Pastor JD explains how what’s come to be known as Stockholm Syndrome eerily and prophetically describes everything that’s happening in the world today. This update will only be shown in its uncensored entirety at

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    18 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – September 25th, 2022"

    • Sandra Jones

      You know what's sad this has been my marriage for 17 years psychologically tormented by my spouse and even now when I've had chances to leave I don't I don't know if it's the Lord's will for me to stay or what but I'm so afraid to leave. But God! He will deliver me too in His perfect timing

    • Amiel John Espinosa

      Pastor JD, a blessed day. Frm. Phil.

    • Patty SJ

      I have had a tough time with the last two updates personally speaking….but I must say that JD has confirmed my thoughts about slot of things…. As for some of the other prophecy teachers of our day parting ways with JD. I can tell you where it started. It started with the Deal of the century..the dividing of jerusalem. There were some who insisted that it did not divide the old city when it clearly does…and now they seek to make the deal GREATER……the pastors that jumped on the "train" may be aligned with the wrong team…..just saying. We need Jesus more than ever. I love you JD…I think you are closer to the truth than even I wanted to imagine. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • Shelley Slater

      Excellent! God bless you JD and thank you for bringing the truth to a dying world. Maranatha!!

    • Jana Taylor

      Thank you again, JD! I thank God for you and those other valiant Christian Soldiers out there proclaiming the whole council of God (truly hard to find). I pray for you and yours and ask for continued wisdom, protection and God's richest blessings upon you. May your tribe increase!

    • Brandi Peterson

      I heard a slightly different story about what happened at that Stockholm bank robbery.
      Might look into that. It’s pretty interesting.

    • Caroline R

      You've knocked it out of the park here JD!👏

      My mother was a Narcissist and I started trauma therapy in 2018, before the Plandemic was unleashed, so after some time I could see the abusive techniques being inflicted on us.
      Traffickers use the same methods to create a trauma bond, and use the crumbs of random reinforcement to keep the (metaphorical) noose tightly around the victim's neck.

      I had Stockholm Syndrome from my abusive mother, and I have seen the same dynamic clearly in my empathetic father who suffered her emotional abuse for 40 years. I saw him buckle at the knees like he'd been shot when she suddenly detonated one of her screaming rage bombs. She did that randomly, on a hair trigger.
      After she died, he was still running her manipulative and toxic narrative with my brother and me.

      In Melbourne, under lockdown, and with temporary reprieve on short cycles, I could recognise that I was feeling like a trapped wild animal, and I was DESPERATE to get my freedom back and get out from under the crushing and suffocating oppression of the imbeciles and sociopaths in government.

      Not realising until later that we're in the end times (because nobody in Australia has talked about Bible prophecy since the 1990s), I was incandescent with anger about the abuses perpetrated worldwide and the destruction of our democratic freedoms. I poured out my heart to God for us all.

      The government not letting us out of our homes until we got the "v*x" was more emotional blackmail and coercive control than I could bear, along with the fact that we were barraged with propaganda, and the truth was heavily suppressed and censored. I lined up for a single dose of AstraZeneca, and it nearly killed me a few times since by way of heart damage.
      I'm so excited that Jesus is imminently appearing, and all v*x injuries and trauma will be gone.

      I can see in the people around me who still wear surgical splash guards on their faces while out in public or at work that they're trauma bonded to the tyrants in government.
      Control by fear is the underlying principle of government.
      Our society does have Stockholm Syndrome, which plays into the Globalists' hands, as they orchestrated it to, and will set the stage for the Beast to arise to power.❤️🇭🇲

    • Stefan Joelsson

      Sharp as usual! Thank you Pastor JD!

    • Bruce Sanborn

      Maranatha, on the first day of FOT,GREETINGS FROM TAMPA FLORIDA 😎

    • Bill Bryan

      Something to ponder using Bible and the people of God. Today is the new moon, the beginning of Rosh Hashanah. When the first sliver of the moon is seen is the first day of Tishri. The 10th day of Tishri is Yom Kippur, which is the day of atonement, the reparation, or payment, begins. Lord sealed Noah in the ark 7 days before the rains (payment for sins) began. As the days of Noah…

    • Gwyne Pearson

      Excellent message having watched on your website! Excellent analogy of Stockholm Syndrome between the Hebrew slaves and Egypt as it is today with people defending their politicians when they were the perpetrators! Great insight Pastor JD! Maranatha! Jesus must be coming so very soon!!

    • Elise Anderson

      Hi Everyone, I could use some clarification. Is Pastor JD saying that ALL in government….since nearly ALL in government approved and encouraged the vaccines….are deceiving us? I'm open to some far reaching conclusions but I didn't understand. I listened to the entire message on the uncensored channel. Thanks!


      🎶🎵🎶🎵Sing with me: 🎶🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

      I serve a risen Saviour, He's in the world today
      I know that He is living, whatever men may say
      I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer
      And just the time I need Him He's always near

      He lives (He lives), He lives (He lives), Christ Jesus lives today
      He walks with me and talks with me
      Along life's narrow way

      He lives (He lives), He lives (He lives), Salvation to impart
      You ask me how I know He lives?
      He lives within my heart

    • Michael Marchand

      I have a nagging feeling that even Donald Trump is part of this great deception. We are being lead down a path of false hope. In fact, I believe that Trump has the charisma to draw in millions of people – many who are looking for a savior – and the ego to possibly even be the anti-Christ. The Bible doesn’t talk about a revival in or around the end times, but speaks only of doom and suffering.
      If Trump is a Christian, then he will be raptured out with us. If NOT, then he will have deceived many; even the elect.

    • Kathy K

      Most important non monetized video you will view this year

    • inkythinker

      I watched the un-censored version. Again one of THE BEST and I wish certain loved ones of mine who are STILL deceived would watch it…. praying for them all….come quickly Yeshua…

    • Julie Larrick

      I have been following your updates for years and may God bless you for your perseverance and consistency. I do wish though you would talk about other current events other than COVID. I get how bad we have been treated and how what has happened may be a test run on controlling people during the trib. However there are a lot of things going on right now that I would love to hear you talk about. Take for instance how 5 red heifers have been delivered to Jerusalem or how the Euphrates River is drying up etc. Just asking for your consideration. Thanks for all you do and God bless

    • K King

      Can you please add to your website videos, a speed dial, so that those of us who have ADD and very little time, can watch the video at a faster speed~!!!

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