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    14 replies to "Day 783 of The Stand | The River Church"

    • Carolyn Vance

      I need prayer for healing

    • Tracy Bennett


    • praisehauler

      How Great is Our God. I sang this acapella in front of a group of men in a prison. Echoed in the hallways. Men's eyes wide.

    • praisehauler

      lol, praisehauler needs a new truck. On bicycles atm.

    • praisehauler

      My Sacrifice. I haven't heard it in a while. Oil for my lamp.

    • praisehauler

      Love this song.

    • praisehauler

      Robert Morris' idea of satellite churches with him on a screen means you can open a location anywhere. Even Long Island…hint hint.

    • praisehauler

      Very good. Go to the lost on their medias. One doesn't tell ppl already in the hospital to see a dr.

    • praisehauler

      There's a scent of oil on the message tonight.

    • praisehauler

      "Warp Speed" now life support is failing and the core is going critical.

    • praisehauler

      Amen. Oil for my lamp and you ain't getting mine!

    • praisehauler

      We all have the same 24 hrs a day.

    • praisehauler

      How long will [you] refuse to preach repentance to the lost Left? If you only follow and friend like-minded people you look and sound like those who refused to go into Matthew's home. The Left are your brothers and sisters and Americans and are lost and you have the answer.

    • praisehauler

      There wouldn't be a Book of Matthew if Christ only "followed" patriots.

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