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    12 replies to "From Transgender to Transformed by Jesus!"

    • The Supernatural Life - Daniel Adams

      It was such an honor to be on with Sid! Hoping this video inspires many to surrender all to Jesus Christ and know He is waiting to use anyone willing for His glory!🙌

    • elvira flores

      Hello Sid, I Prayed with Daniel and I received Healing, I was having bleeding after my menstrual period stoped 4 years ago and I had 2 months with the bleeding and I repeat the prayed with Daniel and was healed from the bleeding
      God bless this program and continue using you, Thank you 🙏 💕

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      **Write up👆 My Team✍️ for daily prayer dedicated to
      promoting healing, self actualization and self
      love principles………

    • Charlie Ennis

      The Spanish lady watching this interview: "I AM YOUNG!!"

    • Alice Konadu yeboah

      I wish I will get the opportunity oneday to be at your studio live…God bless you @sid…God bless you..I watch you and your guest and your interviews have been a huge blessing to me…

    • ESTHER

      Amen 🙏🏻✝️please pray for my neighbour female friend to be delivered from blockages, distractions, DELAYINGS of her marriage. Please pray for her wedding date to be fixed soon and settle down with new ACCOMODATION to live 🙏🏻✝️

    • KyriRocks

      Question: can someone heal or make a miracle on themselves?

    • Jade22

      Are they trying to say trans people are possessed!????? What a freakin joke!!! And a joker tattoo is possessed omg!!! What kind of fake Christians are these!!! And the host saying we can do better things then Jesus omg how evil!!!!

    • Jade22

      Sorry but u can’t just pray away being transgender!!! Most trans men by the way detransition. Mtf trans women have a wayyy longer history then female to male trans. God can do anything yes, but he’s not our genie to rub to make all of our issues go away!!! I am a transgender women who has transitioned, and guess what, I am also a born again Christian! U can be transgender and a Christian, because u can’t stop being transgender it’s not a choice.

    • amy urban

      Even my seven year old son started speaking in tongues listening to the videos with SNL and Daniel Preaching. Where others of us found deliverance in person, God can do the same through a video or a preaching on the Holy Spirit power.

    • amy urban

      my husband and I are forerunners in the Charlotte area. Over the last year we have learned more about deliverance and now doing deliverance and healing ministry through SNL forerunners

    • Barbara

      I watched the movie passion of christ and it hit me so hard when I saw how much jesu gave for me .I love my lord so so so much .

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