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    17 replies to "Day 674 of The Stand | A Healing Balm | Live from The River Church"

    • DivineDestiny77

      I really appreciate what Adonica shared. It is a good reminder to me of why I took sweets out of my diet years ago. Time for me to get back into that mindset and replace the sweet cravings I slowly let myself acquire again with only fresh fruits & raw nuts. It really is all about shifting the mindset and changing bad habits with good habits.

    • Gaye Muller

      Listening and receiving from Perth Western Australia thank you God bless you and your family abundantly

    • Sheila Law

      Thank you for this it’s like the anointing came on me like I want to make better food choices. I’m lucky also my parents are not from this country so I like fruits and veggies but just maybe laziness or American diet it’s easier to get the processed stuff.

    • TLC

      PLEASE give example of which Zeolite, there's many. Ty Jennifer!

    • Suzan Pronk

      Thank you for caring enough to even help us with our "natural food". You are such a blessing. You give and give and give

    • Kim Juanita

      The most generous and loving people at the River church

    • Jon Orlick

      This service gave me the chills. What they did for this beautiful lady is heaven sent

    • Gods child

      when we were young my mom gave us enema….n it helps the gut…..hahaha

    • Gods child

      Ps Rodney we in India do not get ur news.. so Please show us over here too….Thank U Pastor

    • Gods child

      Beautiful …..generous…….givers

    • Staalkabelstunter

      I’m planted in River Amsterdam. What a father by showing the Father.

    • Starkey Farmstead

      We just started NAC Boost

    • icebc

      How do you know which zeolite detox to use?

    • Hanka Sternova

      Hallelujah to Jesus!Awesome Message !Blessings from Ostrava and Prague!

    • Tamara Esquivel

      Love the pink lady- soooo beautiful!!!!!

    • Francklin Mamboundou

      My God 😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    • Francklin Mamboundou

      Our God is So Great

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