently. READ THIS… WHO is like the Beast? TAKE THE ? away and say the statement. WHO (World Health Organization) IS like the beast. And the Beast is given the power to rule. The US is giving the WHO the power to declare us locked down anytime they say so. Was God giving us a clue of WHO running part of the Beast system and having ultimate or very high authority? Was there a Question mark in the original greek or Latin languages on Who is like the Beast or did the King James translators assume a question and the the statement "Who is like the beast" a question?

    • Katharine Amin

      Thanks so much for your update today. You’re right that Covid
      has brought a lot of people to their knees. God bless you WFS 🎺

    • Rickie Briggs

      The darker the world is getting,,,the brighter the Light,,,Maranatha my King, 🙏

    • Tamorah Jean

      JD I have watched you’re sermons for like 6 years, I’m glad I found you on YouTube, I can’t wait to meet you in heaven, keep up the truth, the word, the witness! Love you!

    • James Chapter 4 Ministries

      Australia federal election is on may 21st this year and then on the 22nd they are taking the vote for the WHO to have all this power that's seems very convenient considering Bill Gates said Australia did the best through covid. It's all going to go bad after the 22nd of may.
      I'm so glad we have Jesus as our hope!!🙂🙏
      JESUS is Coming soon!!🙂🙂

    • kevin matthijs

      Good day Dom, I was commissioned by the holy spirit to give a BUT GOD testimony from our local pastor TOM DE WAL from the Netherlands. their ministry is called frontrunners and god bless you and this ministry in all its greatness. frontrunners started small in a two-room mini office. she grew very fast by the power of god. An American prophet came during a service and prophesied about frontrunner, you will grow. praise god . 12 hours after the verdict, the landlord came and told them that they had to move / misrepresent because he needed the space himself. two days later TOM DE WAL drove past an office building and heard the holy spirit say "this is the building tom" . tom knew he would never be able to afford it but trusted god. no sooner said than done, signed papers and then gregen tom and his ministry made more financial gifts in 2 weeks than 2 years before. two weeks before the opening of the new premises, the ministry was attacked. the municipality, politics and the government of the Netherlands forbade to continue or open. otherwise there would be consequences. tom from frontrunners continued to believe in faith and trust in god. it was God's pledge and he would never let Satan take it away. god is the one with the final judgment. hallelujah . eventually there was a lawsuit, the lawyer of frontrunners called tom … tom we are 3-0 behind I see no way out. tom continued to trust god . 2 hours before the hearing, tom de wal of frontrunners got a call from his lawyer … (love this, BUT GOD hallelujah) tom you don't have to come anymore … all charges have been dropped. one municipality member thought that you were not treated equally / fairly and vouched for you. HALLELUJAH JD FARAG But god… the taunting of satan took another two years but god (haha) took care of frondrunners. now tom and his team serve throughout the Netherlands and abroad. write books and organize seminars, healing sessions, deliverance sessions and predict God's word. this is a great testimonial. HALLELUJAH. thank you JD for what you do , god bless you . he will pour all his love and blessings on you, your family and your church in jesus name. Sincerely Kevin Matthijs too east souburg God bless.

    • lisa delhanty


    • DeeDee Turner

      Look up the city NEOM in Saudi Arabia. Mystery Babylon?

    • Jen Kihiko

      Your contribution with the prophetic updates has been so detailed and informative. I have been hugely blessed to say the least, however ofcourse as the horrors of the reality of what is going on causes me to pray and weep daily.
      Thankyou that you are a true shepherd preparing the body of Christ, these things are not spoken about in my Church but l am working on it! Blessings in abundance to you and your family, jan from Uk.

    • Ricky Robinette

      I’m glad this is my temporary home
      I’m just passing through
      I love you Lord Jesus
      Because you first loved me

    • Shay Sdy


    • John Love

      So no prophecy update?

    • sifu jedi

      Satan doesn't fight God, satan doesn't fight Jesus, satan doesn't fight the Holy Spirit, Satan fights against Michael; and looses

    • ARISE | Daughter of Zion

      AMEN!! DANIEL is SO OPEN… especially if one does as as Daniel did when reading it… confess of sin, lay your sacrifice down at the alter, fast and pray in the Spirit!… and it will OPEN! 

      P.S. don't be surprised when you pray in the Spirit studying Daniel that you have prophetic dreams standing with an Angel of the Lord in the spirit realm… seeing yourself as a child of God, wearing the whole armor of God, and learning of ancient things that once were, are now, and still to come regarding the battle that's been waging on since the beginning. 

      He is getting ALL His Saints ready… ARMOR UP!! 

      More and more I am 100% convinced that many of us, if not all of us, will join Him for battle as fearless toddlers ready to wage war with our Lord and Savior, against these demonic spirit princes.

      #AlwaysBePrayingInTheSpirit !!

    • sifu jedi

      Dan 12:4 = Amos 8:12

    • Benedict Claros

      Thank you pastor JD.
      Just want to share…
      Time of Noah & Lot – common – normal day – just like now where everything is open. 6th of Sivan Enoch born and also was take up at 6th of Sivan; birth & death of David, Torah given to Moses, Sivan 6 – Pentecost / Shavuot. Summer is near.

    • Becky Smith

      Maybe it’s just me but people sure do seem mean now

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