Pastor JD talks about God commanding Jeremiah, who remains faithful, to speak all that He tells him to speak and not hold anything back despite being apprehended and an attempt to have him killed.

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    16 replies to "Don’t Hold Back, Jeremiah 26 – September 22nd, 2022"

    • Anna

      Thank you for speaking the truth Pastor JD! God bless you😊

    • Crystal Hopper

      Luke 6.26 Woe unto you when all men speak highly of you! For so did their fathers the false prophets!! .. but itching ears need tickling these last days!!

    • Christina Farmer

      Thank you pastor JD for teaching the truth and not holding back. Wish their were more pastors that preached boldly like you do. My husband and I are so blessed to have found you. Praying for God to put hedge of protection around you and Bless you and your family for speaking the Truth. In Jesus mighty name Amen

    • Kathy James

      Thank you Pastor. We need this passionate teaching, so that our foreheads may be made as flint before our enemies! Praise God Whose arm is not too short to do all His pleasure, He is the Rock and there is no other.. Blessings from Canada

    • Jane Simmons

      Thank you pastor Farag. God's blessings & armor of protection over all of us world wide in Jesus Christ holy name. Maranatha ✝️🙏👑❤️ NC

    • Crystal Hopper

      God is SOOOOO PATIENT, and soooo long-suffering, and gives so so so many chances, and so many many many warnings, BCZ HE KNOWS HOW BAD HELL IS.. AND, how short our lives are, COMPARED TO IT!!!!!!! So while we're thinkn how we can't bear another moment in this world, and ready for OUR eternal Home, He sees it as a vapour-in-time we squirm in our seats, LONGING TO BE WITH HIM!!! That thought humbles me every time I don't think I can stand another week, another day, another MONTH, ANOTHER YEAR HERE??? NO WAY GOD!!! C'MON NOW!!! And to think Jeremiah endured this treatment for 40 yrs!!! WOW!! GOD'S GRACE ALONE!!!

    • Debbie Klein

      My Birth Mother could use some prayers also. Her name is Kaye Murtaugh she has diabetes from pancreatic cancer where they removed part of her pancreas. This time they amputated one of her legs. Because they couldn't get the infection under control. She is sepsis which is what I was on January 21, 2021 I spent 3 weeks in the hospital then 4 1/2 months in a nursing home. My own dog forgot she slept with me. So Kaye Murtaugh needs prayers really bad. I told her acts 2:21 all who call on the Name of Jesus will be saved. Hopefully she remembers it if she is in trouble. She is on a lot of pain medicine & antibiotics so I am praying for her too in Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiachs' Name!! May God be Merciful to her , Unconditional Mercy, Unconditional Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Unconditional Grace the same as He gave to me, may He now give to her. In Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiachs' Name!!

    • zelda VAN DER MERWE

      Enjoyed your preaching
      ❤ South Africa

    • Karin Traut

      Enjoy your videos Pastor Glory to God

    • Kelilah Rose


    • C C

      Love you JD and the Church there in Hawaii . Maranatha ❤

    • juliet 787

      You are one of a kind….bless you Pastor Farag.

    • Christine Wright

      Well spoken pastor Farag thank you for being honest with the word when the true word burns in your heart like yours you can't help yourself but to speak it, pray protection for you and your family and church family, don't hold back keep going ,thank you for God's interpretation and that not of man ,praise the Lord for you be encouraged.all who love the truth of God's word are 💯behind you.

    • Cat Sat

      Amen ,Amen ,& Amen

    • Phebe Faith

      Refuge in Decaturville TN for end times on a farm. Wheat Stone drive. All are welcome.

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