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Sid Roth with John & Janet Proodian on It’s Supernatural! © 2018

John Proodian is known for major miracles. But for 30 years before that he only saw headaches healed. One day God showed him what was missing.

John Proodian can help you receive from God!
For 30 years John Proodian’s ministry resembled a “parked car.” When God told John healing should be “taken fast,” John did not argue. If you have wondered about a delayed healing, John’s teaching on healing miracles will release new life and power in your life!

Accelerated Healing urges you to leave delays and unbelief at the curb. John shares from the surge of miracles he has seen since God opened his eyes to what he was doing wrong. John wants you to:

• Access the healing power of the atonement
• Activate the “take it fast” principle; follow God’s instruction to receive your healing!
• Rekindle your faith with miracle stories of accelerated healings.
• Operate in the gift of faith by cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

John Proodian wants you to take hold of everything Jesus purchased. God wants you healed!

Dr. John Proodian is a former university professor and graduate of Randy Clark’s Global School of Ministry. He ministers with Dr. James Maloney through Dove on the Rise International, releasing the Kingdom of God in signs, creative miracles and healing.

▶▶Get your copy of Accelerated Healing by John Proodian: https://amzn.to/2HmTIHC

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    26 replies to "Do You Need Healing? Start Doing This! | John & Janet Proodian with Sid Roth"

    • His Child

      I love this couple. Teach them to receive healing quickly! Yes! Awesome awesome teaching!

    • Rosemarie Narcisse

      Heal me Lord and I will be healed in Jesus Mighty Name 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • krystal


    • Walter Killens

      Pray for me

    • Bernard Lovett

      Thank God for this video! I just ordered John's book! I receive healing in Jesus Name Now! Jesus healed 5 daughters from Covid and one granddaughter from covid and a broken back from an automobile accident! Thank you Jesus!No weapon formed against us shall prosper! Victory belongs to Jesus! Help your unbelief! Lord, I believe!

    • David Reynoso

      Jesus healed them All

    • Melissa Vance

      I was told by a guest on Sid Roth that my case would be dismissed. My case was dismissed. Hallelujah!!!

    • Esther Nawakwi


    • Morayma Perez

      So Jesus please I need a new pancreas, thank you Jesus Amenn

    • leah rivers

      💎 Khallelu Yah, AMEN E AMIN, E SE'LAH, FOREVERMORE… I Believe AND Receive ALL of GOD'S Utmost of Blessings AND Highest of Favourings… In EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE… FOR NOW AND EVERMORE… IN The Holy Name of Rabboni YHVHshua-ImmanuEl, KHA MASHIAKH, KHA ADONAI!!!!!!!!!! 👻 🔥 📖 ⚡

    • Judah Aharon

      Need a Miracle for a operation

    • Musonda Mwelwa

      I need the healing Lord

    • Musonda Mwelwa

      I'm here crying of the pains of Cancer pls pray for me. God u do miracles in Jesus name Amen.

    • New man

      Does God believe in me , And that it isn't too late for me to live fully for him ?

    • Nsamwa Chitindi

      I receive my healing and deliverance

    • Brenda Sims

      Yes Lord! Heal me Lord! Amen
      And heal my sister Barbara and her husband! Amen

    • Indian Invasion

      when in doubt follow the Law of Love Attacks
      how easy to summon an Angel?

      13:03 Maloney: U wasted it by knocking people out, that was meant for healing?
      Why couldn't IT kill Bill?

      Mr Mechanic: I entered the room and god's presence ….

      Dr Joe Dr: He's always been there

    • Fawaz Saaid

      Lord heal my heart in jesus name,i receive my healing in jesus name

    • Paul Rodriguez

      Sid ,these are very inpiring people. I hope you bring them back on.

    • Angel Sweet

      I'm having headache pls help I tried praying but I think I'm missing something

    • Fiki Princess Dube

      Thank you Brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God Almighty is the most High God, He is the consuming Fire!!! Hallelujah!!!

    • David Corke

      My name David pray for me healing

    • Taiwo Adeola

      Lord Jesus, use your Son talking right now to heal me quickly from stroke, fear and anxiety and bad thinking please Lord Jesus heals me

    • Shinuram Debbarma

      Please pray for my husband shiburam he is suffering from severe stomach pain I believe that only Lord Jesus Christ can heal him 🙏🙏 🙏

    • Fiki Princess Dube

      Thank you Jesus!!!
      Brothers and sisters, I would be history by now if Jesus did not save me glory to Jesus!!!

    • Fiki Princess Dube

      Acts 4:12 Jesus is the only one who can save people. His name is the only power in the world that has been given to save anyone. We must be saved through him!” Hallelujah!!! I'm still alive by the blood of my Lord Jesus Christ! You too you can if you believe! Amen

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