Dear Friends, many people know the story of David and Goliath. It’s an amazing story, but there was a secret of Davids power to beat the giant.
He was connected, he was govenanted by a blood covenant with God.
God and David were unbeatable because David was connected with the Almighty, the Omniscient, the Omnipresent God. To find against Him is suicide. David lived in this connection with God. The rest of Israel were also covenant people, but they were not aware of it and feared the giant. Learn precious lessons from David in this precious message of Gods covenant,.
Be blessed. Jaap Dieleman

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    3 replies to "David & Goliath by Jaap Dieleman"

    • John Shares

      No rapture we are in big big big Trouble but not for ever thank you so very very much love Blessings from Rotterdam NL Netherlands

    • Irene Mezach

      Prachtige boodschap broeder Jaap! JEZUS komt spoedig. Ik zie er naar uit naar de opname!! Ik bid dat er nog vele mensen de HERE JEZUS zullen aannemen als redder en verlosser!

    • Milo Jones

      Thanks for an English language video, you always give me much needed encouragement, thank you brother ­čĹŹ

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