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    30 replies to "Bible Prophecy Update – September 4th, 2022"

    • Jackie Pack

      Be Leary of Big Pharma and their pills, wondering if they were aso part of the world heroin epidemic and the recovery medicine sobaxane methadone and etc lots of money involved in epidemics and the recovery process with prescribed meds , rehabilitation and counseling lots and lots of money and now a pill that tracks us Wow the World Health Organization is a very scary organization to say the least.

    • Iron Cass’

      Interesting how Apples logo is the apple with a bit missing? Eve’s sin?

    • Magendran Ponnuthurai

      AMEN AND AMEN.😇🙂😎🐘🐩🐈🐓💚

    • Dineo Tsoari

      Pastor J.D firstly I want to thank the Holy Spirit for leading me to you, I thank GOD for you, it's sad that we dont have a lot of Pastors like you. May GOD bless you and your family.

      You reminding me of what Yuval Noah Harari (a lead advisor for Klaus Schwab of WEF) said in his interviews, he said "currently governments are collecting data about who we meet and what movies we watch, the next phase is surveillance going under the skin"..  and "the big process happening right now is the ability to hack humans, to understand deep what's happening inside them, inside of you not who you meet or what you buy, but what's happening inside your body".

      For a moment there I thought he was thee Antichrist, but I got reminded that the Antichrist will not be revealed until the Restrainer is taken out

      Thank You Pastor.

    • K King

      Logan's Run ~ You die at age 30. . . . You Won't be able to Charge your car~!

    • Year of Favor

      Please pray for those working at Avaya or Bed Bath and Beyond both of which will be laying off prople soon. Many are Christians please pray for protections and open doors and unwavering faith. Ty!!!

    • K King

      Most Market Crashes have happened on the Fall Feast Days. End of September to Oct. 16th. Get your $ out of ESG Banks~!!!

    • Signe Markuson

      I pray Jesus will use the "fear" to scare souls into his arms.

    • Signe Markuson

      Hey mabey they will use election fraud prevention to warp speed the digetal id.

    • Gregg Gray

      Pastor JD. Your updates are always spot on, however today’s was over the top! God is using you in a mighty way. I totally agree with every word God placed in your heart. Thank you. Looking forward to spending eternity with our Lord and you.

    • Lisa C

      This pill they want us to take, can we not crap it out? How does it lodge in you? Do they control it to move in us? Just curious. These evil people are plain nuts!!!

    • Norma Lewis

      I agree with you about we are at the end,, looking forward to going home to be with Jesus,,, thanks for fixing the problem on your website,, I have had a few people that I talk to that we are at the end of human life,, they say it is only temp that we will get back to what we use to be,, the old normal, I really feel sorry people who believe that. I wish I could talk to people that feel this way,,, I am not a good talker, long story on that one. I do still pray for people all over the world,, I do try to bring up Jesus when I am talking to someone.

    • Shirley Chen

      Sounds like scientology, and other cults.
      If they would like sustainable anything they should stop Geoengineering the weather globaly.

    • Katie Dang

      Pastor JD thank you for weakening people that is so true Christian are fighting each other for meaningless things which is nonsense. Instead looking up to Jesus and submitted to him. Sadly I says when they will be wake to accept the truth in Jesus Christ.

    • Jackie Pack

      The man's number is incomplete 6 is the number of man without the spirit of God. Man is incomplete without the spirit of God and everything that man creates is incomplete because man leaves God out of his creation. Man's government system NWO is a 6 they left God out of the NWO they Yoval Noah Harrai said they don't need God the WEF has more knowledge than God so they don't need Him and. Man's Government is a 6 no God, The one world religion the RCC has left God out they set their own laws and even add to take away and just defy the Bible the word of God. So the one world religion is also a 6 so there you have it 666 man and his government and religion and it is incomplete because they have left God out of the system. Man's kingdom is doomed you can't leave God out of the world He created and I don't want no part of anything that God isn't involved in. Amen

    • Katie Dang

      Thank you pastor JD I'm so blessed by your teaching Bible prophecy every week. I believe things that mention in the Bible will soon come to pass as you have shared. Sadly there are people still holding on this falling world. I pray that God opens their blind eyes to see what is happening now as you speak pastor. Please include my family Tran in your prayer for salvation. Thank you in advance. God bless you and your family and your ministry.

    • Keegan Fernandes


      We are right now living in the overlap period of the closing of the Church Age that will shortly usher in the start of the time of Jacob’s trouble. This type of talk puzzles Christians who were not raised in Churches where rightly dividing was taught, but I assure you it is Pauline doctrine for our dispensation.

      Understanding how things were at the dawn of the Church Age will greatly assist us here and now at the closing of our age, and better equip us to understand the true nature and import of events unfolding all around us in these chaotic times.

