Having trouble sleeping? Darren Stott teaches you how to reframe your night…
▶▶Portals: Your Pathway Into God’s Presence [Book & 4 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3B6aRjC
▶▶Portals: Your Pathway Into God’s Presence [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3qnGH6u

As a child, Darren Stott had many encounters with angels, but he would also see demons and his dreams would be quite intense. Although what Darren knows about portals today came later in life, he learned that the Kingdom of God had a fallen counterpart.

The lesson you need to know:

What you seek and your expectations for God encounters make a difference. This a spiritual equation you can apply. Darren’s new book, Portals: Your Pathway Into God’s Presence, points out those who are wise prepare! But Darren cautions, just as there are access points to God’s supernatural, there are spiritual mistakes that open you to the fallen realm. These are the access points you want to AVOID.

Darren says humility and repentance go a long way toward the God encounters you want. A heavenly portal leads to wisdom and increase, including:

✅ Favor, miracles, opportunities, divine health, provision
✅ FIRST: always welcome and wait for Holy Spirit
✅ Heavenly portals do not close because of God
✅ We must guard our hearts to guard our portal

Unfortunately the fallen realm wants access to the unsuspecting. Telltale signs include nightmares or night terrors, loss of peace. But believers can always close demonic portals!

✅ Deal with sin issues
✅ Actively practice repentance
✅ Confront unforgiveness – be quick to take action
✅ Confront bloodline portals, known and unknown

Darren says God has given you authority over demonic portals. His 4-CD/audio series, Opening of the Heavenly Portals: The Gateway to the Glory Realm, gives you powerful declarations and prayers to get you started!

▶▶Portals: Your Pathway Into God’s Presence [Book & 4 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3B6aRjC
▶▶Portals: Your Pathway Into God’s Presence [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3qnGH6u

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    17 replies to "Can't Sleep? Try This! [It Will Change Your Life!]"

    • Darren Stott

      It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep. – Psalm 127:2

      Declaring the supernatural grace and peace of Yeshua over you!! 🛌 😴 💤🔥

    • JESUS is Real

      I started liking going to sleep so i could get dreams from God. I started getting more and more, more frequently bc of praying and fasting, and of course asking and desiring the gift. I didn’t even know the gift of prophecy was the gift of prophecy yet.

      I was still learning

    • Serenity Peace and Comfort

      My cats start screaming at 4 am and don't stop until around 9. Yes they are not sick. I haven't slept through the night in over a year. I have prayed and asked God to quiet my cats. But to no avail. I am desperate to sleep.

    • Jacob Pursch

      swear never had a problem in my life and I literally been 9 days

    • Nora Guevara

      First its insomnia, & then its a neighbor whos being hostile & revengeful- its def. Spiritual & demonic for me. 1 of my ministrys involves abortion, go figure, its nonstop for me😔

    • Guthrie Clower

      Wow i literally had a dream about this last night and the lord showed me that worship blocks out the demonic

    • Heretoga

      Thank you so much for this, i have been struggling to sleep for the past week having weird bad dreams waking me up way too early like 2am, 3am. I know it's attacks from demons i can tell the difference between demonic dreams and Godly dreams. I should pray each night before i go to sleep as i have not been doing this. Ty again, and much love to King Jesus our saviour.

    • Daniel

      I see many similarities in the testimonies in Sid's channel, I just wish the prices were more affordable for poor countries… 35USD is 10% of our minimum wages where I live, I'm not saying the material isn't worth it, because it is! I just wish I could buy every book available in the store… thank you!

    • MOD

      AMEN and AMEN 🙏🙏 Hallelujah. Thank you very much! Love and blessings. Praise the LORD.

    • GodisAble

      I'm normally under attack in my dreams. I know I need to get back to fasting and praying 🙏🔥⚔️

    • Jerome Starkey

      I mostly have nightmares and grind my teeth . Most times I sleep very poorly , please say a prayer for me .

    • Noah Taylor

      Pastor/She? What’s the word say about that?

    • zarine

      I have problems sleeping

    • Amal Abdallah

      Amen Amen I believe and receive rest in Jesus mighty name🙏❤️

    • KellyAnn Dean

      I never sleep good! Please help!!!and I pray to JESUS! EVERY NITE!

    • Teacher Daphne

      Getting the living Word in us regularly bc it is Jesus and power, also helps renew our minds that we take Him for His Word and serves as spiritual medicine that we can enter His rest and cast our cares and sleep sweetly. Thank You Lord!

    • Derek Staroba

      You need to meditate and pray you want to get tingles do it b4 bed and when u wake up. Look up asmr. I meditate so much i can actually do it in my sleep sometimes and lately i have been feeling so much better and good i was having anxiety attacks racing thoughts etc.. and doctors coulnt find anything wrong even did mri and other tests and said i have phenomenal health but meditation and prayer got rid of it all. Ive seen a lot of crazy stuff but i know its real now im 2 smart for these devils i read all of the bible and all the other scriptures as well and buddhism etc… the satan is the spirit of ignorance God is the spirit of truth 🙏 it pretty much stopped now but sometimes i would wake up in the morning and catch myself arguing with something i couldnt perceive and i would be in a bad mood. And i also had dreams about fighting witches as well among many other things. I did have night terrors as a kid as well. I would sleep walk out of my house and it often happened when i got sick but i had a lot of good experience also like sometimes when i would breathe or drink water it would feel very good and tingly

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