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    25 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – September 11th, 2022"

    • GG

      Just a question – how do you enrage Americans enough to get them to feel justified killing close to a half a million Iraqis? It is everyone's right and personal decision to believe the narrative in these last days but let us not forget how the recent popular narrative is deception from hell. Some of the prophecy gurus of today make money from their teachings and become defensive over their decision to follow the most recent narrative. This morning I am more concerned and moved to pray for a young woman working in a store where my granddaughter and I were shopping yesterday. She had 666 tattooed across her chest. As I was looking at her and doing what my old self does best, judging, I felt the Holy Spirit asking me to consider what moved her to mark herself in such fashion and my heart broke. Who will join me in praying for her?

    • colleen strickland

      Is this a test? To see how easily we can be led astray? Something to think about

    • Lizzy Gold

      $32,000 weekly profit Our lord Jesus have lifted up my Life!!!

    • Dennis Vera


    • Lisa Evans

      I’m so glad that I have a Pastor that knows the truth and isn’t afraid of preaching it!!! Thanks JD for what you do!!! I appreciate you! 🎉🎉🎉

    • Eloy Chavez

      Jesus is Coming Very Soon. We must be Ready. Except You Repent You Shall All Likewise Perish. Repent God’s Kingdom is Near. Jesus Christ is Lord

    • Ann Francisco

      Everything can be manipulated, anything can just be orchestrated. My only question is, if there were no planes, where are those people who lost their lives in those planes??

    • MaryLu

      The greatest deception we succumb to is believing that we are not seducable
      I am listening from Europe to JD and will do my work „as a Borean“


      I have the gift of discerning of spirits. Sadly the instant JD spoke about 9/11 having no planes i felt that spirit. JD was influenced by the very spirit he said to be weary of. It happens to us all. I can understand the pentagon and bldg 7 stuff. But Just curious was this fake?

      Clearly shows the sound and reactions before the plane hit. NOt to say allot of 9/11 didnt add up but planes did in fact hit the towers it appears. Sadly this fact could tarnish the rest of the teaching and JD’s reputation. Not the first time he has said things he didnt understand fully and propagated conspiracies as fact. This is not an accusation but my experience watching JD for years. Praying for him and you all. God bless. I remain a subscriber but i could imagine the fall out from this one. Remember all. Isaiah 8:12. The Pulpit is not to speak on questionable things that are not fully understood as it can and will stumble the flock in one way or the other.

    • Eric

      Re Barbara Olsen : the flight she was on supposedly hit the Pentagon , rather than the World Trade Centre . If that didn't happen , I wonder what became of her , as she is a high profile individual . I feel , whatever happens , we had better keep ourselves fixed on what Christ is doing , and not anyone else . Too much confusion and disinformation going on .

    • Von Luckow

      They choose the date for their ritual because this verse.. Revelation 9:11
      [11]And G2532 they had G2192 a king G935 over G1909 them, G848 which is the angel G32 of the bottomless pit, G12 whose G846 name G3686 in the Hebrew tongue G1447 is Abaddon, G3 but G2532 in G1722 the Greek tongue G1673 hath G2192 his name G3686 Apollyon. G623

    • Eric

      Barbara Olsen … checked her name .

    • Eric

      There was a well known female journalist travelling on the first aircraft that hit the world trade centre . I forget her name , but recall reading she had not intended to be on this flight … wondering what's become of her …

    • Von Luckow

      God Bless you for having the courage to speak the truth. If you have the holy spirit you know it was a lie even when real people died

    • meme meme


    • Cheri Smith

      Wow, brother, this was a bold message indeed. Total respect for the boldness, courage, and obedience it took for you to deliver this message. Many won't receive it, but many of us have already known it in part or in full. True evil has been at work in this country for a long time. You blew me away with this one. Come, Lord Jesus, and bring your justice to those who refuse to be justified through repentance and Your blood.

    • Rodney Walchly

      Please pray against any sin in my marriage and for the enemy attacks to stop

    • Angie Whitley

      Am glad someone said it.

    • Sharon, (set-apart)

      There is a documentary from two French brothers, documenting the 90 days of a firefighter rookie, from a firehouse near the trade centers in NY. Their names are Gédéon & Jules Naudet.
      On the video, on the morning of 911, some of the crew were outside working when they heard a low flying plane, and they looked up. You could hear it too. They said they don't hear planes in that area, and were surprised.
      This was a video story they had been doing for weeks with the same firefighters shown in the news at that time; the Chaplain, one of the people who died that day. (showed him too).
      For this to have been CGI, that whole department, the French brothers, and the witnesses would have to have been in on it.
      I have many doubts too. I think there were facts mixed with a lot of fiction, and I also think explosives were used…they would have to be! (And, I have my thoughts on who was really involved)
      One of the French brothers did film some of the airplane parts, (hot, and smoking) that had crashed to the ground around the city. I just don't know…. all I want is the truth. I have watched a ton of investigative videos…
      I think the incident, along with many others, are to cause all confusion.
      …..what I do know for sure is, Jesus will set all deception, all things straight. We won't have 'Good' or Peace on Earth, until then.

    • Carla Dean

      There are people who won't even look at any of the evidence of 9/11. They just can't bear being wrong or so easily deceived. It's insane to me. Just like people who just can't handle even hearing Trump's name. How long have they been using brain washing on cable TV? I'm guessing since it's inception. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Amen.

    • Brookey 1980

      (after Listening… to the BOMB =o JD dropped in this message… Because, 21 years later, this is the 1st time I'VE Heard of this. =o +FROM a Godly source, who I can Trust, … to TELL me some SHOCKING TRUTH — LIKE THIS!…)

      well … MY Mind is Officially Blown.

      and, Here's the Difference on this one. As a Watchman Hearing about (just-about everything -for the last 2 Years, Strait.) I LIKE to Hear: Deep, fascinating/intruiging, and "mind blowing" Facts +True information. … Youknow; What's REALLY -Going on.

      ……… But THIS. ;[
      My Mind is flipping back instantaneously …….. Recalling all kinds of things! +Here's the Top 1!

      How (WE!) HAVE BEEN MADE! …TO FEEL!!! A DEEP SADNESS! (Then, Sept.11, 2001 … and all these Years, — Every Year SINCE!)

      …….. OVER! =O A LIE! ?!??!!!
      Something! THAT – NEVER – REALLY – HAPPENED!

      Oooo I've got some RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION And dare I say: RIGHTEOUS FURY! Thinking about -all of this!

      I -had -no -idea. ;[ that, All the way BACK … in 2001! The United States Government, our Leaders, EVEN BACK THEN! DID THIS!

      ……… THIS!!! Is SICK! At the Highest level of Corruption, and WICKED Deception Perpetrated BY this Country! … Against! it's OWN citizens.

      Do you Realize? ???
      (If THEY'VE Known this — ALL ALONG!) …… How STUPID! (they) Think -we are.


      Ooo! ~COME BRING IT ON LORD!!!
      GET EM!!!

    • NGOPublications

      I thought you guys might like this information regarding the King of England

    • Diane Benker

      What about the people that were supposedly on those planes that we were told perished that day.

    • Diane Benker

      I have known for several years now that that that event was planned and staged. I have a question

    • for freedom

      A bit confused on this info today, am I hearing it correctly that JD os saying there were NO planes? I listened to it twice, but clearly this would be not true as there are plenty of people there who saw it happen in person

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