Alan Strudwick shares how many believers have been deceived into working for Satan!
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Alan’s life has always been dedicated to helping people improve their lives. He has had a broad and successful background in personal, professional, church and corporate development spanning over 40 years. At age 22, Alan joined an American personal development organization and by the age of 26, he was the company’s national training facilitator, conducting training and consulting throughout Australia, the USA and Asia.

His life has taken him through many teachings, philosophies and spiritual paths, including the New Age (of which he was groomed to be a ‘Leader’ in), alternative religions and the occult. Alan’s subsequent disillusionment with each of these paths eventually led him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior 28 years ago discovering Jesus as “The Way, The Truth and The Life” – John 14:6.

Alan is a gifted teacher and prophetic strategist who brings a unique and powerful influence, not only to the corporate world and non-profit organizations, but also to churches throughout the Body of Christ. Alan is the founder of Kingdom Business Ministries, a ministry organization dedicated to equipping and empowering the Body of Christ.

Alan is also the founder of Alan Strudwick Consulting Inc. A successful strategic Consulting firm to the business world. Alan carries a unique skill-set and giftings coupled with a prophetic anointing, bringing influence to the corporate world and non-profit organizations. Alan has worked with a variety of corporate clients and non-profit organizations globally.

Alan’s strong leadership skills empower management, pastors, staff and congregations. His passion is to lead individuals and businesses towards the realization of their full potential and identified purpose. His vision is to see the marketplace influenced for Christ. His approach to understanding and interpreting identified needs under the guidance of the Holy Spirit allows him to bring innovative and prophetic strategies with powerful results.

Alan and his wife Anne-Marie are experienced ministers, having birthed and pastored two churches, travelled internationally as itinerate Ministers, served on several church and ministry Boards and lectured in several Bible colleges. Alan and his wife Anne-Marie have 3 adult children and 4 grandkids. They currently reside in Calgary, Canada, USA.

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    10 replies to "Don't Be Deceived! These Believers Work for Satan!"

    • HisWordisLife

      My Pastor's wife asked me to go to Yoga with her. I told her that is against our religion as Christians. She got really mad and her voice dropped two octaves and her face changed. She said: "I know MY God". It sounded like a demon talking. I left that church and didn't look back. Thai chi reiki, yoga, acupuncture, a lot of this stuff originates in demonic religions. Christians should have no part in any of it.

    • Vindu Maharaj

      The death of a guru by Rabi Maharaj.

    • Anja Oelbracht

      I am so glad I came across this video, I am good at the men's wisdom, but I have never been successful with it, meaning, I have never had many clients. That's God's guidance! Thank you Lord!

    • Hazel Street

      Can you please tell me, is Pilate safe to do?

    • Lily's craft world

      Please pray for my wife to be healed of frequent head ache, she has been experiencing, I trust only our Lord Jesus can heal my wife.

    • Psychic Reverend Donna Seraphina

      You are spreading misinformation.

    • Joanne L. DeMark

      I enjoy your show but please fix the last line in your intro… "might deceive the very ELECT" , not the very ELITE. I just had to get that off my chest!

    • MAE MD

      It’s so strange I’ve had experiences about what ur talking about- Tq really interesting.

    • Sandra Devlin

      Why are all of these religious practices so full of gloom and doom‽ "Oh it's coming and people are going to be hungry da da da!"

      I believe you can interpret anything in your Bible to be truth, or just to suit your fancy. Just like this self proclaimed prophet's interpretation of the Bible.

      And why? To watch Allen stand up there in so much judgement of what other people believe, do and believe! The whole entire sermon!

      This guy asked himself "where is the money out there, during his mid life crisis in what profession?" And he said "God!!! That's right! God is big business. Whoa I'll be a preacher man and i
      will get a lot of mone]y from vulnerable people!!! Who are just seeking to know about God. "Oh boy O boy!!!! I'll buy a Lear jet!!! With all the money they hand over to me in collection." "Yup."

    • Catherine Fisher

      You’re wrong about Buddhists. They do not worship Hindi Gods. Buddhist came away from Hindi practice that’s why they’re Buddhists. They don’t believe in voodoo. Know your stuff. I believe they simply meditate and Christ is with them. They have a higher sense of their Christ self. Don’t slam it. Yoga is great, it focuses on your earth body and, getting away from it. Seriously, nobody’s telling you what to believe when you’re in yoga. Christians do it all the time. Faith isn’t simply in church, dude. It’s a bendy way to get your wiggles out.

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