Sid Roth and Chris Reed prophetically prepare you for what’s coming…
Prepare for THE EXPOSURE in September:

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    • Kathleen Ryan-Lee

      Bring your Glory Lord Thank you Amen

    • ᐯIᑕKY B.

      Sounds like it can be Candace Amber Owens Farmer 😇👍🏻

    • Elsa-bee

      Happy birthday to you dear Sid,and may there be many more.

    • Ray Russell

      This is history talking .go back in the prey room morning star back to 2000 year .come on sid not thatcherism.jesus is knocking the door .old time religion. Listing to Kim clement worshipping .Happy 5783 all will see.

    • Cheryl Sebrins

      Amen. I receive COMPLETENESS. Thank you Jeshua. Thank you Sid for praying for us all.

    • Kae A

      Candace Owens is the black lady he speaks of.

    • Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker

      I believe what the Bible says….the birth pangs will increase more and more then suddenly Yeshua will come for His Bride then the Tribulation will begin and then Yeshua will return to fix this earth. I believe the Bible that speaks about the "great multitude " that will "come out " of the "great tribulation" having "washed their robes in the Blood of the Lamb"….thus the great multitude will come out of the Tribulation and a great apostacy is not happening before the Rapture. I do pray for a great outpouring before the Rapture but Im still not convinced that the Bible speaks of that .

    • Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker

      Candace Owens

    • aligwhit

      I wonder if the African American woman he spoke of who will become a presidential candidate is Candace Owens…

    • Freedom

      Wow! These prophecies are really encouraging and accurate! I'm so glad that God is planning to work through Liz Truss.

    • Lillian Mackenzie

      No closed captain as a deaf person how am I to prepare myself? Love your show I pray for everyone. God bless

    • Yoly Booty

      God speaks in different ways, and He does in amazing ways, by dreams, by preach, by prophesy, by reading His Word, by a Word of Knowledge, by our own testimony etc.
      God Almighty is an outstanding God and He can talk as He wants to whoever He crosses
      Then praise the Lord, everything that happens is for the Glory and the hoy our of God.
      Amen 🙏👏👍😘🥰😍🤗🤩💓😁.

      Thanks Brothers 🙏🙏👍👍👏👏😀😀God bless you both and your families.

    • Tammy Hartley

      I can’t believe he said that at the end. I have been in prayer and in tears all morning for that very thing. It is the cry of my heart.

    • Liane Louise

      Candice Owen will be our Esther!

    • Lance Johnson

      Candace owens

    • Reneejt1

      Can you say CANDACE OWEN !!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

    • Cindy Johnston

      Please pray for my daughter who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that she will be completely healed and completely raise her 3 sons until they are fully grown


      This is a message to all those who are worried that they are not good enough to be apart of this Great end-time infilling of God.
      The Lord says, "JUST BE WILLING, PSALM 110:3"

    • AV M

      it would be nice to be free of all diseases including lyme and horrific morgellons that wrecks quality of life. Come Now Jesus.

    • Bhaskar Rau

      So far I am not healed heal now all my diseases basker rau india


      Watch this fall for the Greatest move of God in the history of the world to commence that will go world-wide and last right up until the very day of the Rapture.


      The Lord sometimes gives me messages in the sky.

      Today-Sept-6th-2022 while driving I saw this strange cloud in the shape of the letter A.

      I asked the Lord what does the letter A stand for and He said, It begins.

      I can't nail down an exact date for God's Great end-time move but I see some similarities of when King Solomon dedicated the finished Temple of the Lord. I have read that the Glory was so thick you could place hide and seek in it.

      The Temple was dedicated to God on the Feast of Tabernacles.

      What I am about to tell you is so huge because I know the Lord wants me to tell you this right now.

      There is a prophecy in the book of Malachi, that tells us exactly when the Glory of the Lord will fill the Bride of Christ and it also tells us when our endtime prophet Elijah will make His appearance on the earth.

      Let's read that prophecy and see if you agree,

      Malachi 3

      New International Version

      3 “I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come,” says the Lord Almighty.

      DO YOU SEE IT?

      First, the Lord sends our endtime prophet Elijah, then suddenly during one of his meetings the Lord will come to His Temple which is you.

      We are the Temple of God.

      I believe Elijah's meeting will be a Meir image of what took place in the UPPER ROOM when God the Holy Spirit came down and baptized 120 people with Holy Ghost fire.

      It is written that Elijah will turn the hearts of the Fathers back to their children and the children back to the Fathers.

      I have always wondered how Elijah will turn the hearts of the Fathers back to their children and the children back to their fathers.

      This is where the UPPER ROOM comes in, it is written that they were repenting and confessing their sins before God then suddenly a mighty rushing wind came down and they were all baptized in the Holy Spirit.

      Wow, here is another huge revelation the Lord wants me to tell you right now.

      The Lord told me how Elijah is going to heal families and bring them back together.

      Elijah is going to call on the families of the Christian world to unconditionally forgive each other.

      The Lord says IT BEGINS, the tears of deliverance and healing and the joy of once separated families being brought back together will be such an amazing sight to see.

      Malachi 4

      New International Version

      2 But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.

      Sounds like Jubilee to me.

      Jesus began His ministry on the exact day of Jubilee, on the Day of Atonement when He was baptized by John in the River Jordan in the year 26.

      I believe Elijah will continue when Jesus left off as far as he will proclaim the year of Jubilee also on the day he arrives.

      When Jesus preached in the Temple of His home town of Nazareth He read from Isaiah 61 but stopped short of reading the last half of verse 2 which reads," and the day of vengeance of our God" The reason Jesus didn't read this part is because it wasn't time for the day of God's vengeance or the Day of the Lord or the time when God's Wrath will commence.

      I also believe when Elijah comes he will both warn of God's Wrath to come and he will tell us exactly when it will come.


      I could be wrong about what I am going to say but if the Lord says, IT BEGINS", then may I say it begins.

      Sept-26th-2022 marks the new Shemitah cycle of years on the Feast of TRUMPETS.

      Every seventh year, the people of Israel were instructed to forgive debts.

      Do you remember the prayer that says, "Please forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors"?

      2022 is the year that Elijah will ask us to forgive our debtors, our family members to forgive us for our sins against them and in turn he will ask us to forgive those family members who have sinned against us.

      We all owe each other something, we owe each other forgiveness.

      Oct-5th is the Day of Atonement, the year of Jubilee.

      Could we hear with our own ears Elijah proclaim the year of Jubilee soon?

      The Feast of Tabernacle is known as the wedding festival amongst other things.

      The Feast of Tabernacles commences on – 2022 (October 10th – 17th).

      Q-Will the marriage of the Lamb take place on the Feast of Tabernacles this year?

      Will the Glory of the Lord fill our Temples on the Feast of Tabernacles, like the Lord did when He filled King Solomon's Temple.

      Time will soon tell.


      Have any of you been seeing the Father's 444 announcement?

      Q-Do you want to know what it means?

      444 is a bible scripture.

      444 is Ezekiel 44:4

      New International Version

      Then the man brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple. I looked and saw the glory of the LORD filling the temple of the LORD, and I fell facedown.


    • Wisdomrules0811

      I wonder if the woman he spoke of is Candice Owens

    • Robert Jackson

      Thank you 😊

    • Messianic Watchman

      Would that African American woman be Candace Owens? I’m so excited for these prophetic words!

    • Frank DMan

      I strongly believe the African American woman is very likely to be Candice Owen.

    • Katherine George

      Candle Owens seems like she fits the bill as an African American Conservative woman.

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