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    15 replies to "Day 782 of The Stand | The River Church"

    • praisehauler

      Like footprints on a still lake, He is with you.

    • praisehauler

      I watched Day 783 first and mentioned there was a scent of oil on the message. This spiritually discerned scent typically lingers from 5 to 7 days during a move of the Spirit in a church and/ or on one who receives the message. Sometimes just during prayer for the sick. You can almost "see" the "scent" if that makes any sense to anyone. As you follow it you can see those receiving from the Lord like waves in a still lake.

    • praisehauler

      A few years ago, I had a dream I died and I can say I have never felt such relief and joy; not caring about anything back on that ball, to the point as I watched the Earth get smaller, I laughed uncontrollably so much I woke myself up and laughed my head off for 25 minutes. I went back to sleep and the dream repeated and again I woke myself up laughing and couldn't stop for 45 minutes. Nothing matters when you leave here and I hadn't even seen heaven yet! I hadn't even turned around to look yet. Then there's an eternity to live and a huge universe to explore. I plan on building the Enterprise – don't laugh, I have eternity to do it and God didn't create all that out there for nothing.

    • praisehauler

      Amen. I waiting for a 77 Lincoln Mark V. Just a desire of my heart, not Kingdom changing or anything although a pickup truck is more practical for praisehauler.

    • praisehauler

      lol with a stolen Bible, lol!

    • praisehauler

      My Bible survived an arson on Magnolia near the University downtown Tampa in 1997 or so. My TV next to it was melted. I moved in with a 35' Ryder truck and moved next door with a shopping cart full. It is a 9th grade graduation gift from my mom in 1984. The man who set the fire downstairs got 11 years automatic for arson of an occupied dwelling. My 2 cats and a neighbor's dog's deaths were added to strengthen the case. He showed back up the next morning in a taxi and asked, "What happened?" My landlord leaned close to me and said go call the police. Before I got back from the payphone he was in a cruiser.

    • praisehauler

      You won't hear this very often but I knocked a man out cold with my Bible. He ended up getting saved at the River Church through a door to door outreach.

    • praisehauler

      We're supposed to cast mountains into the sea and Christians spend their lives climbing them and think being at the top somehow conquered it when your place was by the still waters lying in the green grass all along.

    • praisehauler
    • praisehauler

      My street's name is Fire.

    • praisehauler

      One church staff member with American Indian descent was fixed on me praying in tongues one night and told me, "That's Cheyenne".

    • praisehauler

      I remember a woman in a prayer room during corporate prayer praying in tongues and I understood it as if I spoke the language my whole life.

    • Yogan and Nadine Ramen

      Love,Greetings, Blessings,Appreciation &Thanks from Pastors Nadine&Yogan, Phoenix,Durban,
      South Africa

    • Connie Mpilo

      That's my church! Joy in the Holy Ghost!!!

    • Tracy Bennett


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