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    30 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – October 16th, 2022"

    • Michalene Pratscher

      Pastor JD, you are so precious to the body of Christ. We love you with the love of the Lord! Thank you for your faithfulness and boldness and truth. We continue to pray for you and your church to remain steadfast in the Lord. It’s because of pastors like you who continue to encourage us and keep our hope alive and on fire for the Lord. Can’t wait to meet you on the other side!!

    • Salvation is Only in Jesus!

      One of the best prophecy updates yet! 🙂 Ty you Pastor J.D. for the truth of what's going on in the world, & matching it up to the truth of/in the Holy Bible. 🙂 Love, & God Bless you in Jesus name! 🙂

    • Laurie Rose

      I love you JD. Please know that you are loved by so many that appreciate your honesty. I have been attacked by so called brethren many times too and I begged God that it would only deepen my understanding and give me a greater comprehension of my purpose on this Earth.
      We know that it is the insecurity of others that makes them lash out so I pray too that God can correct that in them.
      Keep speaking from your heart because it resonates with those of us who are ready to go home.

    • Caroline R

      We love you Pastor JD 🇭🇲

    • Sarah

      Love this message so much🥰 Thank you JD❤️

    • Caroline R

      @26 mins
      "we're racist…"
      Meanwhile, you're ticking all the woke boxes for "diversity"!

    • Doug Fowler

      Thanks, our ministry director passed away last November of covid but I still send monthly devotionals to several inner-city families. You've really helped me to hone in on the central theme for several things I have written down for what I will send near the end of this month. Unity. I don't know how well they are doing but we have several in high school right now, in the same school, and I am praying they are unified with other believers and really doing a great work for the Lord. Please pray for them and for many souls to get saved at the school, and if you read this before the morning of October 20 pray for a breakfast that our church hosts for the football players and coaches and cheerleaders of that school and arrival as the Gospel is clearly presented each year at that breakfast.

    • Bold Guardian

      God isn't subject to time. That's all that verse means.

    • Michele Anderson

      Pastor J.D., it does my heart good to see a godly man like yourself get emotional and cry because real men do cry! I feel exactly as you do and was crying with you because there's nothing here in this world for me anymore and just want to go home and see and be with Jesus forever! Thanks for sharing your heart with us and encouraging us with the Word as the Holy Spirit leads you to and very soon we'll get to experience what we're longing for…Jesus!

    • Tamara Fierenczuk

      Dziękuję za Słowo….Niech Bóg Was błogosławi…..

    • Jane Mitchell

      Beautiful and anointed message Pastor JD!❤❤


      what am I doing here I'll go directly to the web page YouTube has so much blood in their hands for taking part in the deception of the evil one

    • I am who You say I am

      Can you add a x2 speed increase to video play on your website?

    • John Doe

      Synagogue of Saytin = Thee Ashkenazeee 🥸🥯👃

    • Nancy Troutman

      I cried right along with you Pastor. I wish I was there to give you a big hug. I appreciate you for courageously speaking truth.

    • Sylvia Brunger

      Thank you so much for your teachings. From Johannesburg. Watching it all. 🙏✝️🕊️🔥❤️I also cry a lot over many things.


      I got sad 😞 when JD started crying 😢 I wanted to give him a big hug 🤗 much love ❤️ in Christ Pastor JD and Church from SC

    • John carlen

      As always, thank you for posting this. I watch on YT and at website, helps to keep YT presence. Racism is a manufactured misnomer. There is only one race, with many tribes of different color. In other words, all are the same and all are different. So, my questions are, what is the color of divisiveness and what is the color of torn and crucified flesh? Answer to the latter sums up any issue about color. The Son of the Creator is coming. Bless YHVH and YHVH bless you.

    • K Nelson

      Excellent sermon so far. I believe that if all Christians all over the world would just love one another, we could have a huge impact for God and hasten the second coming of Jesus. One more thing, real men love Jesus. Think about it. Agape, Ken

    • Catherine Gray

      Oh, and you know how people have "bucket lists"? I have a church 🪣 list, and Calvary Chapel Kaneohe is on my bucket list!!

    • Hettie Mortlock

      Dear Jesus Disciple, thank you for your encouragement and love every week. You are truly a JD! Be blessed and stay blessed.

    • XsivNRGamer

      Bless you Brother.

    • Nancy G

      I saw the whole sermon, my baby boy is with God too, I had to let him go, now my oldest is too, I didn't want to let him go he was murdered.the hardest thing is losing a child.🙏👑🤍💔

    • Reba k

      Thankyou pastor JD, watched on website. So heartfelt! I've already divorced the world, it's lonely, still yet, 'just give me Jesus'🎶

    • Catherine Gray

      I cried with you, Pastor JD. You are my pastor and I'm 3,952 miles from your church!
      My heart aches for what YOUR heart aches over… and I could not agree with you more- this world has NOTHING for me. Maranatha JD. If I do not get to meet you here, I can't wait to see you in forever. God bless you

    • Amanda C. Brooks

      We've been watching 👀 an listening to you for awhile now from Fort Worth, Texas. Keep it up! He is the vessel I am the clay… Lord mold me an make me. God Bless you!
      Rapture ready 24-7-365
      Come on Jesus

    • Christine FollowerofChrist

      Pastor JD… what can I say but your words pulled my heart out listening today to your own heart-ache, in wanting to go home. I too want to see my Jesus and be with and praise him for eternity. But… every time I feel this world has nothing for me, I get sucked back in. Nothing bad but distracting in my walk and relationship with Jesus. I’ve become a grandma (Nonna to the littles) and have six wonderful grandchildren. I am busy with them and since the pestilence I’ve taken up painting and I paint so much I started selling my pieces and now am doing commission work. I do enjoy all of it and it actually saddens me. Im pulled in many directions and get caught up. My heart is never far from God and I listen to praise music and pray and all…. It’s just something else I can’t put my finger on but I feel somewhat disconnected. Im not sure what im saying. Im praying praying praying 🙏
      Maranatha 🙏💭🙏💭🙏💭🙏💭🙏

    • GodDefinsing

      Rev up, as in Revelation up.. Appearing/Revealing…. Going up!!!

    • Jackie Mirza

      Pastor JD this was a awsome message. I love your passion and boldness for the Gospel. Thankyou for your work and time you put in to update us. God Bless you and your family…..✝️🌷💞

    • Gayle Berthold

      Love you and may our Lord bless you. Been a follower for a long time. Hope everyone goes to your link to be blessed also.

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