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    5 replies to "Day 711 | SMLC22 | Day 3 PM | Unshakeable – The Rock of the Church – Part 1 | Live: The River"

    • DWGisblessed

      Great word! Praise God.

    • Starkey Farmstead

      There’s nothing like actually being in one of these meetings. We thank God for bringing us from Louisiana to soak up the anointing 🙌

    • Shusma Adhikari

      Believing and sowing seed for Project 2030 in Nepal! Thank you for your challenging message. You brought me in tears and praise in my heart for our Lord Jesus❤️I am tired of raising fund and now sowing and believing in His promises! Hallelujah 🙌

    • Uwe Busch

      Yes, that is a call from God, and it is not easy, there are people who talk easily, the gospel is very contested, especially by the people who call themselves Christians but have no roots, false brothers says the apostle Paul, challenges from the Our own family or people who criticize Jesus like the scribes criticize us when we walk with the Holy Spirit, we have to learn to endure evil, the religious spirit is a negative spirit that criticizes, a devilish spirit that attacks the churches, we have to accept that not everyone who says the Lord Lord belongs to the kingdom of God,

    • Jesse M.

      Praise the Lord! Glory to God!

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