      Just like traffic signal lights overlap from red to orange to green and signal to us what to expect next, so also the current elements that make up the fast closing church age, the current dispensation that we are in indicate to us that the foreshadowing of the tribulation signs that will find their ultimate fullfillment and manifestation in the 7 year tribualtion are so visible and evident now. Allow me if you will to elaborate.

      The Bible is fulfilling itself. What a time to be alive! It predicts perilous times (2 Timothy 3); a Romans 1 society, characterized by depravity. Evil and violence abound together and will only escalate. The "birth pangs" will continue to intensify anf accelerate as we are seeing floods, fires, droughts, and hurricanes engulf the world. Creation is groaning! The the Bible says these things must happen.

      God is warning because He always warns before He judges and the world is facing judgment. It is being judged now but far worse is coming during the Tribulation. This is just a warm-up!

      The world is plagued right now with a supply chain crises, famine crises, war crises, coronavirus crises, financial crises, inflation crises! The globalists have engineered this global crises! The stage is so set up for Mr. Fix It (the antichrist) to come on the world stage to bring fake peace from this created crises!

      Israel is in 'Preemptive Attack Mode'!!!! Israel preemptively stuck the Islamic Jihad and now they are about to do the same to Hezbollah, and that's when Iran will activate all it's other proxies! I believe Israel also preempts a strike at Head of the 'Octopus' Iran on their nuclear facilities(Jeremiah 49)! Iran retaliates and activates its tenticles via the 'Ring Of Fire' in the form of Hezbollah, Hamas, The Islamic Jihad and Fatah and that's your Psalm 83 war! Connect the dots folks!!! The Psalm 83 War (between Israel and Iran's proxies), Jeremiah 49 (The destruction of Elam) and Isaiah 17 (The destruction of Damascus) is on the brink! From the ashes of this war will the antichrist rise!

      Chuck Missler, one of the best prophecy expositor whom I respect much speculates "hidden ones" refer to the "raptured saints" or believers in Christ who are caught up! This speculation is done by Missler after close examination of the Scripture. This is an implication that Harpazo will happen before Psalm 83 war if Chuck Missler is correct in his speculation. If Misler's interpretation is right, thus Harpazo or the Rapture of the church must really be at hand or has become very imminent!

      God is allowing some pre-tribulation birth pains on the entire world but what we see happening today is minor compared to what is coming. The Church will be absent during that Tribulation time, so in the meantime, may we have a greater burden to save people from the wrath to come. The consequences for a world that rejects Jesus Christ are unthinkable.

      I believe there is chaos on earth because Satan knows his time is short and he has ramped up his activity. He is getting new recruits for his kingdom. This is all the more reason we must be salt and light in these final days.

      With God marginalized and mocked, society today mirror the days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah! This already fractured world will completely collapse under the weight of the tribulation period.

      The closing days of the Church Age are a challenge for all mankind. For the Godless, these days cannot make sense. For those who know the Bible, it has the road map ahead all spelled out for us!

      We are looking at what the Bible said would be conditions that will be present when the Church Age begins to come to a close and conditions that will be present at the start of the time of Jacob's trouble! One dispensation is closing and the other is slowing coming in and we are right in the middle of the overlap between the two!

      All dispensations in the bible overlap with each other, our dispensation is ending exactly as it began in Acts 8 when it overlapped the end of the Kingdom Age. What we are seeing is the closing of the nearly 2,000-year old Church Age as it is overlapping with the soon-to-be-time of Jacob’s trouble.

      Pastor Barry Stagner stated on understanding Bible prophecy that when you are a 100 feet away from prophecy its difficult to understand what’s going on but when your are in close proximity like a foot away you know exactly what’s going on! I think of what Pastor J.d Farag stated — Prophecy has a shelf life, something’s got to give! We are living at a time where good is called evil and evil called good! There are two words that so clearly define these amazing times that we are living in — convergence and agenda! We very well have past the proverbial point of no return!

      The Rapture may not have any signs preceding it, but the Tribulation does, as described in Jesus’ Olivet discourse found in Luke 21: 7-19, Matthew 24:3-14, and Mark 13:3-13. So when you see these signs converging in ever-increasing numbers, you know the Tribulation is close and the Rapture is even closer!

      "My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we are in the very final seconds of this dispensation known as the Age Of Grace and on the cusp of the Rapture of the Church!

      God is about to turn his attention back to His nation of Israel with the commencement of the time of Jacob's trouble also known as Daniels 70th week, the 7 year tribulation period that will be the most horrific time ever in human history!

      I would rather be wrong, sound the alarm and warn people that Jesus is not just at the door but about to turn the doorknob, rather than sit back and do nothing!

      When I look at all that is happening in the world right now and most importantly in Israel which is God's prophetic timepiece, and i look at what my Bible says by connecting the prophetic dots, it is clear as day that we are on the brink of Eternity!

      Watch Israel, watch the skies, our redemption draweth nigh!"

