The world doesn’t see it, but right now the final gathering is wrapping up…
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    19 replies to "END TIME SIGN ALERT! Isaiah Prophecy Coming to Pass!"

    • Terri L

      The Ukraine has a NWO shield and great sins to be uncovered that connects them to the US. Truth is flooding the Earth, and it looks like God chose the revealing to happen in Ukraine first.

    • Terri L

      There's no way anyone can even imagine what God's coming glory will look like. Too amazing.

    • Erina

      YES! God has His Plans for Russia and Ukraine. Firstly, He is a God of Order, Where there has been evil in the Land via leaders, God brings Judgement and Chasetisement to the land.
      He uproots, He pulls down, And He Plants A New, His Righteousness and Justice Reigns. He requires Repentance from sin, and wants to Save people JOHN Chptr (3 verses 16-18)
      He is both a God of Justice and Mercy. Therefore we look forward to a New Day for Russia and Ukraine to Unite and Make Peace and Let God's Glory Move across the Lands. Bring both Healing and Salvation to both nations, and worldwide in the Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

      It Is Also Written; "It is Not by Might, Nor by Power, but by My SPIRIT says God."
      Meaning, Good things can be accomplished with good outcomes, and so fourth.

    • Sylvia Diaz

      Our Lord Jesus. Showed me in a dream that there will be a big earthquake in LA California..

    • Sylvia Diaz

      God is going to renew our youth like the eagles!!!

    • ronnie camp

      Shalom Sid, A (currently FREE) book (Finding the Way of Life — Getting to Heaven) on Messianic Judaism is found under my other comment (click on the blue link). Enjoy — you will probably want to let your subscribers know about this book.

    • Living Lucidly

      Hi Sid I know the answer to the question that’s “beyond our pay grade” it will shatter a lot of paradigms but it’s all based off and supported by scripture.

      The gnostic Christian’s taught that the physical world was created by the demiurge as a mirror of the spiritual realms. The demiurge can be considered as an “imposter spirit” similar to AI. It is always depicted as having dragon like characteristics. This will come into play.

      There is a duality with Israel hidden in the Old Testament in the dual priesthoods of Moses and Melchizedek. Israel was initiated and led by both the true God “the most high” what Daniel called “the ancient of days” and the demiurge/ Satan/ YHWH at different times. The dual initiation is seen when Abraham is both blessed by Melchizedek who brought out the bread and the wine a precursor to the coming of Christ and when Abraham was told to kill his son as a “test of faith.”

      Satan is the administrator and accuser of the Law. The law that was given to Moses. “Christ came to redeem us from the law.” ~Galatians Christ wasn’t a descendant of Aaron therefore he wasn’t eligible to be a priest in the priesthood of Moses which was an inherited lineage. He was as it says in Hebrews “a priest in the order of Melchizedek forever.” And so was David the line of which Jesus came from according to Psalms David was also “a priest in the order of Melchizedek forever.”

      The demiurge is usually referenced as YHWH with the closest pronouncement being Yo-hey Va-hey meaning “the breathe of charge takes flight” this may or may not be the Holy name of God hijacked and put in place of the demiurge when the Torah was redacted I’m not sure on that but, they’re multiple passages describing YHWH/ Jehovaha with the attributes of a dragon here’s just one passage Samuel 22:9

      In revelations the dragon is cast out of Heaven by Micheal and judgment is handed out by the “ancient of days” “whose clothes are as white as snow and hair like pure wool, sitting on a throne of flames with wheels of burning fire.” This is the true Father and is also prophesied by Daniel with the exact same characteristics. You realize by reading revelations that there was a spiritual dragon that was in and also had angels in Heaven. Psalm 18 tells you who the dragon is.

      Christ also rebukes YWHW directly 3 times. Luke 9:54 – 56 Mathew 5:38-40 and Mathew 7:11 He also never refers to his Father as Jehovaha/YHWH but only as his Father and he calls the god of the pharisees Satan 🐉 ✝️☯️…

    • Cats Eye

      We are the exact same as you concerning silver. Even though we were a poor solo mum family at the time. Like you, we thought it would zoom up right away, but bought & sold our stash several times as landlord trouble & other things loomed up! At the moment we have recovered enough to buy a small amount. We actually sold it all to bet on the 2020 election as a way of voting for Donald Trump! It felt great, even though he seemed to lose. He is coming back, but more important, JESUS IS COMING BACK!

    • Malia Earth Unified

      The glory is already here. People are already raising the dead

    • George

      What I'm hearing here isn't 1611 KJV Bible 100%Truth. This is comfort zone selective Bible Verse Teachings. Revelation 22:1819. 1611 KJV Bible

    • Linda Oclinaria

      thank you Lord your gòodnes inhareted to your goodness.
      ln Jesus Christ Our Saviour; yesterday Now & Forever.Amen

    • Ice His Servant

      Kim Clement prophesied about it. YouTube

    • Clover

      Praise God! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • Seven7seven

      Salvation prayer:
      Dear God, I know I am a sinner.  I believe You sent your son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for my sins, and the sins of the whole world.  I believe He was buried and rose from the dead 3 days later.  I confess with my mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in my heart that You rose Him from the dead.  Today, i repent for my sins known and unknown, and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  In Jesus' name I pray, amen

    • Gemthetics

      "Call on the Lord in the day of trouble,
      and he will deliver you."
               Psalm 50 :15

    • MamaTroi

      Amen Amen the Glory of God

    • Antoinette mary Egan

      Please pray for my husband Frank he has just had a massive heart attack and had to be saved by the big shock pads he came back on 1 shock and has had two new heart stents fitted he is 52 and had his first heart attack 9 years ago his family have had strokes and heart attacks his mother died from 2 strokes but 4 years ago Frank had 3 stents fitted but didn't tell him to have blood thinners when he came out of hostpital 4 years ago so for 4 years his heart started to furup that's why he had a 3 rd heart attack the week before last so now he has new stents and blood thinners and anxiety tablets and beta blockers and asprin a day please pray for Frank I met him in a homless center 8 years ago and we married 4 years ago I am 68 and Frank52 I have anxiety and vericouse vains and tinitus in both my ears very bad. Amen in jesus

    • Anne-Marie Walden

      In the time of the mark of the beast what should we buy groceries etc with if you don't have the mark? The gold and silver we bought now that you said we should get?

    • Anne-Marie Walden

      And if a baby will they grow up?

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