Join Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne for the Main Event at the River of Tampa Bay Church – Live Now.

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    12 replies to "Day 681 of The Stand | The Main Event | The Power of His Might | Live from The River Church"

    • Helps International

      We are experiencing Jesus's Invasion of Planet Earth and those who are Battle Front Warriors standing alongside Arch Angel Michael and Heaven's Army Angels he leads… absolutely we are experiencing the victories as with the current Greatest Awakening, followed by the Greatest Revival and the Greatest Harvest … Jesus will not be denied!!! Love you all there at the River, Brother Daniel

    • Helps International

      Brother Rodney …. I have been using the word "religiosity" to describe the powerless, sleeping churches… your Brother Daniel in Mankato who was so blessed to welcome you in Florida in 1987. Thank you for Boldly Standing… Hallelujah!!!

    • Jeri Daniel

      Thank you so much for this Powerful Message!!!

    • Kim Juanita

      Amen speak it. No accommodation. You either change or you're not

    • Kim Juanita

      And they all masked up.2yrs later

    • Jon Orlick

      1:05:01 is unbelievable version of the song

    • stacie Harrison


    • Eternal Life in Christ

      Yes yes yes the greenhouses and seed bank and fruit trees. Out of nowhere this week I started singing "4 seasons in one day". So there is confirmation of that. 🌲

    • mariana barker

      Love love your worship team..
      Blessings from Kuwait (South African)💟

    • Hanka Sternova

      Shalom from Prague!Thank you pastor Rodney fór This Message!Hallelujah to Jesus!



    • Marisca Daal


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