      Paul’s words in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-7 tell us that the Lord will remove the Holy Spirit’s restraining influence when He takes His church out of the world.

      This means the rapture must happen before the Lord allows Satan to install his man at the helm of the coming New World Order or what the World Economic Forum refers to as the Great Reset!!

      The rapture will change everything in regard to the current dynamic between the demonic forces of evil seeking to destroy our world and the convicting work of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of countless millions. Without His restraint, Satan will bring his many to power and wreak much more havoc on the world that we currently see!

      The world is set up to experience a global war (Revelation 6:4), global famine (Revelation 6:5-6), and mass death (Revelation 6:8) on a scale we've never seen!

      Jan Markel “There isn’t a storm coming the storm is here! The globalists will seize this opportunity to install what they think is their perfect form of government and that is a one world system but they have a major obstacle….the Church is still here! Though there is foreshawdowing of a one  world government, a one world currency and a one world religion forming, it cannot come to fruition until the Tribulation! The Bible is clear that God has prepared a plan to take out the Church via the Rapture!”

      1 Corinthians 15 :1-4 (KJV)
      15 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;
      2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.
      3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
      4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

      The apostle did not shy away from including the “Rapture” when he proclaimed the Gospel. The receipt of glorified and imperishable bodies was the Gospel hope that Paul proclaimed to the lost. Jesus promised eternal life to His followers (John 10:27-28) and He gave further revelation about it through the apostle Paul.

      In fact, in 1 Thessalonians, the first epistle that the Apostle Paul wrote, he shares the gospel in the context of the Rapture in Chapter 4 of 1 Thessalonians, saying, for we believe that Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose again on the third day, and He’s coming back again one day. That’s the good news!

      We are on the cusp of the Rapture!

      Luke 21:28
      28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

      Here is the article on my website…NORMAL ISN’T COMING BACK, JESUS IS!:

      God bless
      Watchman in the wilderness

    • Keegan Fernandes

      This is how i see SEPTEMBER spelt out…

      S plitting God's land of Israel (Joel 3:2)!
      E lam's destruction (Jeremiah 49)!
      P eace and safety (1 Thessalonians 5:3) then sudden destruction (The Psalm 83 War)!
      T urmoil and chaos globally (Matthew 24:7,8)
      E ffectuate a One World Religion, Abrahamic House (Revelation 13:8)!
      M onetary system globally. A one world currency (Revelation 13:16-18)!
      B east system is already in place. "A global Digital Passport And ID System" (Revelation 13:16-17)!
      E nforse the WHO's Pandemic global Treaty, a One World Government (Revelation 13:7)!
      R apture (1 Thessalonians 4:16,17)!

    • jerry douglas

      Brother JD, you nailed it once again. We're going home very soon . God bless to you, your congregation on Hawaii and all of the body of christ around this planet

    • 64nova

      Shouldn't buy from that satanic coffee shop anyways.

    • busyend

      Will a better video of todays update be available tonight?

    • Joe Hall

      The end is coming soon with everything going on it's gotta be about the time

    • eddie bowers

      Could the wine and oil refer to Luke 10:34?

    • I. M. Notamoose

      Of course I refuse to use cell phones… I get headaches from the radio waves….

    • Justine McFadden

      Blessings praying in agreement

    • Jo Jung

      What is your opinion about so many prophets saying that the enemy is going to fall and things will be better?
      I feel all is on downhill trend to Tribulation.
      This is confusing many people.
      Your thoughts please.
      Thank you and God Bless

    • Susan Bernardi

      I love listening to your sermons and have actually recommended your videos to others. My only concern is: I am an older person. Older than you!! 😁😁 I like so many others my age aren’t computer savvy. It bothers me that after 30 minutes of your preaching, you want the viewers to jump over to some other place to hear the rest of your sermon. This other “place” is a place wanting money to watch the rest of your sermon. Please tell me you haven’t turned into one of those “TV evangelists” whose now into this for the money instead of reaching the world for those in Need of salvation. I’ll leave this right here as you know the rest of this story. Be blessed.

    • Phil Gillespie

      I work for a major boat company in Tennessee and our cheapest boat is 100 thousand dollars. We can't build them fast enough now..I don't get how people will be able to afford them. I praise almighty God I am a born again blood covered child of God and I won't be here during the tribulation…

    • Jan Koning

      Pastor JD, thank you so much you for speaking the Word of God, as one of the few, you must be under attack but I en let’s all pray for you. These services are a blessing because it goes all over the world . I am listening and eagerly waiting for the next service, in the Netherlands. Our country very small but has the second largest foodproduction in the world , and now the government wants the farmers to stop due to climate reasons. Such a lie, to save the climate, but people will starve. I have a hard time seeing this happen and I see Gods patience because I had destroyed them some time ago. Thank you for your messages, I would like to move to another country, but I think I better wait for the rapture, 🙏

    • apple jack

      I have one word for Starbucks boycott.

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