▶▶Unmasking the Devil by John Ramirez [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3Sk0eQw
Satanist-Turned-Evangelist Helps You Rise Above the Enemy!

Many people, even Christians, deny the devil’s power. John Ramirez doesn’t have that luxury—he experienced the prince of darkness up close and personal.

In the impoverished streets of the South Bronx, John Ramirez found “acceptance” from a family of witches and warlocks. These practitioners of dark arts trained him to be a high-ranking satanic priest. However, everything changed when he met his living Messiah.

In Unmasking the Devil John Ramirez shares an insider view of how satan operates so you can avoid his traps. You will learn how to:

✅ Discern between the voice of God that points to victory and satan’s voice that leads to bondage.
✅ Close doors of access: entertainment, unhealthy relationships and false religion.
✅ Go on offense with the Word of God and prayer to render hell powerless.
✅ Recognize the spirits that rob God’s people through disunity.

John Ramirez says you should embrace life and life abundantly — in Jesus — even as you equip yourself to live in victory and complete freedom. He will help you stop satan’s strategies and take possession of God’s blessings in your daily life.

▶▶Unmasking the Devil by John Ramirez [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3Sk0eQw

    20 replies to "Ex-Warlock Reacts to Christians Celebrating Halloween"

    • Youtube Account

      For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places; and those spiritual wickedness in high places wrote the TamIud!!!.

    • Youtube Account

      Holy Scripture does tell you in the Gospel of Thomas you do have two other faces and how much you have to bear!!!.; King James Bible Ezekiel 1:10

    • Martha Zaragoza

      Thank you God for saving John and having him on our side to expose the devil's schemes

    • Nell Rahimi

      Biggest Amen 😇❤️🙏🙏🙏

    • Joyce MCGuigan

      Yes yes amen amen hallelujah ❤🔥🔥🔥💪🙌🙌🙌

    • Joyce MCGuigan

      How can we let the children have fun and dress up cute or biblical with out celebrating Halloween ? Can we celebrate Harvest and something biblical with the kids so they can still have fun?

    • Deaf Light Shine

      Amen! God's Word is so powerful to conquer anything. Praise Jesus forever !

    • CycleBreaker#TeamJesus#

      Some holidays are so defiled that we should stay away from them

    • RG M

      Earthquake Kelley was deep into voodoo before being saved by the Grace of God. He teaches believers about satan and his trickery.

    • Lacey Clawson

      Everything he said is true I’m an ex witch and i can testify to this

    • Holy Spirit Support Group

      Praise God for His gift, John Ramirez , to help us grow in our knowledge of spiritual warfare strategies and dangers of celebrating Halloween! Thank you Sid Roth for your amazing productions!
      Blessings, Alecia & Nate

    • Deborah

      Not only Halloween, but Horoscopes are of the occult and Demonic,
      You cannot take part of the Lords cup and then take part of the enemies cup, the Israelites tried to worship God and take part in pagan worship also. That’s called Idolatry.
      Can you worship Jesus and put trust in horoscopes??? Who is your God??!!

    • RighteousBeat Productions

      I HATE when they always make Yeshua a white man… He hates it too because what it's born from and continued to be shown. We'll see one day if Im right or not. It's best to show Him as all light.

    • Sherri Begay

      Amen!! My migraine disappeared instantly! It was behind my neck!

    • Nayavuvou Bolalevu

      Awesome God !! The serpent is crushed, Amen and Amen 🙏!!

    • Matrixqc

      "God is omnipotent, that is, infinite in power." "All authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to Me" (Matthew 28:18). "I give you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and upon all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you in any way" (Luke 10:19) – Jesus Christ

    • Idee G

      Amen! Hallelujah!! 🙌🙌🙌

    • Josephine Cardona

      Please pray for my grandson

    • Rose Mary

      God bless you sir and your family abundantly in the mighty name of Jesus…… Amen, amen, amen…..🙏🙏🙏

    • Coleen Hilton

      Some churches have “Trunk or Treat” where children can enjoy themselves safely. I am for this if there are no witches, Draculas or other such costumes among the Christians or in the decorations. There is no other day when we have so much chance to meet with neighbors who seldom come near us or our lives. If Christians use the opportunity to hand out tracts with candy, whether in homes or at the church then we can use this day to evangelize. Also short evangelistic shows and stories at churches and handing evangelistic stories to the parents to read to their children would be a great thing for churches to do.

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