Pastor JD talks about the prophetic significance of this month of September being a “September to Remember.” This update will only be shown in its uncensored entirety at

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    23 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – September 18th, 2022"

    • Your Friend, Amanda

      What if next week was actually the start of year 5993 instead of 5783?

    • Brandon Brown

      Pastor JD, I am disappointed with your seemingly inability to accurately vet facts. I have been a faithful listener of your prophecy updates for many years now, however I am starting to doubt your research. I had some factual problems with your prophecy update last week, that where easily vetted with some simple searches. So this week I decided to look into what you said about the German Legislatures comments regarding a collapse this September 24th. The address was given on February 27th and what he meant to say was February 24th, how do we know this? He was talking about Russia but declaring their invasion of Ukraine. I’m not happy JD, I’ve trusted you for a long time!

    • charlotte sokol

      Thank you 🕊🛐✝️🕊🐑❤️

    • Honey B

      It will happen, but just as you said we just don't know the day or the hour, but we do know the seasons. Remember, that the Bible says it will happen when you least expect it, Matthew 24:44. Remember, that if it doesn't happen next week, do not be disappointed, keep watching and waiting. Keep the faith.

    • Flo Cali

      All I can say is: HOLY-MOLY>>>>are we all reading between the lines??? Are we about to go HOME??!! I have a feeling ….IT'S SOONER THAN WE ALL T H I N K !!!!

    • Joy Harrelson

      AMEN!!! Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!!!!!

    • howdy yall

      I just really don't know. Any time now, any day. Before or after something is scheduled to happen, I couldn't say.

    • Tansy

      Jesus says "I will never leave you or forsake you" !
      Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen ! Shalom to All ! God Speed !

      Adonai: Hebrew and Messianic Praise and Worship Hour!!! PRAISE YAH!

    • Michael Burns

      Sometimes I walk outside during the day and it is dead silent I mean you can't hear anything, not a bird, not a dog barking, not a plane flying over not even a car going by it's dead silent it's a very eerie feeling. I live In the suburbs of a city where there is noise of some type 24/7 even my dog sets in the back yard staring up into the sky maybe because she's watched me do it many times. Unless we are all dead we can sense something feels different to us am I alone in this? My roommate tells me he doesn't believe any of that stuff he's about to take his 5th jab pray God will open his eyes to the truth.

    • Celia Lara

      Pastor, this is so exiting bible prophecy update.

    • Gigi Gregory

      Thanks and GBY for the message! I was thinking about what the LORD requires of me… looked at Micah 6:8… found it interesting that Micah 6:6 mentions yearling calves! 🤔Love justice, seek mercy with all, and walk humbly with your God 🙏

    • P silva

      But no knows so it won’t be this weekend? We should never put a date correct?

    • EQOAnostalgia

      Not to be contradictory but if we rapture we don't rule and reign 1000 years, those who are beheaded after we leave will. Remember? "for many who are first shall be last, and last first"

      Think about it yall. Prophets will be with him, those who died for their testimony will be with him. The rapture group, we go up, we stay there from my calculations.

      God is perfect, think about it, we can't boast on those who didn't rapture up, not that most of us would, but some would lol. Be honest. "hah! i got out ahead because i listened before it came to that ha!"

      This way, there is no boasting 🤗

      You know… reading this back maybe "ahead" wasn't the best word to use. . . 🤔


      I'm excited that this could be our time to go home, Praise God

    • Roy Perkins

      A million thumbs up. A million Amens. Best message in my life. I look forward to meeting you Pastor JD when we get home. You're so encouraging and I need that right now. Thank you.

    • Tamra Sant

      Yes!!! Time to FLY Rapture US! Before YES

    • Leon Seva

      Pastor, thank you for touching on things that not many will even mention in the pulpit.

    • B

      Pastor farag I wanted to ask you about Senator heroni she is stated that she has a call to Arms against people that are pro-life and

    • Manny Vigil

      We love you Pastor JD

    • Carla Deniston

      I'm blown away! Frankly, I'm speechless and yet I'm bursting with joy!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Krystal Bennett

      I'm a Christian ,been watching a long time.
      Does any of you all on here just find it hard to wrap your head around??
      I mean….think about it…
      We are going to be raptured in the air… be with The Almighty Jesus Christ!!!!
      For ever……
      It's just hard to fathom…/

    • Sylvaine B

      That was fascinating….

    • Ness

      Anyone pick up on the 7 months until April. Not 3 or 4 months or 5 or 6 but 7 the number of completion months until that train to the temple..7yrs tribulation, 7 months until the 3rd temple. 7 people. 7! I cannot wait until Jesus gets us out of here! Maranatha Everyone!

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