Community West invites you to watch the videoconference: Civilization and the Discontented (event recorded on August 8th, 2020).

The conference featured a presentation by Christopher Bollas of his latest work, “Civilization and the Discontented”, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with Christopher Bollas joined by Community West Co-founder and Executive and Clinical Director, John Grienenberger, PhD and Community West Co-founder and Director of Group Services, Sacha Bollas, PsyD.

Bollas contends that we are in the midst of catastrophic change, one that lays bare an evolutionary gap that society appears ill-equipped to navigate. In his breakthrough paper, “Civilization and the Discontented”, Bollas discusses the role of civilization as a potential transformational object—one that that may bridge this evolutionary gap and foster a world that is beyond survivable, but one that is both humane and generative.

“Civilization and the Discontented” will appear in “Psychoanalysis and Covidian Life”, to be published by Phoenix Press on February 1, 2021.

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